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Cons Lacking Detailed Instruction | Not Strong for Business Use

Duolingo Review

Learning a language can be a daunting task. Whether you’re planning to travel abroad for vacation, are moving to a new place for work, or you’re simply trying to expand your mind and learn a new skill, finding a method you can use to pick up a new language can be tricky.

While many people have taken classes or used tools like cassette tapes and CDs in the past, we all know there are more modern options when you’re trying to learn a language today. That’s where language learning apps you can use on your phone, laptop, or computer come in.

Designed to help you learn anywhere you want and at a pace that works for you, language learning apps are a big hit in today’s tech-based marketplace. Duolingo is one of the most popular apps you can find.

Is Duolingo a good choice for you if you’re trying to learn a new language? Keep reading to learn more about the popular Duolingo app today.

The History Of Duolingo

Launched in 2012 by Luis von Ahn and co-founder Severin Hacker, Duolingo has become one of the more popular language learning apps available in today’s marketplace. Started in 2009 by von Ahn with funds from a National Science Foundation grant and a MacArthur fellowship, Duolingo started private beta testing in 2011.

Today, millions of people use the app,  Duolingo, every single day. The company continues to grow and reach new users daily due to private funding initiatives.

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Duolingo Pros

Duolingo is a popular language-learning app that many people all over the world use. Here are some of the pros you’ll see regularly when doing your research on Duolingo:

• Duolingo is free to download and you can learn quite a bit just using the free version. For more features and exercises, you’ll need to switch to the paid version of Duolingo. However, having any free version is a major benefit compared to some apps that make you pay for a subscription or pay a one-time fee right away.
• The lessons have a fun, game-like feel to them. This is important for many users who feel that learning a language with other apps feels too much like a chore or reminds them of homework from their school days. Most users report that the game-like feel of Duolingo doesn’t distract them. In fact, it helps them stick to their lessons and make more progress than they would with a dry, simple interface that’s less fun.
• You can learn a lot of different languages using Duolingo. While you probably only plan on learning one language right now, you may find that you want to try out others over time. Getting used to the Duolingo app is a great thing if you plan on learning more languages or even picking up certain words in other languages. You’ll also get lots of choices with Duolingo if you’re looking to learn a new language, but you’re not sure which one yet.

Duolingo Cons

The Duolingo language learning app is extremely popular, and with 21 languages offered, many people use it each and every day. That doesn’t mean that everybody who gives it a try leaves a rave review on the internet. Here are some of the cons you’ll come across when researching Duolingo:

• There isn’t a whole lot of information about how Duolingo works, leaving many users to either jump in with both feet or just download another app. Some people who have tried Duolingo or are on the fence have said that a walkthrough-type feature might be helpful.
• Duolingo isn’t the best for people who want to learn how to speak on certain topics in another language. For example, business users who may need to learn certain words and bits of jargon may find they can’t quickly access what they want. That’s because you’ll need to do all of the basic coursework through the app before you get too specialized in a dialect.

Duolingo Bottom Line

Offering 21 different languages to choose from, Duolingo is a particularly popular app for people who want to try their hand at different dialects from all over the world. With a fun game-like structure, many people also find the app enjoyable to use even on days when they don’t feel like doing their lessons.

For people with more specific language goals, like business users, Duolingo may not be the best choice. The same is true for people who already speak a little bit of a language but want to brush up on the basics or continue their education.

If you’re starting from scratch and you want a simple, easy-to-use interface that’s fun and engaging, Duolingo could be a great pick. With a free version readily available, it’s easy to get started today and see if Duolingo is a fit for your learning style.

Duolingo Language Learning App Review

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Zach’s Review

I’m using the free version now and love the games.  Easy to use too. Will probably upgrade to the full version if I stick with it.

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Branden’s Review

Tried the free version and it was fine but I need something with a little more depth to help with unique words used in my business.

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Kelsey’s Review

Always struggled with learning languages.  This was a lot of fun and the games made it easy to retain what I was learning.

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