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APS HS Software

HR used to be all about conflict resolution, finding new employees, and ensuring existing employees remained happy. While most HR departments still deal with putting out plenty of fires, most have more responsibility than ever. This is particularly true for small and mid-sized businesses where each employee needs to do more to make the company grow.

In the modern era, HR departments are handling all sorts of tasks including onboarding new employees, current employee evaluations, and performance management. Insurance and ACA compliance are a new wrinkle for many HR departments as well.

With HR becoming more complicated than ever before, it stands to reason that software can make the job easier and more efficient. APS is a popular piece of HR software designed to do just that.

Use this guide to learn more about APS and see if it’s an ideal HR software solution for your company.

The History Of APS

Founded in 1996 in Shreveport, Louisiana, APS, or Automatic Payroll Services, the company started as a payroll processor and full-service tax compliance solution. By the year 2000, APS had developed its own cloud-based platform, allowing the company to connect with users in a web-based environment.

By 2013, APS had developed a mobile self-service site. In the following years, APS would do more to make software a viable solution for HR and payroll departments. In 2019, APS was named one of the top payroll software solutions available by Capterra.

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APS Pros

APS is a popular HR software solution that many companies are using to bolster their HR department. Here are some of the pros you’ll read about when you’re doing your research:

• You can choose from a range of different packages based on what you need. For a small business, you can get payroll only services. Other plans include payroll and attendance and combination payroll, HR, and attendance plans that give larger businesses everything they need for daily HR management in one software solution.
• APS HR software makes recruiting and onboarding very easy. This is a particularly helpful part of the HR software that many departments who handle new hires will really love. With APS, you can fast track and evaluate potential employees.
• You can track unique metrics with APS. For example, APS HR software allows you to track workforce diversity, overtime trends, turnover rates by department, and general absenteeism.
• APS is designed to be an entirely paperless system. Companies that want to eliminate paper throughout their offices will do well to implement APS since it was designed with this goal in mind.
• Many APS users love how the benefits compliance section of their new HR software is easy to integrate and understand. Many tasks can also be automated, allowing you to quickly track qualifying events and reduce costly non-compliance fees.
• You can get a free demo to see how you get along with APS. This makes trying APS simple without any real financial commitment on your part. This is especially important for small and mid-sized businesses looking for their first piece of HR software.
• APS is user-friendly and easy to grasp right out of the gate. Companies that don’t need complicated HR software can greatly benefit from the simplicity of APS.
• Customer support is excellent. Customers who have had issues with APS report getting quick, reasonable responses from the company about how to fix any problems they are having.

APS Cons

While APS may be popular, not every company or HR department was thrilled with their experience. Here are a few of the top cons you’ll come across when researching APS:

• Some users would like the interface and general layout of the software to be a little more flexible and customizable. In many cases, it’s mid-sized and larger businesses who want more unique functions that have issues with the layout and lack of customizable features when using APS.
• The cost can be a little high, especially for small businesses looking for a simple, easy to implement solution. Again, this complaint is mostly lodged by smaller companies who may be better served by hiring a payroll company or developing another system for payroll instead of an all-in-one HR software solution like APS.
• Some features don’t have enough detailed data to be really useful. A variety of users have complained that employee management solutions are a little lacking when compared to other HR software offerings.

APS Bottom Line

Growing a small business or keeping your mid-sized company running like a well-oiled machine can be difficult. HR software like APS can be very helpful with everything from payroll to employee onboarding and performance reviews.

For users who need basic, easy-to-use from day-one software, APS is an excellent pick. It will handle most HR tasks with aplomb and make your life easier. Bigger companies who need more flexibility and customization may be better with a piece of software designed for their needs, however.

With a free demo available, you can try out APS and see if it’s a good fit for you without a long-term commitment on your part.

APS HS Software Review

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Annie’s Review

It’s decent software for our company.  Easy to use but the online learning tools were a little weak when we were trying to figure out some of the customization features.

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Karen’s Review

Extremely easy to set up and use for myself and my team.

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Dee’s Review

Nice tracking set up for our employees.  Very simple to use.

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