How To Stay Focused During Online Classes

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Tips and Techniques For For A Successful Online Class

In the twenty-first century, increasing numbers of high school, college, and university students are studying over the Internet. Online classes are strange and unfamiliar, and they’re completely different from the real thing. Some of your usual studying techniques may not be possible online, or they may simply not work. However, with the right study methods, you can learn as well over the computer as you can in person, and learn how to stay focused during online classes.

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Sit Up During Your Online Class

The most basic element to staying focused is to sit up, preferably at a desk. It’s best to have a tidy area that’s big enough for you to set down a binder and a few pens. Although it can be tempting to lie down in bed, don’t give in. Next thing you know, the “fascinating” lesson will have sent you into a deep sleep. You don’t want to wake up after the lecture is over and have no idea what you missed. Get up and walk around while the teacher is lecturing, even do some stretches if you want to, but keep yourself upright.

How To Stay Focused During Online ClassesParticipate With Your Online Class

It’s easier to focus if you participate in the class. If your teacher offers any opportunities to interact, take them. That means typing an answer when he asks everyone a question. Even if you’re not sure, hazard a guess to keep yourself engaged. If possible, turn on your mic and video when you participate. This will really help you feel alert. Even if the teacher is simply asking if the class can hear him, you should respond with “yes” or “no.” A bonus is that your teacher and classmates will recognize your name and get to know you.

Stay Away From Your Phone

It goes without saying that your phone is a major source of distractions. Filled with all kinds of games, apps, and text messages, it’s like it was built solely to drag you away from your schoolwork. You can resist the temptation to pick it up by leaving it far away from you. Put it on your bed or in a dresser, or in another room. You might even want to turn it off so that it’ll take longer to access if you do give in and grab it. The bit of extra frustration you anticipate could make the difference as to whether you reach for it.

Use Full Screen During Your Online Class

This tip is also related to staying away from distractions. You can put the lecture into full-screen mode by pressing F11 on your keyboard. This will make the professor’s slides take up all of the screen so you won’t be able to see other tabs or the taskbar. Any notifications will be hidden, so you won’t know you’ve received a new email or Facebook message. Using full screen may make you feel more like you’re actually in class.

Take Notes on Paper

Instead of flipping between tabs to take notes as the professor talks, try going old-school and jotting your thoughts down on paper. Taking notes is a way to participate even when the teacher isn’t offering opportunities for interaction. It forces you to keep your mind on what he’s saying and try to understand every detail. Even if your teacher is going over what’s on the slides, you can still write it down. Inscribing it in your muscle memory will help you to remember it later on. Using paper will also give your eyes a break from staring at the screen and provide a little bit more movement for your muscles.

Keep Your Hands Busy

This tip isn’t for all online classroom situations, but at certain times, it may help. If your professor is lecturing and there’s no way to participate, and you really don’t want to take hard copy notes, you can keep your hands busy some other way. This could be crocheting or knitting, painting your toes, or braiding your hair. You could even look into getting a fidget spinner. Once your hands are occupied, your ears will be free to listen and concentrate. Keeping your hands busy will give you an outlet for the nervous energy that makes you keep wanting to look at other tabs or your phone.

Online classes aren’t for everyone, but they can be much easier for you if you follow these quick tips. By sitting up, participating, using full screen, taking notes on paper, and keeping your hands busy, you can make it through until the time when you can sit in a classroom in person again.

How To Stay Focused During Online Classes FAQs

What percent of students fall asleep in class a week?

According to the National Sleep Foundation, 28% of students fall asleep in class each week.

Which is easier to learning knitting or crocheting?

After learning the basic techniques, many people have come to find that crocheting seems to be a bit easier than knitting because you don't have to move your stitches off the needle, causing possible unraveling.

How to keep your hands busy while studying?

There are many things you can do with your hands that won't take away from focusing on your studies. Playing with clay or putty, fidget widgets, flippy chains, and other stress-relieving gadgets can help keep you focused while studying.

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