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Cons No Option for Multiple Profiles | Current Season is not Completely Free

Amazon Prime Video Review

Amazon’s answer to Netflix is more than tempting and it’s a no-brainer if you’re already a Prime Member. With thousands of titles to choose from – including award-winning original content – there’s something for everyone. If the title you are looking for is not included in the streaming service, Amazon Prime Video offers one stop shopping to buy or rent what you are looking for.

Amazon Prime Video Pros

Amazon boasts a very impressive video library. Not only is Amazon Prime Video a viable replacement for cable, the newer movies and TV shows available – even if some are listed for an additional fee – Amazon could be a quality replacement for movie theaters because of the significantly shorter wait times before the general release and the availability on the service. Amazon offers quality content across all genres, along with their own original shows and movies, but some seasons are only free to a point before a $1.99 per episode fee starts showing up.

Like other services, Amazon Prime Video is accessible through multiple platforms, making it easy to watch on the go. Access to rent or buy newer titles is a nice perk, too.

Amazon Prime Video Cons

Prime Video lacks the user profiles that Netflix offers – making it hard for multiple users to keep track of where they are in the same show.

Amazon Prime Video Bottom Line

If you’re using Amazon Prime for online shopping, it makes sense to take advantage of Prime Video and possibly even replace other streaming services. For non-Amazon users, access to thousands of quality titles along with other Amazon features could be tempting enough to make the switch and definitely warrants looking at the free trial offer.

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Amazon Prime Video

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Still not getting to view my amazon prime

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Love the free streaming perk with my Amazon Prime account.

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I like the new series they’re coming up with.

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It’s awesome!

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Amazon Prime Video is a huge perk with my prime membership, gives me a lot of on and offline access to shows and movies and original content.

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Love having shows and movies included with my Prime membership.

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5 years ago

Hi Kate, since Amazon Prime Video is a streaming service, they do not have individual channels like a cable or satellite services. I would consider our reviews on Satellite Services. Check them out here: And of course, check out your local cable provider to see if they have your desired channels. Thanks for the comment.

5 years ago

Can I gett TV channel 102 ????????