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We live in stressful times. Between work, family, and social obligations, finding a way to relax can be incredibly difficult for a lot of people. The fact is that stress truly is a silent killer that can wreak havoc on our bodies and minds if left unchecked.

Meditation has long been prescribed as a way to relax and find balance even when your life feels chaotic. In some disciplines, seeking help from a meditation counselor is essential. However, some people want to try meditation on their own. If that’s you, you may be considering trying out one of the many meditation apps on the market today.

Calm is one of the more popular meditation apps for new and more experienced users. With easy access via your phone, tablet, or laptop, a lot of people have found that meditation apps can help them find the balance they seek.

Is Calm the right meditation app for you? Use this guide to learn more about this popular app before you download it.

The History Of Calm

Founded in 2012 in San Francisco, California by Michael Acton Smith and Alex Tew, Calm has quickly gone from a small startup to a fairly large company with more than 50 employees. While the company reports about $75 million in annual profits, they continue to raise money from angel investors and venture capitalists looking to help the brand grow.

High-profile investors include Ashton Kutcher’s Sound Ventures Agency and Creative Arts Agency.

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Product Name Pros

Calm is an extremely popular meditation app that you can download for almost any modern smart device. Here are some of the more common pros you’ll read about when researching Calm:

• The app is incredibly easy to use. Many new users find that they can jump right in and start enjoying calm just a few minutes after they download it. This is particularly important for people who have never practiced meditation before. Users who don’t have a lot of experience with smart device apps will also benefit from the simplicity of Calm.
• There are a wide variety of program types, making it easy for almost everyone to find something they like about the app. These include mind exercises, guided meditation sessions, sleep stories, and more. Unguided meditation sessions are also available through the app.
• Calm offers a wide range of different sessions from the first day you sign up. This allows you to explore all of the different options available to you through the Calm app. Regular users will also be able to branch out and try different types of sessions over time, making the app especially flexible.
• Calm adds new content to the app pretty much every day. This regular influx of new content is one of the most popular aspects of the app, ensuring devoted users never get bored with the material provided.
• You can download a free version. While Calm does offer a free trial of their popular app, you do not have to pay for Calm to use it. Like most free trials and free versions, the amount of content is somewhat limited compared to the paid version.
• Calm commonly offers discounts to users who try out the free version before switching to a paid account. These discounts can vary, however, some users have saved about 20% on their annual subscription plan thanks to these discounts.

Product Name Cons

Calm may be a popular meditation app, but that doesn’t mean that everyone who has tried it is leaving rave reviews. Here are a few of the most common cons you’ll find when doing your research about the Calm meditation app online:

• Many users don’t like the fact that you must pay for a regular subscription to get the “good stuff”. While this subscription model is very common today, some users would prefer to pay for individual sessions or certain parts of the app only.
• Users sometimes complain that the reminders sent via the app don’t get their attention.
• The meditation sessions aren’t much different from free versions you can find on the Internet according to some users. Some users also complain that the guided meditations and unguided meditations are a little too simple for their needs. This may be more of a problem for those with a lot of meditation experience.

Calm Bottom Line

Calm is a very popular meditation app because it offers a lot of content for a reasonable cost of about $5 to $6 per month. If you’re just getting into meditation and you’re not sure what you’ll like, Calm is also a great choice because they have a lot of types of content.

For more experienced users, Calm may seem a little simplistic, though it’s lovely interface and ease of use will likely still appeal to you. A free trial or the free version of the app will allow you to see if Calm is right for your needs without spending a penny.

Calm Meditation App

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Good variety of meditations to try out and decently priced.

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Oh my, this is so easy to use.  I’m not tech-savvy. I just wanted to learn some meditation and this was super helpful to get me started.

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Decent app. But didn’t really find anything I couldn’t already find for free on the internet.

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