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Airbnb Review

As one of the most well-known names in the industry, Airbnb is used all over the world to match people seeking a place to stay with people able to rent out their home. Thousands of unique places to stay are available on the platform with just a few clicks. Airbnb can get you out of the traditional hotel setting and into the heart of the city, in a house in the middle of nowhere, and anywhere in between.

Airbnb Pros

Quickly sort through thousands of options in cities and communities all over the world. From a typical apartment downtown to a country house, users can find any range of options available. With easy to use mobile apps to communicate with hosts while on the go, users can make and adjust plans from anywhere. Public ratings keep the hosts and the guests on their best behavior, making sure that you have the best experience possible.

Airbnb Cons

Airbnb hosts can vary wildly in their presentation. Yes, the pictures and previous reviews on the website can give you some idea, but there’s not a lot of accountability after your stay.

Airbnb Bottom Line

Airbnb is a great solution for someone trying to find an affordable place to stay that might be off the beaten path. As Airbnb has become more mainstream, more and more places are available, meaning that almost anybody can find somewhere to stay regardless of their preferences.

Airbnb | From Apartments to Islands

Vacation rental services provide a simple and convenient method for people to rent their homes, condominiums, timeshares and other properties to vacationers to earn additional income. For individuals and families planning a vacation, Airbnb, one of the more popular vacation rental services,  offers an affordable alternative to hotels, motels, and resorts for vacation lodging.

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What Is Airbnb?

The marketplace created by Airbnb permits owners the opportunity of listing their properties for rent. Anyone planning a vacation or a quick getaway and looking for an alternative to hotels and motels can find it by searching the Airbnb website.

Once something is found from the available vacation rental properties, a person can reserve it through the website. Payment and confirmation of the reservation are handled through the website. The company charges a service fee to the property owner and a guest service fee on each reservation. Individuals booking a property overseas could be subject to an exchange rate fee charged by AirBnB if the currency used for payment is not the one listed as accepted by the property owner.

What Services Are Provided On

The Airbnb website allows individuals searching for properties to see pictures and descriptions of the interior and exterior of the properties along with a list of amenities as posted by the owners. Property owners are protected against damage caused by guests through the company’s protection plan that supplements the insurance an owner already maintains on the property.

Airbnb verifies listings and profiles for the safety of both owners and guests. Payments are handled through the company’s platform, again for the protection of all parties to the transaction. Its website also features guest reviews, so people interested in a property can read and learn more about what others who stayed at the property have to say about it.

Pros And Cons Of Using AirBnB

The AirBnB platform makes it convenient and intuitive for people to list their properties for rent and for travelers to find accommodations to meet their needs as far as location, price, and size.

A search on AirBnB can be tailored to show only those properties meeting the guest’s criteria as far as location, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, pet friendly, parking and other amenities and features. Guests benefit from finding a place to stay that is usually below what they would pay at a hotel or resort.


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Was able to find exactly what we wanted.  Good rate.

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Pretty affordable and the house was in a great location.

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So easy to find a great place to stay.  Owners very nice.

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Another great Airbnb stay last week.  Love the unique options and better than an expensive hotel.

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Easy to book a cool place, so many options and filters.

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Easy and reliable and always has great options near where I need to stay for a conference.

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Easy booking experience.

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Airbnb is fantastic!  Great rentals for a great vacation.

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