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ADT Review

ADT is one of the best-known names in home security. With professional technicians that will install hardware in your home, ADT provides around-the-clock service to protect your house, apartment, or business.

ADT Pros

With over 140 years in business, ADT has a reputation for being one of the best around.  ADT offers 24/7 coverage that integrates with smart home technologies. Plus, you can monitor your home using mobile devices. ADT’s experienced technicians will install the hardware same- or next day. Your service with ADT could qualify you for some discounts on your homeowner’s insurance, too.

ADT Cons

Unlike some competitors, ADT has a significant upfront cost for equipment, plus it needs to be installed by the company. Most hardware installation involves some drilling and permanently attaching to walls and other parts of the home. That’s a big commitment!

ADT Bottom Line

If you are sure you will be in your current home for a long time and you are sure you want home security, ADT’s services might be worth the cost for you. ADT is a well-known and well-respected name. Their protection is backed by a guarantee that they will cover up to $500 of the insurance deductible of your home if there is a burglary while the system is armed.

ADT Home Security | Affordable Leader

Home security systems were once out of reach for the average consumer, but today, home security services are more affordable than they have ever been. The systems are small and easy to install, and the monthly monitoring service is not expensive.

Many companies have launched in the security space, but ADT remains one of the leaders. Of course, ADT has had to become more competitive as others enter the market, and the result is some powerful security systems that are designed to keep you and your family safe.

What Is ADT Home Security?

The letters “ADT” stand for American District Telegraph, the name of the company 1n 1874. The company was actually the Gold and Stock Telegraph Company before that (1867). It offered alerts by telegraph to let neighbors know when a burglary was in progress.

Today, the company offers home security services in 35 countries. It has eight million customers and has captured 25% of the home security business, as well as 13% of the small business market.

What Do You Get With ADT Home Security?

ADT has the most comprehensive offerings of any home security company. It offers both hardwired and wireless home surveillance systems, as well as cameras, home automation (voice activated), and medical bracelets with built-in GPS tracking. You can also get ADT monitoring of your non-ADT home system.

ADT alarm systems come in three varieties.

ADT Home Security Basic Package

Window Decals

Motion Detector

Three Door or Window Sensors

Control Panel (Wireless)

Monitoring 24/7

ADT Home Security Basic Wireless Package

This system comes with all the features of the Basic plan plus:

Safeguard Cellwatch (Sends signal via a cellular network in the event power is out)

ADT Home Security Pulse Package

Has all the features of Basis Wireless plus:

ADT Pulse (home automation, climate control, light control, and video)

What Is The Cost Of ADT Home Security?

Installation costs $99, although ADT offers specials that include free installation of a basic system when you sign up for the monitoring service. ADT Pulse can cost more to install depending on which equipment is needed.

Monitoring costs range from $36.99 per month to $52.99 per month, depending on which system you have. All equipment is free.

Pros and Cons of ADT Home Security


  • Free Installation Available
  • Reasonable Monthly Rates
  • Wireless or Hardwired Systems Available
  • Cellular and Landline Monitoring
  • Indoor and Outdoor Cameras
  • Medical Monitoring Devices
  • Home Automation including Voice Recognition
  • Six-Month Money-Back Guarantee for New Customers


  • A Long-Term Contract is Required
  • A Technician Must Come to Your Home to Install the System
  • Some Customer Service Complaints

ADT Home Security | Bottom Line

ADT is an industry leader in home security for a reason. It keeps up with technological changes and maintains competitive pricing. The long-term contract can be off-putting, but the service does come with a six-month guarantee, so it is possible to try it out.

ADT Home Secruity

How It Works

With sensors, cameras, and an alarm, ADT’s system will protect your home. In the event of a fire, burglary, or other emergency, ADT’s system will alert the proper authorities. ADT can notify you of any suspicious activity to make sure you and your family are safe with their team on standby, 24/7.

Plans & Pricing

Unlike some competitors, ADT’s pricing is harder to find. With hardware installed by a ADT dealer, you will have to contact them to find out exactly what it will cost to have different systems and pieces installed. If you want someone to come in and tell you exactly what to buy – and what to pay – ADT is a good solution. Monthly monitoring starts around $30 per month, which is almost double some of the competition’s pricing.

Member Services

ADT’s reputation is built on exceptional service for their customers. With the ability to monitor property from anywhere using mobile apps and other third party integrations, ADT allows customers to take control of their security from their finger tips.

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User Rating

Claudia’s Review

ADT is a wonderful service that I have personnel experience with. I had a client that I took care of for 2 years. He is wheel chair bound and has all your services the only problem we ever had was on false alarms emergency crews would show up within 3 minutes which made it hard to report the false alarm in time. If we actually needed this was fantastic,

User Rating

Courtney’s Review

ADT is an amazing company I feel safe knowing ADT has got me covered

User Rating

Young’s Review

ADT has been trusted for years. It has advanced along with newer technologies and I LOVE that you are able to operate it from your mobile device. ADT is a top company when it comes to security systems.

User Rating

Angela Jones’s Review

I have had ADT for a few years and they were excellent.

User Rating

Angela’s Review

This is the home security system I am most familiar with because it is in my house and really feel protected.

User Rating

Andrew’s Review

I think it’s a great service they offer,with the leading technology they use its almost impossible to have a thief get away with breaking in.

User Rating

Aiden’s Review

I love this background check service, search for any name and get a report with the details you are looking for.

User Rating

Alicia ’s Review

I trust ADT and will recommend them to everyone intrested in having peace of mind while travelling or just relaxing at home.
Its affordable, the wating period for installation is between 24 and 48 hours and you will have the ability to monitor your home on your mobile devices from anywhere!

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