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Corey G

WTR site. I like to do extensive research before signing up for online services. You guys make it easy. And my wife appreciates it.

Andreea M

I know you guys are just getting started. Like where you’re heading.

Daniel P.

Your scoring system and quick video overviews make it simple to choose the right service.

At Watch the Review, shopping smart is important to us. We’re shoppers ourselves and we know how important it is to research a product or service before you buy. At WTR we provide comprehensive reviews for a wide variety of online services which include a review score from our WTR Review Team as well as a score from you, the customer. We also understand that time is a valuable commodity. So we provide our WTR Quick Rundown video reviews for you to easily watch right from your mobile device while you’re on the move. We are constantly adding new product reviews on the latest online services. The Watch the Review team is here to help you shop smarter.