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Pros Great selection | Time Saver | Delivery

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AmazonFresh Review

Amazon has gone one step further in making sure you never have to leave your couch again. Well, almost. AmazonFresh lets you grocery shop from your phone or computer and have the food delivered right to your door. With Amazon’s massive amount of suppliers, they have a huge selection of items that dwarf even the largest grocery stores.

AmazonFresh Pros

Save time and energy by having someone else do the shopping. Just pick what you want to order, add it to your cart and AmazonFresh will pick and pack your items and bring them right to you. Avoid those tempting foods that you know you don’t need by skipping the temptation altogether. Whether you are busy getting ready for a big dinner or you are just feeling lazy, AmazonFresh will do the heavy lifting.

AmazonFresh Cons

When you are shopping in a grocery store, you are the quality control. You can decide how ripe you want your bananas to be or how firm the avocado, but with an online service, you give all that up. Some users have complained that the quality of items they’ve received is not up to their standards.  AmazonFresh is only available in select areas and Amazon has recently been pulling back in some locations. Check with AmazonFresh for current availability.

There’s no doubt AmazonFresh will save you time and energy. AmazonFresh certainly does better with the non-perishable items than produce, so that might not save you a trip to the grocery store. It’s hard not having control over the quality, but having food delivered directly to your door is a very nice – and accessible – luxury.

Amazon Fresh

The explosion of grocery home delivery services designed to eliminate the weekly trip many families find themselves making to the local grocery store or supermarket was not lost on the folks at Amazon. Amazon Fresh offers a variety of food and grocery items that customers can order online and have them delivered to their home or apartment.

Service Areas Covered By Amazon Fresh Delivery

The service is not available in all areas of the country, and areas in which it is available can change. For example, Amazon announced it was ending Amazon Fresh Delivery in New York, California, and a few other states. The best way to find out the latest areas of availability and confirm that you have access to it is by going to the Amazon website and searching for availability using your local ZIP code.

The acquisition of Whole Foods by Amazon could result in Amazon Fresh being tied to Whole Foods locations. Amazon Fresh has been testing a system through which customers can place their order through their Amazon Prime account for pickup at an Amazon Fresh Pickup location. Do you pay higher grocery prices with grocery delivery?

Using Amazon Prime Fresh does not add to the price of food or grocery items. Prices you might get at your local grocery store or supermarket are about the same as you could expect to pay when ordering through Amazon Fresh for delivery.

Amazon Fresh Delivery Costs And Membership Fees

Use of Amazon Fresh delivery requires an Amazon Prime membership at a cost of $99 a year for a regular membership and $49 a year for student memberships. Paying for a Prime membership on a month-to-month basis costs $12.99 a month.

If you are a Prime member, you must also become an Amazon Fresh member at $14.99 a month to make use of the service. The company offers free 30-day trial memberships on both Amazon Prime and Amazon Fresh.

A membership to Amazon Fresh entitles a customer to place an online order for delivery. Orders of $50 or more qualify for free delivery, but smaller orders incur a delivery fee of $9.99 for each order.

Amazon Fresh Coupon Policy

Amazon Fresh is similar to Walmart Grocery, Shipt and Instacart in not accepting store coupons or manufacturer’s coupons on delivery orders.

Amazon Fresh

How It Works

AmazonFresh is just like normal shopping on Amazon, but with food! Pick out the items you want, select available options, add to your cart, arrange for delivery, and check out. Items are delivered in temperature-controlled bags to make sure your delivery stays fresh.

Plans & Pricing

With an Amazon Prime membership, AmazonFresh costs $14.95 per month. While $14.95 every month doesn’t sound so bad, the upfront cost of the Prime membership really adds up. If you are already an Amazon Prime Member and you buy a lot of food, you might be able to make it worth the cost especially when you consider the cost of your time.

Member Services

Amazon is a huge company with a very active customer service team. If something isn’t right, you can call, comment, or leave a review. Amazon’s team has been very responsive to customer issues and seems to take complaints seriously.


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User Rating

Sebastian’s Review

The quality and freshness of the groceries is excellent and the shipping packaging can be reused.

User Rating

Robin’s Review

The products are pretty evenly priced but the delivery cost can be expensive at times.

User Rating

Ella’s Review

I was expecting higher prices for a service like this but AmazonFresh is pretty affordable.

User Rating

Cielo’s Review

I have had some challenges being able to get to the grocery store, this service has been a lifesaver.

User Rating

chuy’s Review

It is a nice option to have when I just don’t have time to get to the grocery store during the week but still need to stock the fridge for the kids.

User Rating

Amirah’s Review

Its very helpful and its easy to use and order my groceries, saves me a lot of time not going to the store.

User Rating

amy’s Review

Overall I am really happy with my AmazonFresh experiences.  The food shows up at my door, selection is really great and have not had anything missing from my orders.

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