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Pros Community feel | Global Locations | Low Budget Options

Cons Validation Concerns | Lack of Business Amenities

Couchsurfing Company Review

CouchSurfing used to be a vibrant community of travellers supporting other travellers. Road trippers could quickly find a simple place to stay with no hassles no matter where they were.

Couchsurfing Pros

CouchSurfing is a great concept – connect travelers with other travelers and build community. Find a simple place to stay because of the generosity of others.

Couchsurfing Cons

Not only is the standard place on CouchSurfing not very family friendly, the platform has gotten a reputation for being slimy. There are many bad stories of people using the site for… other motives. It has become the Tinder of vacation rental services, and a creepy one at that.

Couchsurfing Bottom Line

This is not the place to find a place to stay for your family’s dream vacation, but it could be a warm place to stay a night while out on the road. Just

How It Works

It doesn’t.

Okay, that’s a bit harsh. Members pay about $60 per year for “verification” unless they have hosted another user in the past 3 months. Users are limited in the number of messages they can send, but they try to make plans with a host. Users can also post their travel plans to see if hosts are willing to provide a place to stay.

Plans & Pricing

Users pay $60 per year to “verify” their identity unless they host other users frequently enough. All the funds go to the company, not to the host.


Member Services

CouchSurfing connects the dots, but does not support what happens after.

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