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September 20, 2018 / Larry @watchthereview / Online Legal Services
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LawDepot | Your One-Stop-Shop For Legal Docs

Online legal services are becoming more and more popular these days for personal and business use. While certainly more convenient in a lot of instances, many people are wondering if companies like LawDepot are effective compared to an in-person attorney in the long run.

Use this quick guide to learn more about and whether it’s a smart choice for some or all of your legal needs.

LawDepotOnline Legal Services Vs. A Local Attorney

Online legal services provide easy access to common documents for private and business affairs. For many people, everything they need is on-hand through LawDepot.

The main difference between a company like LawDepot and a local attorney is your ability to ask specific questions that relate to you. Hiring a local attorney also means incurring hourly fees for services rendered, which are not part of using an online legal service.

Variety of Plans Covered By LawDepot

LawDepot has a variety of plans designed to fit the needs of every customer. Common plans through LawDepot include:

  • Estate planning, including power of attorney, living will, last testament and more.
  • Real estate law, including rental/lease agreements, eviction notices and more.
  • Financial law, including bill of sale, loan agreement, sale agreement and more.
  • Business law, including LLC, business plan, confidentiality agreements and more.

Some documents and services individuals or business owners need may fall out of a plan category. Common documents are still available through LawDepot.

Range of Personal and Business Documents Available With LawDepot

Documents are the main focus of legal services like LawDepot. With this in mind, it’s easy to find what you need for your business or private endeavor. Documents available online include:

  • Promissory notes for land or business sales.
  • Lease and rental agreements.
  • Divorce paperwork or separation paperwork.
  • Affidavit paperwork.
  • Complaint letters.
  • Power of attorney, living will, trust and estate planning documents.

These are just a few of the most popular offerings from LaDepot. You’ll find hundreds of more documents available on their website.

LawDepot Pricing and Rates

Pricing and rates for online law services are different than with a local lawyer. LawDepot has two basic pricing models.

  • One year pro. This lets you create and print unlimited custom documents for $95.88 per year.
  • Basic. This lets you print documents at a rate of $7.50 to $39 each. You’ll get access to a single document for 14-days with this plan.

LawDepot Ease of Use

LawDepot has a simple, easy-to-use interface that allows users to find documents through a search or particular branch of law. Most basic users find that the platform is very easy to navigate and handle step by step even if they don’t have law experience.

LawDepot Customer Support

Reviews of customer support for LawDepot are generally positive. However, the service is not intended to help with specific legal problems or issues, but to provide basic documents and make accessing the legal system easier for everyone.

Specific legal questions or complex problems require an attorney, not an online service.

LawDepot is a helpful service that provides access to basic and more complex documents for individuals and businesses. Take advantage of it and its low rates, but don’t seek legal support or advice through the service.

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