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Pros Delivery tracking on app | Group order functions | Variety of restaurants

Cons Poor service | Delayed deliveries | Complaints of extra charges to their orders

DoorDash Review

DoorDash is a food delivery service which was founded in 2013.  The company delivers meals from restaurants on demand and now operates in more than 600 US cities. DoorDash works differently from other food delivery services by placing food orders on your behalf and dispatching independent delivery contractors to collect them from restaurants. This gives you access to a wide range of restaurants in your area, some of which might not normally deliver.  As DoorDash works independently from the restaurants they cannot guarantee the delivery time but they try to have all meals delivered within an hour of ordering.

DoorDash Pros

DoorDash gives you access to a wide variety of restaurants in your city.  If your food arrives late they will credit your account with a $10 voucher.  The app will notify you when your food has been picked up and you can track the delivery on your phone or mobile device.  You can pre-order food up to four days in advance which is useful for busy people. The group order function allows multiple people to add items to an individual delivery which is ideal for work situations and parties.

DoorDash Cons

Online reviews for DoorDash are quite poor.  There are many complaints about late and missing deliveries and multiple reports of rude delivery drivers.  Although DoorDash delivery contractors are supposed to bring the food to your door, in practice, many will call you and expect you to come and get it from the vehicle.  Other reviewers complain of extra charges being added to their orders.

DoorDash Bottom Line

DoorDash’s unique approach to on-demand food delivery means that it can give you access to many restaurants which don’t normally deliver.  The service that you experience will very much depend upon the individual restaurants that you order from.  DoorDash offers a good range of food options in most US cities with reasonable delivery charges.  However, online reviews indicate that the service is not always reliable or punctual.  If you are under time constraints or have no backup plan for dinner, it may not be the best service to count on.

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DoorDash Delivery Fee And Delivery Times

A delivery fee is charged by Doordash, but the amount depends upon the particular restaurant at which the order was placed. According to Door Dash, the restaurants determine the delivery fee, if any, to be charged to customers.

The Door Dash app provides you with an estimate of the delivery time for the restaurant at which you place the order. The delivery time is updated to let you know if there is a delay due to the size of the order or the restaurant being unusually busy at the time the order is placed.

Is tipping available?

Tipping the person delivering your food is voluntary. Dash Door encourages its customers to tip using the app or by giving the person cash at the time of the delivery.

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Jordan’s Review

It might be where I live, but it seems to take a long time for them to get to my house.

User Rating

Jose’s Review

It was cool that I could order a couple of days in advance for football night.

User Rating

Ashley’s Review

It’s frustrating when my favorite restaurant gets removed from the delivery list.  I have to use multiple services.

User Rating

Gary’s Review

It’s okay I guess, has lots of options, really fast and on-time in my experience but expensive.

User Rating

Tina’s Review

Nice app, responsive customer support, but expensive delivery surcharges.

User Rating

Jordan’s Review

I really like the app it is easy to use and has good local restaurants it delivers from but they are the most expensive of the delivery services in my area.

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