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Pros Great overall service | No Forms | Best Discounts

Cons Plans and Pricing vary by state | Long waiting period | Not all states covered for all procedures

Delta Dental Review

Delta Dental is one of the leading dental insurance companies in the US, and dates back to 1954. Since then, it has grown into a network made up of 39 independent companies that operate throughout the United States and territories. The dental programs they provide are accepted by over 150,000 dentists.

Delta Dental Pros

Delta Dental has one of the best services, and thanks to the extensive network of dentists, they have negotiated reduced fees. You can easily find a dental professional in every state that participates in their network and as the dentists have agreed to submit claims directly, you don’t have to fill out any paperwork either.

Delta Dental Cons

Because prices differ depending on the state you are in, your rates and coverage can change considerably if you’re moving or travelling. Another important factor to consider is that depending on what state you are in, some procedures may not be covered in your location, even if they are in other areas. When you enroll in a plan, there are some services that have a waiting period before Delta Dental will cover them, so be mindful of this when reviewing plans.

Delta Dental Bottom Line

As one of the largest insurance providers, Delta Dental offers flexible plans that fit almost every budget, with an extensive coverage. While there are going to be a few areas that aren’t covered, it’s a solid selection due to their large coverage network, always check your local areas and providers before making an appointment.

Delta Dental | Private Dental Insurance

Keeping your teeth and mouth healthy requires a daily regimen of brushing and flossing along with a healthy diet and lifestyle. Another important factor is regular examinations by a dentist. Dental plans make it affordable to people to pay the cost of dental care, but some groups, such seniors eligible for Medicare, their medical plans might not provide coverage for dental care. This is where private dental insurance, such as Delta Dental, can be of assistance.

Delta Dental Average Monthly Premiums

Delta Dental is a private dental insurance company. It has a network of dentists across the country who agreed to reduce the cost of most dental services, such as examinations and X-rays, cleanings, fillings and more, and agree to accept payment from Delta Dental as payment in full. Some plans might have a deductible for which the patient is responsible.

Monthly premiums depend upon the type of plan purchased by a patient. For example, a plan covering most basic and major dental services, including routine examinations, X-rays and cleanings costs $493.92 a year for an individual. The plan includes a $1,000 annual deductible. A family plan with the same coverage would cost $1,318.32 a year to obtain coverage.

Delta Dental Estimated Average Yearly Savings

Dental cost savings for an individual could be estimated to be 60 percent for preventative care in the first year of the policy, but will increase to 100 percent by the third year. Some of the plans offered by Delta Dental do not offer coverage for major dental services during the first year of the policy, but savings for the second year of coverage are estimated to be 30 percent and increase to 50 percent in the third year of coverage. The savings for basic services are estimated to be 50 percent in the first year of a policy, but it increases to 80 percent by the third year of coverage. Plans and pricing differ from state to state.

Delta Dental Customer Service

It can be difficult to find a dentist, but the customer service people at Delta Dental make it easier with an online search option to find a local dentist who has agreed to participate in the plan. This is similar to finding a dentist using services, such as 1-800-Dentist.

Delta Dental Sample Pricing

Plans and coverage depend upon the state in which the individual purchasing the insurance resides. For example, a plan in Utah offered by Delta Dental requires only a $5 payment by the insured for an office visit. A root canal could cost the patient from $250 to $400 under that plan.

Delta Dental

How It Works

Delta Dental offers plans to clients who get dental insurance through their employers, as well as those who purchase insurance on their own. When looking for an insurance plan, you can list your employer’s state headquarters on the website to get the plans available to you. Alternatively, if you are buying dental insurance on your own, you simply have to write the state you are living in. Delta Dental also enables you to search for a dentist by specialty. To make sure that the dental professional you are looking for is covered by your plan, you can filter them by Delta Dental plan in your search.

You can even get an estimate cost of every procedure thanks to their cost calculator. After choosing a treatment type, enter your ZIP code and get an overview of all the costs of your selected services.

The yearly savings depend heavily on the plan used, but the average yearly savings are about 45% overall, with more savings the longer you are a member. In most plans, for preventive procedures, you will immediately save up to 60% in the first year, which goes up to 100% for the third year. Basic procedures save 50% in the first year, rising 15% for each consecutive year. One thing that is not cheaper in the first year are major procedures: you get up to 30% discount in the second year, and even more thereafter.

Every plan has a maximum amount of coverage and differs from plan to plan. Dental HMO and prepaid plans require you to choose a dentist where you will handle all your needs instead of choosing a professional within network depending on what you need. You don’t have deductibles or maximums, and the treatment prices are fixed.

The Dental PPO plans have an annual maximum of $1000 per person. With such a plan, you will pay at a reduced rate, and the percentage varies depending on the coverage. There’s a deductible to meet with such a plan.

Plans & Pricing

Delta Dental offers 5 different dental plans.

  1. Delta Dental PPO, has the lowest out of pocket costs.
  2. Delta Dental Premier is their most popular option that is covered by the largest dentists network and has a copay and deductible.
  3. Delta Dental PPO Plus Premier combines the benefits of the PPO and Premier networks.
  4. DeltaCare USA is the low cost option that focuses on preventive care, so the copay is minimal, or even nonexistent.
  5. Delta Dental Patient Direct is the discount plan, where you can benefit from discounted dental service fees.

Although Delta Dental coverage is most often handled through employers, they also offer their dental service benefits directly to individuals and families too. The prices for all the plans differ from one state to another, and plans vary too, depending on the independent Delta Dental company that covers the state.

Premiums start from $90 annually for a single member but can go up to $1300 annually for a full family plan that covers preventive, basic and major services.

You can easily handle your whole plan through their website, where you can log in as a member. They also have a mobile app that helps you handle things on the go.

Looking for a new plan? Call  1(844) SMILE

1(844) 764-5301

Monday-Friday, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., Central Time

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A little hard to get in, but great price and hassle-free!

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Love the price but sometimes it’s hard to get an appointment.

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After using Delta for years, we moved and found out our coverage was a little different.

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I really appreciate their customer service.  They helped me get my questions answered.

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I’m happy with our dental plan but not all of the care I need is offered in my area. 🙁

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Great plan for my family.

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Delta Dental is good for local plans, not all states are covered but my area has a lot of great options for me to pick from when it comes to my family and dental work.

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One of the best robust dental networks around come along with this insurance.  My previous provider was very limited.

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