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ADT Review

ADT is one of the best-known names in home security. With professional technicians that will install hardware in your home, ADT provides around-the-clock service to protect your house, apartment, or business.

ADT Pros

With over 140 years in business, ADT has a reputation for being one of the best around.  ADT offers 24/7 coverage that integrates with smart home technologies. Plus, you can monitor your home using mobile devices. ADT’s experienced technicians will install the hardware same- or next day. Your service with ADT could qualify you for some discounts on your homeowner’s insurance, too.

ADT Cons

Unlike some competitors, ADT has a significant upfront cost for equipment, plus it needs to be installed by the company. Most hardware installation involves some drilling and permanently attaching to walls and other parts of the home. That’s a big commitment!

ADT Bottom Line

If you are sure you will be in your current home for a long time and you are sure you want home security, ADT’s services might be worth the cost for you. ADT is a well-known and well-respected name. Their protection is backed by a guarantee that they will cover up to $500 of the insurance deductible of your home if there is a burglary while the system is armed.

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ADT Home Secruity

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User Rating

Claudia’s Review

ADT is a wonderful service that I have personnel experience with. I had a client that I took care of for 2 years. He is wheel chair bound and has all your services the only problem we ever had was on false alarms emergency crews would show up within 3 minutes which made it hard to report the false alarm in time. If we actually needed this was fantastic,

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Courtney’s Review

ADT is an amazing company I feel safe knowing ADT has got me covered

User Rating

Young’s Review

ADT has been trusted for years. It has advanced along with newer technologies and I LOVE that you are able to operate it from your mobile device. ADT is a top company when it comes to security systems.

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Angela Jones’s Review

I have had ADT for a few years and they were excellent.

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Angela’s Review

This is the home security system I am most familiar with because it is in my house and really feel protected.

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Andrew’s Review

I think it’s a great service they offer,with the leading technology they use its almost impossible to have a thief get away with breaking in.

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Aiden’s Review

I love this background check service, search for any name and get a report with the details you are looking for.

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Alicia ’s Review

I trust ADT and will recommend them to everyone intrested in having peace of mind while travelling or just relaxing at home.
Its affordable, the wating period for installation is between 24 and 48 hours and you will have the ability to monitor your home on your mobile devices from anywhere!

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