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Brinks Review

 Founded in 1859, in Chicago, Illinois, Brinks Home Security is one of the world’s most recognized security brands.  With operations in more than 100 countries, it is known worldwide for its armored trucks which transport money and valuables.  The company has its headquarters in Richmond, Virginia.  Brinks Home Security offers security services to homeowners including wireless security systems, alarm monitoring, and 24/7 response.

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Brinks Pros

With decades of experience in the sector, Brinks Home Security has the highest level of expertise in Security. The company offers the latest in wireless security systems and provides a highly responsive backup service for alarm monitoring.   It is also possible to move the security system from one home to another. If you do move after installation, it is a big money saver. The security system can transmit signals to a 24/7 call center which in turn will contact the relevant authorities. A simple mobile phone app sends you notifications when an alarm is triggered and emergency contacts can communicate with each other through the app’s group chat function.  Customers can cancel their contract within 90 days without being liable for any fees. Self-installation is extremely simple, requires no special equipment and takes just 15 –  20 minutes.  Many insurers will provide a discount of up to 20% on home insurance when homeowners install a home security system.  The latest thermostats also can be connected to your system and let you adjust the temperature anytime from anywhere. You can also control your lighting remotely or on a pre-set schedule.  Brinks is one of the more advanced systems with the technology they offer.

Brinks Cons

The limited warranty on the security system is only valid for two years.  After this period, you will be responsible for the cost of any repairs.  After 90 days, a termination fee will apply if customers cancel their contract. The system does require a self-install which may not be ideal for all customers.

Brinks Bottom Line

Brinks Home Security provides affordable home security systems with self-installation.  The 24/7 alarm monitoring and response services are linked to law authorities and gives homeowners peace of mind when they are out and about or home alone.  The company’s patented alert system ASAPer will contact you within seconds if your alarm is triggered. If you are unavailable, Brinks’ monitoring center will dispatch the police.   Brinks Home Security services include custom security system pre-configuration and supply, alarm monitoring and a computer and smartphone security management application.  The security system can be connected to devices like smart lights, smart locks, and thermostats.  The company also provides monitoring services for existing security systems.

Brinks Home Security | Keeping Your Family Safe

While crime rates are generally going down across the United States, it is always a good idea to protect your property and family against intruders with a home security service. According to FBI statistics, in 2016 there were more than 7.9 million property crimes committed throughout the country which resulted in collective losses (excluding arson) of $15.6 billion. One of the most popular home security services is Brinks Home Security.

What Is Brinks Home Security?

Brinks Home Security is one of the most recognizable names in the home security industry. While Brinks Home Security was once one of the biggest companies offering home security products, it has since been acquired by its former competitor ADT. Today, Brinks Home Security is the name used by Monitronics and LiveWatch under a long-term trademark licensing agreement.

What Do You Get With Brinks Home Security?

Brinks offers two different types of security systems: Home Complete and Home Complete with Video. With Home Complete you get:

  • 24/7 Monitoring (which allows Brinks to dispatch emergency personnel to your property)
  • Crash&Smash Protection (in case somebody tries to tamper with your alarm system)
  • LiveVoice Assist (allowing you to talk directly to Brinks personnel through your wall panel)
  • Smartphone control (allowing you to view recent alarm activity on your smartphone)
  • Home automation

With Home Complete with Video, you get everything that comes with Home Complete but you also get live video streaming, which allows you to see what your home’s cameras are seeing using an Android, iOS, or Windows streaming app or your internet browser. You also get cloud storage which allows you to increase your video streaming capacity.

What Is The Cost Of Brinks Home Security?

If you sign up for a 36-month contract, then you can get Home Complete for $39 per month along with a $19 activation fee. Home Complete with Video, meanwhile, costs $49 per month plus a $19 activation fee (again, so long as you opt for the 36-month contract). Be aware that you will need to pass a credit check.

Pros and Cons of Brinks Home Security

Some of the pros of Brinks include the high quality of its security systems, its home automation feature, and its six-month money-back guarantee. Brinks products are generally recognized as being of excellent quality and if you are unsatisfied you do have the option of canceling within the first six months.

Downsides, however, typically come in the form of billing and customer service. Like many home security services, Brinks has been accused of hidden fees and heavy upfront costs. Additionally, complaints about its customer service, including long hold times, are common. The 36-month contracts, while standard in the industry, are also quite long.


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How It Works

You must first contact Brinks Home Security to discuss your specific security requirements.  Brinks will provide a quote and send a pre-configured security system to your home for self-installation.  Once you have unwrapped the product, it simply needs to be plugged in and activated. The Security system uses secure outside doors as well as indoor motion detection to provide two crucial layers of protection for your home.  ASAPer is a Brinks patented mobile phone application which you can easily install on your cell phone.  This app will keep you updated on any alerts in your home.  If your alarm is triggered, you can resolve it from your smartphone or computer, and if you cannot be contacted, the Brinks monitoring center will send the police to your home.

Plans & Pricing

Pricing for the service is calculated on an individual basis and customers must sign a monitoring agreement for 36 months.  The agreement can be canceled within the first 90 days without any penalties for customers but outside of this period, a termination fee will apply.

Member Services

Brinks is committed to providing the best customer service to more than 1 million customers. You can reach them by phone, chat or text for quick answers and support.


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Kathy’s Review

My husband and I were able to install the system without much hassle.  Feels good to be protected.

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Laquisha’s Review

My family is safe.  Customer service was very helpful and my husband was able to install the system easily.

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Paul’s Review

Reasonable price for monitoring our home.

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Dana’s Review

Great home security system to have that also has smart phone app to help me manage when I want to activate quickly!

User Rating

Anna’s Review

Awesome system that is responsive if someone triggers it.  Love how I can connect it to my smart lights if I think I hear something in the night.

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Carol ’s Review

The price for monitoring is quite affordable and gives me peace of mind when I am out of town.

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