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Pros Inexpensive in comparison | Lots of Plans to Choose From| No Spending Limits

Cons Some dentists listed don’t accept these plans | Processing fees | You can only use a single plan at a time

DentalPlans Review is an alternative to traditional dental insurance. The Florida-based company offers alternative coverage options for individuals, families, businesses, and groups. With more than 100,000 dentists participating in their plans, they are a viable, budget-friendly option for dental insurance.

DentalPlans Pros offers savings on dental procedures for an annual fee that is budget-friendly and has a vast number of plans to choose from. The plans are easy to find if you enter your ZIP code on their website. When compared to actual insurance plans, has no spending limits, so no matter how many procedures you need in a year, you will get a discount on all of them. Compared to other options out there, you get a lot of variety and value for your money.

DentalPlans Cons

While they claim to have over 100,000 dentists in their network, many have found that their dentists don’t actually accept the plans provided by so it’s important to check with your dentist before setting up an appointment. The enrollment fee of $20 is a bit of a hidden fee, since it’s not mentioned on their website, and it’s non-refundable. Although you can switch plans, you cannot combine them or have more than one at a time which can be restrictive.

DentalPlans  Bottom Line is a viable alternative to traditional dental insurance, but it works better if it’s taken as an additional plan once you go over the limit of your insurance. As the dentist list that accepts this type of plan isn’t regularly updated, you’ll need to check before enrolling or you could risk your $20 enrollment fee. Once you find a dentist who is participating, you can get a 10% – 60% discount on a procedure, but this does differ for each dentist office, so make sure to check first.

Keeping your teeth and mouth healthy includes daily brushing and flossing along with regular visits to the dentist. Annual checkups and even routine fillings can be expensive. Dental insurance and dental plans, such as Delta Dental, offer one method of reducing the costs associated with dental care. offers convenient, online access to dental plans offered in your state and local region. This makes it easier to find plans because particular plans differ from one state to another. Coverages and pricing may also differ depending upon where you live. Average Monthly Premiums

Dental plans offered average anywhere from $20 a month to $50 a month for a policy covering an individual. Family policies or policies covering multiple people would be higher in cost. The cost and the coverage will vary depending upon the state in which the policy is issued. This is where a website, such as can save you time and money. does not sell insurance, and it does not offer a dental plan. What it offers is an opportunity to review plans available in your location and compare the cost and coverage of each one to select a dental plan that is best for your needs and budget.

While there is no charge to use to compare plans, if you choose a plan using the site, you can pay a $15 one-time processing fee to have them handle setting you up with the particular plan. Using them to set you up with a plan comes with three free months of coverage through whichever plan you select. Estimated Average Annual Savings offer savings to their customers by negotiating reduced rates for many of the most common services for which people go to a dentist. Depending upon the plan a person chooses, savings can range from 10 percent a year to 60 percent or more on services, such as examinations and X-rays, cleanings, fillings, extractions, root canals, crowns and more.

The dental plans offer lists of the local dentists participating in the plan for a particular area. Sample Pricing

The services covered by a particular plan and the cost will vary depending upon the plan and the state in which the patient resides. For example, a plan might offer cleanings with an out-of-pocket cost to the patient of $25. Fillings could be up to $110 and root canals could range from $250 to $400 depending upon the plan.

How It Works

Instead of having traditional dental insurance, you buy a dental plan. When you need dental services, you choose a dentist participating in the network and simply show your membership card to get the discounted price. If you know that you will have a lot of dental work done this year, you can opt for a plan that will help you save money. You can find both general use and specific plans – for instance, a plan aimed at gum treatments, root canals, or crowns and fillings might be best if you know these procedures might be in your future and there are many options that match the kind of work you’re looking at having done.


Plans & Pricing varies in cost by state. To find the prices in your area, you have to enter your ZIP code to get a list of plans to choose from. Clicking on each plan will give you an overview of the plan, dentists who are members, as well as an overview of all the fees and services included in the plan.

One important thing to know is that the discounts you get through this service can’t be combined with existing insurance policies. This means that if you have coverage remaining on your subscriber plan, the discount will not be valid. Once you go over the limit covered by your insurance, then you can begin using discounts through is limited to a single plan at a time. If you purchased one and are using it, you will not be able to purchase additional plans. You can switch between them, however.

The pricing differs from state to state but starts at $80 per year. There are two types of plans: individual and family. The most common price for an individual plan is $100, while the family plans comes in at around $160. They also offer business plans, the prices of which are discussed with each business individually.

There’s a $20 non-refundable fee when enrolling for a plan. The subscription is automatically renewed each year, and sometimes even up to 30 days before expiration. If you wish to cancel, you will have to give them 30 days’ notice. Once the payment is processed, a refund is not available.

Members get discounts on dental work, have access to a network of dentists that accept the plans, can switch between plans easily when the requirements for dental work change, and have access to customer support.

M-F 8:30am – 10pm | Sat 9am – 6pm | Sun 10am – 5pm EST offers customer service via email, live chat, and a toll-free number. Sometimes it takes a while before getting someone on the phone. While highly attentive some have found the refund policy a bit difficult so it’s important to make sure you’re choosing the right plan to suit you and do your research beforehand.

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Reasonable fees.

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Very affordable, I signed my parents up due to an expensive dental year ahead, the discounts they are eligible for are really helpful.

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The discounts offered with are really nice.  I can go to my regular dentist and receive the same service at a discounted price.

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The plans have saved us a lot of money this year on our family dental bills. I recommend checking them out.

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