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Arcserve Review

Your data is an essential part of your business whether you’re a company with a couple of employees or you’ve got hundreds on your staff. But where is all of that data and information supposed to go? Just as important, is that data going to be secure wherever you decide to store it?

Online backup services are becoming more and more popular these days because they’re cost-effective and easy to use for individuals and small business owners. With so many companies vying for your attention though, it can be hard to know whether or not one particular service will be beneficial for you or not.

Use this guide to learn more about Arcserve, one of the popular cloud-based backup services that you’ll find on the internet today.

The History of Arcserve

Founded in 1983 as Cheyenne Software, the company began as a data protection service who would use magnetic tape to back up client projects and important data. While they do still offer tape-based backups, and they are a bread and butter part of the company, they now offer cloud-based services for small and larger business as well.

Arcserve officially began work as an independent company in 2014 with help from equity partners and investments in the business. Today, they’re an extremely popular solution for businesses who prize their data and are willing to go to great lengths to protect it.

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Arcserve Pros

Arcserve is a very popular cloud backup service among certain sectors of business, particularly those in the mid-range size with large offices and a number of employees. Sensitive data protection is also a big part of what Arcserve does. Here are some of the pros you’ll hear when discussing Arcserve with regular users:

• Works well on a variety of platforms. Arcserve users find that pretty much any data that they have can be backed up in an efficient manner.

• Arcserve is available in a variety of different languages. This makes the product an ideal cover-all solution for companies who have offices in multiple countries.

• The setup process is simple. Yes, Arcserve is deep and can handle a wide range of uses, but not everybody needs deep controls. Arcserve can be tailored to your needs so setup time is quick. That means getting back to business faster.

Arcserve Cons

Arcserve offers a popular cloud backup service that many customers swear by. However, not everything that you’ll hear or read about Arcserve is positive. Here are some of the most common cons that you’ll find when you choose Arcserve as your small to large business backup service in the cloud:

• The system can be slow and a little bit clunky when it comes to uploads and recovery. However, high-security marks and a general lack of lost data means that Arcserve still provides great backup and recovery options.

• Arcserve doesn’t always play well with Mac OS X or Linux. The system is optimized for Windows-based users, so others may have a difficult time using Arcserve to its fullest.

• Pricing can be a little confusing. With some companies, you can get straightforward pricing right from the homepage of the brand. Arcserve makes digging the numbers out of the information on their site a little bit more difficult.

• Arcserve may try to push you toward other backup services. It’s important to remember that Arcserve also provides magnetic tape backup. This can be helpful for some businesses, but others find that the offers for more backups are annoying and unnecessary. Still, users can choose to stick only with cloud-based backup services from Arcserve.

Arcserve Bottom Line

Arcserve is a backup service that can work well for any small, medium or large business. The startup system is easy and most users find that they’re working with Arcserve in the desired capacity in just a few minutes. That means less time learning new software and more time working on what really matters – bringing in clients and making money for your company.

However, pricing structure and issues with certain operating systems leave some users feeling cold or like Arcserve isn’t right for them. The company does offer a free trial, so if Arcserve seems like a good bet, but you’re not sure yet, it’s an ideal way to get started. You should know quickly if Arcserve is the ideal solution that you’ve been looking for.


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It’s supposed to work on my Mac but it doesn’t work too well. At least everything eventually gets backed up.

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Jayme Silvestri
2 years ago

Very helpful. Trying to find the best back-up service to store my family’s pictures.