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Angie´s List Review

Finding a professional in any area is hard. At the beginning, Angie’s List solved a need for those who were not ready to tackle their own DIY projects. To help people who had problems installing appliances and doing home repairs, Angie’s List was started. It was originally a call-in service where a homeowner could find a reliable plumber, woodworker or electrician.

Eventually, more and more interested parties began using Angie’s List to look for various service providers in their area. From here, the website was created and has grown to 3+ million members. Additional service areas were added, such as health care services and automotive repair providers.

Angie´s List Pros

Finding a professional in any area is hard. In the beginning, Angie’s List solved a need for those who were not ready to tackle their own DIY projects. To help people who had problems installing appliances and doing home repairs, Angie’s List was started. It was originally a call-in service where a homeowner could find a reliable plumber, woodworker or electrician.

Angie´s List Cons

There are some very good options across all of the service areas on Angie’s List.  The larger it grows; it can be harder to distinguish real reviews from possible inflated ones.

Angie´s List Bottom Line

If you find yourself in a new city or just at a loss of who to call for your next service or house project, Angie’s List provides an excellent resource directory to begin finding a contract professional. The localization filters help to find someone close to your home who specialized in a variety of services and the consumer-driven reviews help you to assess other experiences so you can make an educated decision on which professional to go with. It is a great place to find a service professional.

Angie’s List Brings You Home Services To You

Large warehouse-type home improvement chains, such as Lowe’s and Home Depot, realized that many consumers lacked the skills or tools to install products the stores were selling and needed contractors to help them. Home Depot Home Services and Lowe’s Home Services began offering installation and repair services for which they would subcontract the work to local contractors.

Angie’s List began as a local service consumers could join, get names of businesses and people to do different types of services and provide ratings of contractors and service businesses in the local area. Originally started as a call-in service, it eventually expanded to the internet where membership reached more than 3.2 million members who paid to be able to access the names and ratings of contractors. Auto repairs and services were eventually added along with health care services.

What Is Angie’s List?

Angie’s List is an online service offering members the ability to find local service providers. Users of the website can access a description of the business, including its hours of operation and operating hours, along with Angie’s List Reviews. The reviews from other members allow users of the site to gain information about the experiences of other people who used the service provider.

Unlike other companies, such as Sears, Angie’s List is not the provider of the services consumers look for on the website. Consumers contacting Sears Home Services deal directly with Sears even if the technician sent to the home is someone to whom Sears subcontracted the work.

Angie’s List is similar to Amazon Home Services or Home Advisor in providing the name and information about a contractor. Ultimately, however, the consumer and contractor deal directly with each other without the home service website being involved it the transaction.

Businesses wishing to be reviewed and attract customers can go to Angie’s List Business Center for information about free registration. Once registered, business owners can reap the benefits of consumers having access to the products and services they have to offer.

Angie’s List Is NOT Part of the IHSS

Angie’s List is not part of the In-Home Supportive Services Program. The IHSS program provides financial assistance to pay for services in the home. You must be disabled, blind or older than 65 years of age.

Services available under the IHSS program include:
• Housecleaning
• Preparation of meals
• Food shopping
• Personal care services, including bathing, grooming and nursing services

IHSS programs generally work through a social services agency at the state or local level. A social worker might be assigned to determine eligibility for the program and the types of services required.
What Can Angie’s List Do For You?

Hiring a contractor or moving into a new community and needing a physician can be a hit or miss proposition. You really don’t know how good the services will be until after they are completed, and the problem is that by then it’s probably too late to do anything if the services are not what you expected them to be.

How Does Angie’s List Work?

By using Angie’s List, you can read a service provider and read reviews from other people who have used that particular business or professional. It’s like getting a recommendation from a friend. If you call the provider and schedule the service, you can let the Angie’s List community know about your experience, both the good and the bad.

Angie’s List uses a letter system to rate providers. Rated from a high of A through a low of F, consumers can focus their search on a particular rating, so you can search exclusively for A- and B-rated providers and see their reviews to help you to make your selection.

Providers are rated based on the following:
• Price
• Quality
• Professionalism
• Punctuality
• Responsiveness

Using the ratings to sort through the options available allows you to save time by eliminating those providers whose ratings are lower than you want them to be for the provider you want to hire.
Example Services Available

What Is The Cost To Use Angie’s List?

Finding the home services you want and need on Angie’s List was by paid membership when the concept was first introduced. The website now offers an Angie’s List Free and a paid subscription.

Angie’s List offers its members a choice of three plans: Green, silver and gold. The green plan is free and offers nationwide reviews and ratings and a digital magazine exclusive to members. The green plan is free.

Silver memberships are $24.99 a year and including everything in the green plan in addition to a fair price guarantee, service quality guarantee, project scheduling assistance and other services. Gold plan memberships receive everything included in the green and silver plans in addition to Insta-Hire, complaint resolution assistance and other services not available in the other plans. The cost of a gold membership is $99.99 a year.

The Insta-Hire feature allows you to provide details about your project, and Angie’s List sends them to providers in your local area. The providers contact you with price quotes for the project as you described it.

Angie's List

How It Works

Angie’s List has listings across the areas of House, Yard, Health and More, which includes miscellaneous things like pet boarding. Professionals are listed under each discipline area, and as a consumer you can see business info, hours, reviews and ratings. Once you review the professionals in the areas you are looking, you can directly contact the service provider to establish a time for them to come out for a job or estimate.

It is a platform to navigate local providers.


Plans & Pricing

Angie’s List originally began as a paid-only service, but as it migrated to even more success, the green plan was introduced. With it, you get nationwide reviews of service providers, and a member-exclusive magazine on a monthly basis. Silver and Gold members, can get assistance from Member Care specialists through the convenience of Email Support. Gold members have access to the added benefit of Phone Support from the Member Care team. If you choose the Silver Plan, you get the option of project scheduling with the service provider, as well as a fair price and service quality guarantee. It’s complete with a refund option in case of underwhelming service.

With the Gold Plan, you get everything in the Silver Plan and more, for $99.99. You can also get Insta-Hire, which is a feature that you can use to send additional details to the service provider. This includes a mediation service by Angie’s List, with the site guaranteeing that your additional notes get forwarded. With it, local service providers can send you additional questions, price proposals, and suggestions. There is also the complaint resolution assistance and more support features.

Connect with Angie’s List team members through live chat, phone support for gold members or send a message through their portal.

Members also get discounted services through partners like Wayfair and 

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I like the list of services they provide but background checks are very important to me. I don’t seem to see them being done here.

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Reading customer reviews were very helpful.

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One of the best.  You can find every type of service to help with your house.

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I think it’s great.

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Sometimes I am not sure who is a good resource for my next project, with Angie’s List I can find referral based options that I know I can trust.

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I think Angie´s List is a reliable company that helps users who are not sure where to turn in any given industry find local professional.  So far I have had a lot of success with my cleaning service through here.

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Great site, I can log in and find a professional and credible reviews for a local contractor.

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