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Pros Free reusable razor handle in your first shipment | 100% money back guarantee if you're not happy with the product | 3 Subscription plans

Cons May cause mild irritation | Reusable may break easily | Resells Dorco razors

Dollar Shave Club Review

Dollar  Shave Club is a  personal grooming delivery service which delivers razors and other grooming products to subscribers by mail. While the service is mainly marketed to men,  20% of their customer base is women and it operates in the United  States and internationally. The founders came up with the idea for  Dollar Shave Club after meeting at a party and sharing their frustrations about the cost of shaving products. The company was founded in 2011  and now has over 3 million subscribers around the world. Dollar Shave Club has a three-tier membership plan offering razors of differing standards. It also offers a number of hair and personal care products along with shave related cosmetics such as shaving butter and moisturizer to your order. Each item is priced individually.

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Dollar Shave Club Pros

Dollar Shave Club was created with value in mind and as such, prices are lower than some competitor services.  The company has three different subscription plans with delivery options as low as $1 per month for the ‘Humble Twin’ plan.  You can choose how often you want a delivery so you’re not paying for anything that you don’t need. Membership is free and it is easy to swap between plans. Dollar Shave Club will provide you with a free reusable razor handle in your first shipment which you can use with any blade from the club.  This makes it simple to switch between products and it’s an eco-friendly alternative to disposable plastic razors.  Shipping is free on all but the cheapest plan and all products come with a 100% money back guarantee, so if you’re not happy you can send them back.

Dollar Shave Club Cons

Some online reviews complain about the quality of the razor blades, particularly in the entry rate plan with users noting some mild irritation as well as small nicks.  Dollar Shave Club actually resells Dorco razors and blades, one of Asia’s most popular shaving brands.  It is possible to purchase Dorco blades directly from Amazon at an additional saving. Several online reviews note that the reusable handle breaks quite easily.

Dollar Shave Club Bottom Line

Dollar Shave Club offers a flexible and convenient shaving product delivery service providing decent quality blades and a limited range of shave related cosmetics.  The monthly subscription means that you won’t ever need to worry about running out of razor blades again and you’ll save a significant amount of money on store-bought premium price products.  Although Dollar Shave Club doesn’t deliver the best shave on the market, it’s not bad and it offers one of the best cost to value ratios of any shaving club.

Dollar Shave Club Offers Full Personal Care Products

Dollar Shave Club is a popular subscription service that set out to bring affordable, quality razor refills to the masses. The product line has now expanded to include other items like hair and shower products.

Quick History of Dollar Shave Club

The Dollar Shave Club company was started by Mark Levine Michael Dublin in Venice, CA in 2011. The company quickly grew and had more than $75 million in funding by 2014. Unilever bought out the original Dollar Shave Club owners in 2016 for a reported $1 billion.

The company still provides shave products designed to give a quality shave at under or around $10 per month.

What Types Of Products Are Offered Dollar Shave Club?

Dollar Shave Club features a wide variety of products with a focus on razors and blade refills. Over time, the lineup at Dollar Shave club has grown to include other items as well, including hair, oral, and skin care products.

Dollar Shave Club Razors And Refills

  • The Executive. A six-blade razor, this is the premium option from Dollar Shave Club. Four six-blade razors are delivered each month. A weighted razor is delivered free with your first order.
  • The 4x. This four-blade razor provides a monthly refill of four cartridges. A free sport-style razor is provided upon first order.

Additional Products At Dollar Shave Club

Starter sets. Sets include items like razors, blade refills, shave cream, body wash, and wipes.

  • Shave products. Individually sold shave creams, shave butter, aftershave and more can be purchased separately and sent with your blade order.
  • Oral care products. Specialty toothbrushes and toothpaste can be purchased as part of your package.
  • Hair products. Gel, pomade, hair clay, paste and more are now part of the Dollar Shave Club lineup.
  • Shower products. Includes items like shampoo, conditioner, face wash, body wash and bar soap.

Personal care products. Products like “butt wipes” are now part of the company’s personal hygiene lineup.

Pricing Plans Offered At Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club has different pricing plans based on the particular razor you use. This allows users to have the shave experience they want at a cost-effective price.

  • The Executive plan. This plan costs $9 per month and supplies four six-blade refills per month.
  • The 4x plan. This plan costs $6 per month and supplies four four-blade refills per month.

All other Dollar Shave Club products are sold individually. They can be included with your regular order if you choose to use a product like their shave cream regularly.

Dollar Shave Club’s Quality Of Products

Consumer reviews report that Dollar Shave Club products are a good value for the money, with many users putting products in the same category as more costly options. Delivery times are also acceptable and most razors, refills, and products arrive as expected.

Dollar Shave Clubs reviews are positive, but the only way to know if the system works for you is to try it out. With introductory offers available, everyone can see if Dollar Shave Club meets their shave quality and refill needs.


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How It Works

To join Dollar Shave Club, sign up on the website and decide which of the three plans is most suitable for you.  Your starter set will arrive within 5 days with trial size products in the range that you’ve selected.  You’ll then receive a set of full-size products within a month and from then you can choose how often you want to receive a shipment.  You can choose if you want a delivery every month or just twice a year. It’s up to you.  The site retails trial sized product and travel packs allowing you to try out products at a low price. Users can also purchase individual cosmetic products online and purchase gift subscriptions and vouchers for friends and family members.


Plans & Pricing

Dollar Shave Club offers three membership plans.

  • The basic Humble Twin plan costs just a dollar a month (and $2 delivery) and includes 5 cartridges a month with 2 stainless steel blades.
  • The 4X option includes 4 stainless steel 4- blade cartridges per month at a cost of $6 with free shipping.
  • Dollar Shave Club’s premium service is The Executive which supplies 4 x 6-blade  stainless steel cartridges per month and costs $9.  This package also ships for free. You can also add products such as shave balm, wet wipes, and moisturizers to your order. Each item is priced individually.


Support on the website has a robust help center, chat, email and messenger options.


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