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Sears Home Services Review

Sears Home Services supply, install, maintain and repair all top household appliance brands. They also service garden machinery like lawnmowers and snow blowers as well as home cooling and heating systems.  Sears performs more than 7 million repairs per year, making it one of the largest repair services nationwide.  In addition, the company provides a variety of home improvement and cleaning services.  You can schedule a visit or consultation online or book over the phone. Sears offers a variety of home warranties as well as discounts for multiple services and flexible payment plans.

Sears Home Services Pros

Sears Home Services provides a wide variety of services including home improvements, installations, and maintenance.  The company offers bundle packages allowing homeowners to save money by having multiple appliances repaired or maintained at the same time.  Sears maintains all top brand appliances and guarantees high-quality materials and qualified service personnel.  The Sears website is clear and easy to navigate and customer support is available 24/7.  All work is covered by a 180-day guarantee and Sears service operatives are carefully screened by the firm. Customers can view detailed reviews of all services on the site.

Sears Home Services Cons

Some customers have complained that warranties are expensive. There have also been some negative reviews about long waiting times on the 24/7 customer service phone line.  Priority call out charges can be high.

Sears Home Services Bottom Line

Sears supplies an excellent range of appliance installation, maintenance, and repair services. The firm also facilitates home improvement and cleaning work and provides a wide variety of warranties on new and existing appliances.  Sears offers excellent guarantees on parts and labor along with 24/7 customer support via website and phone. Customer reviews on the Sears Home Services website are very positive. The company offers flexible payment plans.

Sears Home Services | Popular Home Repair

Sears Home Services is a subsidiary of Sears that handles various home services, including appliance repair and maintenance, HVAC service, lawn care, and more. Sears Home Services divides its services into three broad categories: repair, home improvement, and home cleaning and repairs. As one of the most famous home repair and maintenance services in the country, Sears Home Services is a popular choice if you need an appliance fixed or an improvement to your home. Below we will take a brief look at what Sears Home Services does and what their pros and cons are.

What is Sears Home Services?

Sears Home Services provides repair and maintenance services for many home-related needs, primarily in the areas of appliance repair, HVAC maintenance, home improvement, and lawn and garden care. While its repair services are primarily known for working with large appliances, it will also repair small appliances, such as vacuums, camcorders, and DVD players. Despite being a subsidiary of Sears department stores, Sears Home Services can repair and maintain appliances and devices that were bought elsewhere.

Sears Home Services also offers a range of home improvement services, such as window replacement, countertop installation, kitchen remodeling, flooring, door replacement, and more. Sears Home Services also offers financing options for home improvement projects for those with good credit.

Finally, Sears Home Services has a number of maintenance and cleaning services, although these vary from store to store. Maintenance services can include carpet cleaning, maid service, duct and vent cleaning, and appliance inspections.

Pros of Sears Home Services

Sears is one of the world’s most well-known brands and when you use Sears Home Services you have the benefit of knowing that it is backed by such a large company. The Sears name is especially important if you need repair or maintenance work done on any appliances that you may have bought at Sears. Most major appliances sold at Sears come with an optional Sears Home Services warranty and this warranty will typically cover repair and maintenance work performed by Sears Home Services. So if you have such an appliance, then Sears Home Services will likely be the first place you call if you need repair work done. Furthermore, all repairs are covered by a 90-day satisfaction guarantee, so even if you have to pay for the repair you know you’ll be protected.

Another great benefit of Sears Home Services is that they often offer great promotions and steep discounts on services. For example, at the time of writing (March 2018) Sears Home Services was offering 20% off in-home appliance repairs, 20% off riding lawn mower repairs, and up to $325 on new HVAC installations. Typically, Sears Home Services offers dozens of promotions at any one time, so there’s a good chance you could save money through using them.

Furthermore, Sears Home Services is a big company and is able to offer competitive financing options, often at very low interest rates. Financing options are especially attractive if you need an expensive new major appliance or are tackling a major home improvement project. Smaller technicians and installers who work independently simply do not have the financial resources to offer customers financing like Sears Home Services does.

Cons of Sears Home Services

Unfortunately, Sears Home Services’ success is closely tied to that of its parent company. Sears’ financial struggles in the last decade have been well documented and there has been speculation that the company may not be able to survive much longer in the age of online shopping and discount big box stores. As a result, the quality of service has declined and customer satisfaction has been a major problem with Sears Home Services in recent years, with customers routinely complaining about shoddy maintenance and repair work, technicians not showing up for appointments, and more. When dealing with a company that is struggling to stay afloat, you should definitely use your best judgment.

Furthermore, much of Sears Home Services work is contracted out to independent installers and technicians. While this is standard practice among department stores and big box stores, it does have its downsides. If you have a problem with the repair or maintenance work, for example, then you will have to deal with Sears Home Services rather than with the technician or installer directly. Having this middle person between you and the person actually performing the work can be frustrating and can lead to confusion and misunderstandings.

What Can Sears Home Services Do for You?

As mentioned above, Sears Home Services provides a very broad range of home repair and maintenance services. Costs vary depending on a number of factors, such as whether you are covered by warranty, where you live, and the type of work you need done. Some maintenance services, however, are offered at fixed prices. Its laundry appliance check-up service, which covers your washer and dryer, is offered at $99. Similarly, a kitchen appliance check-up costs $149. If you combine the two services, then you can get a kitchen and laundry check-up for $199.

Sears Home Services

How It Works

Customers can schedule a repair or maintenance visit via the Sears Home Services website or by phoning directly on 1-888-820-3342.  For cleaning or home improvements, users select the service they require from those listed on the website and either book the service online or telephone the number displayed on the screen.  Sears will provide a free estimate for the job and there are no hidden fees or surprise charges.  Once the appointment time has been set, a home service professional will visit your home and carry out the job.


Plans & Pricing

Prices vary, depending on the service requested. Sears Home Services offer bundle packages for multiple appliances serviced at the same time. These range in price from $99 for cleaning and maintaining a washer and dryer to $199 for a cleaning and maintenance package for five kitchen appliances. Sears Home Services will provide a free estimate on all services available in advance to the work being carried out, meaning that there are no surprise charges or additional fees.

Sears provides installation, repair, maintenance and cleaning services for all major household appliance brands. The company also facilitates a variety of home improvement, cleaning and gardening services and offers comprehensive warranties on appliances, heating and cooling systems and many other types of household machinery.  The Sears Home Services website has advice, tips, and tutorials on many household projects and tasks.  Sears Maid Services carry out regular home cleaning work and Sears Handyman Services provide professional operatives to complete small repair and maintenance jobs.

Customers can schedule a repair or maintenance visit via the Sears Home Services website or by phoning directly on 1-888-820-3342.


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Great job!  Contractors were well prepared!

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It was easy to set up and book the appointment on their web site.

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They got the job down but it took them a bit to arrive.

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I am satisfied with Sears Service.

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Really like the install and service provided by the team, but the warranty they wanted me to buy seemed a bit pricey.  Not sure it is worth it.

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I like the one stop service at Sears, they install and maintain anything I need.  It makes me feel confident that my purchase will be taken care of.

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