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Blue Apron Review

Blue Apron is a food delivery system that has partnered with over 150 farms to bring you the freshest, most sustainably grown food they can while helping to regenerate our land. Ultimately, Blue Apron has cut out the middleman (grocery stores), and is working to reduce food waste and inflated food prices.

Blue Apron Pros

Blue Apron allows customers to skip or cancel meals at any time, no commitment necessary. For an additional cost, wine pairings are also available with meals. We also like that the company is sourcing their food products responsibly with intent on improving the food system. Lastly, we love that you can learn more about their food sources on their website; For example, you can learn more about Reeve’s Farm in Baldwinsville, NY and how their vegetables were used in the Blue Apron meal plan. You can even shop for kitchen supplies on the site too.

Blue Apron Cons

Blue Apron’s plans are slightly higher priced than some competitors; but, as with anything else the cost of sustainability practices are often higher.

Blue Apron Bottom Line

Blue Apron is an easy to use meal delivery service that caters to your needs. Whether you’re a meat lover, vegetarian, single person family or a large family, there is a plan that fits your needs. Choose your date of delivery and you’ll be eating healthy and fresh in no time!

Blue Apron | Top Notch Meals

Blue Apron is considered by many to be the company that started the home meal delivery trend in the United States. Starting in 2012, Blue Apron began offering boxed ingredients that customers could cook to make a meal at home. The practice caught on, and by 2016, the company claimed to have delivered eight million meals. Then, in 2017, the company went public. Blue Apron only operates in the United States.

Many companies have sprung up since Blue Apron made its debut, and some have captured significant market share. However, Blue Apron has continued to be rated in the top ten meal kit delivery services, and its sophisticated distribution system helps make it competitive. It has high ratings on freshness and customer satisfaction.

Let’s take a look at Blue Apron to see what features and benefits it offers.

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What is Blue Apron?

Blue Apron packages and ships ready-to-cook meals. Customers receive pre-portioned ingredients, including a protein and vegetables, as well as other sides. The company has become efficient to the point that the average Blue Apron price is $10 or less per person. This remains far lower than most other meal kit delivery services.

The company has remained focused on its core business since inception. Even today, it only offers six meal choices per week. Blue Apron has simplified and streamlined the ordering process to the point that opening an account and placing first order takes approximately 15 minutes.

Also in keeping with its focus on simplicity, Blue Apron seldom requires advanced cooking techniques for making its recipes. The average cook probably knows all the techniques involved.

This meal kit delivery service pioneered the use of fresh ingredients that will stay fresh until the meal is actually cooked. In some cases, this can be up to a week. The focus on freshness that Blue Apron began turned out to be an important aspect of the meal kit industry. Customers have come to associate nutrition and freshness with meal kits.

Though Blue Apron does not reveal how many of its ingredients are organic, it does work with organic suppliers. This, too, has helped the industry blossom. Consumers have turned to meal kit delivery services for organic foods.

Blue Apron uses foods that have no hormones or antibiotics and gets its fish from sustainable fisheries.

Types of Meals Offered By Blue Apron

Meals range from the common to the somewhat exotic. For example, a recent recipe was for jalapeno hamburgers, while on the same menu, a customer could order spiced tomato and coconut chicken. Recipes include pizza, tacos, and enchiladas, as well as steaks, chicken, and shrimp.

The company offers meals for those on the Mediterranean Diet, and recipes for vegetarians. It also offers seasonal dishes and meals from countries such as Viet Nam and Italy.

The website lets members know which recipes are trending or which have been consistently popular. Customers can ask for two-person recipes and four-person recipes.

Blue Apron Pricing

Blue Apron offers a three-meal-per-week plan for two people or four people. The two-person plan is $59.94 per week. The four-person plan runs $139.84 per week.

In dollar-for-dollar comparisons, Blue Apron meals cost about what they would at a grocery store. However, it is difficult to buy spices and oils in the small amounts required for Blue Apron meals, so the consumer is likely to spend more money because of having to buy larger quantities.

For those who consistently eat out, Blue Apron can result in significant savings.

Are There Menus for People With Dietary Restrictions On Blue Apron?

Blue Apron only offers meals for vegetarians and does not cater to people with dietary restrictions. However, the chefs offer a “Change My Menu” feature that tells people how to make substitutions in recipes.

How Fresh is the Food From Blue Apron?

Blue Apron has built its reputation on freshness, so it offers a Freshness Guarantee. If a customer finds any ingredient to be unusable, the company offers a refund or a credit on future orders.

Can I Try Blue Apron Out First?

New customers can get up to $40 off their first order as a way of trying out Blue Apron.

Is There A Money Back Guarantee With Blue Apron?

The company offers refunds or credits to customers who are dissatisfied with the food.

The Bottom Line For Blue Apron

Blue Apron ran into some problems in its early days, including some difficulties with meeting inspection requirements at distribution centers. However, those trials seem to have taught some useful lessons, because Blue Apron remains one of the top meal kit delivery services on the market.

One of the seldom-talked-about benefits of this service is that it introduces people to new types of foods and creative recipes. While none of the cooking techniques are especially challenging, the different types of foods and tastes provided by Blue Apron can bring variety to those who are tired of their meal routines.

Blue Apron

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How It Works

To get started, Blue Apron will ask for your email and zip code to determine what is available in your area. You’ll be prompted to create a password as well. After you’ve created an account, choose your desired meal plan and checkout. At checkout you will be prompted for billing and
shipping information. You can even give special instructions like, “Please deliver to the side door.

Plans & Pricing

Blue Apron offers two plans for your convenience– The Two-Person Plan and the Family Plan.

The Two-Person Plan:

  • Costs $10.99 per serving.
  • Serves two people.
  • Select two or three recipes per week.
  • Offers a wide variety of recipes, vegetarian options available.
  • Shipping is free with three recipes per week or $7.99 with two recipes per week.

The Family Plan:

  • Costs $9.99 per serving.
  • Feeds four people per week.
  • Select two, three or four recipes per week.
  • Tasty meal options for all of your family.
  • Includes free shipping.

Blue Apron’s member services are easily accessible via phone, email or online outlets. Check out the user-friendly blog that is available for customers to find new and creative recipe ideas.

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Good company, love the meals I have gotten so far.

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I really like that you don’t need a commitment so you aren’t forced to either make the meal or waste the food if you don’t have time.

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Love Blue Apron, no shopping, cooking made easy and delicious so much better than going out

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I think blue apron is something I would want for my family. It’s hard to get such quality products anymore and you really don’t know where all the food in a grocery store comes from or goes through before it gets to your table. It would save me so much time with my busy family and they love trying new things. However the price isn’t reasonable enough yet for many working family’s.

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I love everything about this company the fresh ingredients diverse meal plans fresh and real ingredients

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