Pet Subscription Boxes

Your pet is a member of your family, and in most homes, cats and dogs bring an incredible amount of joy to everybody that lives there. As much as those pets love spending time with just you, they also love toys and treats that are just for them!

Pet subscription boxes make it easy to get those toys and treats since they’re delivered right to your door each month. Are they a must-have for pet owners though? Keep reading to learn more about these popular boxes that many pet owners and pets totally love.

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Pet Subscription Boxes

What Are Pet Subscription Boxes?

The concept of a pet subscription box is a rather simple one, which may be one reason they’re so popular with pet owners. When you sign up with one, you’ll get a box in the mail that typically contains toys and treats for your pet. These boxes are often for dogs, but there are subscription boxes designed just for cats as well.

Most people who use subscription services sign up so they receive these boxes each month around a set date, which can vary based on the company you pick. This allows you to get new toys and treats for your pet each month without shopping online or picking things out in person.

Some subscription services have a theme for the month as well, which many pet owners find to be quite delightful.

Average Cost Of Pet Subscription Boxes

Pet subscription boxes vary in cost, but most people approximately $20 to $30 per month. Within this price structure, you’ll typically get a few toys and several packages of treats. For the most part, individuals will tell you that pet subscription boxes are a good value compared to shopping online or in pet stores.

On their end, pet subscription boxes may be able to pass along savings to customers since they buy in bulk. You may also be able to buy extra treats or toys from the box if your pet happens to love one of them at a discounted price.

And there are even pet subscription boxes that give back by donating to various animal charities.

Variety Of Boxes Available

Many different subscription boxes for pets are available today. In fact, there’s so many it can be hard to pick! Here are a few popular options to help you narrow down your search:

• Boxes for small dogs. These contain treats and special toys designed for little mouths.
• Medium-dog boxes. Treats and average-sized toys, including plush and chew toys, are commonly included.
Large dog boxes. Great for big guys and gals that are chewers, these often include firm toys and bigger treats.
• Cat boxes. Specially made for feline friends, these are a must-have if you’ve got a cat or two at home.

Examples Of Toys, Snacks, and Treats In Pet Subscription Boxes

Pet subscription boxes vary from month to month and pet owners typically get completely new items every cycle. This allows for a variety for your pets and a unique surprise waiting in the mail for you. Here are some of the most common things you’ll find in a pet subscription box from popular services:

• Meat-flavored and vegetable-flavored treats.
Training treats. These are designed to be extra-small so you can give your pet more for completing a certain trick or behavioral task.
• Plush toys. These are particularly common in boxes designed for small and medium dogs. Many of these toys contain an internal squeaking element pets love.
Toys designed for chewing. Synthetic bones, rubber toys and chew toys that contain hidden treats are common.
• Cat toys. If you subscribe to a cat-friendly box, you’ll get a range of cat toys like plush fish on a string to dangle in front of your pet. These are designed to stimulate your cat and get them moving. You’ll likely also get small plush toys they can play with on their own.
• Cat treats. Small and easy to digest, cat treats are a must if you’ve got a picky eater in your house.

What You Should Be Aware Of

Ready to sign up for a pet subscription box of your own? Here are a few things you should be aware of before you do:

• Does your pet have allergies? You may need to let the company know and see if a box can be made for your pet.
• Are they on a special diet? This is especially important for older dogs, overweight dogs and cats with special needs. Most companies are accommodating and can even leave out treats if you prefer to buy your own elsewhere or skip them altogether.
• Are small toys a choking hazard for your big dog? If so, look to get a dog designed for big pets. They won’t contain mini-toys or elements your dog will try to eat in one bite!

Pet subscription boxes can be a lot of fun for humans and pets to get in the mail each month. In fact, you’ll likely see your dog’s tail start wagging after they figure out that that unique box that comes once in a while contains treats and great toys just for them.

With many different offerings on the market though, it pays to do a little bit of research to figure out what will work best for you and your pets. Then you can enjoy all that quality time and ensure your pets have something to nibble on and play with every day. Those toys will come in especially handy if you need to leave your pet alone for a while during the day too!

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