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FindMyPast Review

FindMyPast is a genealogy and family research site.  The company started as a family history service in Britain in 1965 and its first website went live in 2003.  FindMyPast now operates in the United States and internationally.  The site has access to over 4 billion records worldwide including government data, newspapers, parish and military records and it has the most extensive and detailed Irish records available anywhere.

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Findmypast Pros

FindMyPast has access to four billion records which include birth, death and marriage certificates, censuses and military data in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Ireland. The site has the largest collection of Irish records anywhere along with British Army records from 1760 to 1915.  FindMyPast has some of the oldest records available online with data going back to the 13th century as well as an extensive international newspaper collection.  Subscribers can choose from a monthly or yearly subscription or use a pay as you go credit system.

FindMyPast Cons

FindMyPast can only search in English speaking countries, so if your ancestors originated in a country where English is not the main language, this may not be suitable for you. Membership of the site is renewed automatically so users need to contact the site in advance of the renewal date to cancel membership.

FindMyPast Bottom Line

If your ancestors come from Ireland or the UK, Findmypast has the widest and most detailed records including military records, census data, birth, death and marriage certificates, and newspapers.  The site can also access US census data and provides a comprehensive step by step guide to researching your ancestry and building your family tree.

FindMyPast | Historical Information

Many people devote significant time and effort in researching public records, old newspapers and historical documents to learn more about their ancestry. Getting information about families in Europe or England and Ireland could be difficult without traveling. The internet offers anyone interested in genealogy and creation of family trees easier access to databases. Some websites offer free access to their databases. is a paid subscription service that could be worth the price if someone is researching family members from England and Ireland.

FindMyPast Services Available

Although many free genealogy websites are available with access to databases, focuses on records from the United Kingdom and Ireland. Included among the documents available to subscribers are parish registers dating back to 1538 and an extensive archive of British and Irish newspapers.

The website also offers regional data and assistance with building a family tree. Subscribers can use the website to access Catholic records for the United States and Great Britain, service records of the British military and an extensive collection of public and archival records pertaining exclusively to Ireland.

The website does not include an option to obtain a genealogy test as other ancestry sites. Doing a DNA ancestry test has become a popular way to supplement standards methods of researching family trees. The results of a genealogy DNA test can help researchers determine if ancestors identified through records searches are, in fact, related to them.

FindMyPast Additional Info

The global databases offered by distinguish it from some other websites. Some of the records subscribers can access go as far back as the thirteenth century. The fact the site limits its records to countries that are English speaking could be a negative to some researchers.

Another positive aspect of the website is the ability to view original documents as opposed to only being able to see transcribed versions of the information contained in the records. Searches can be made as broad or as narrow as the person conducting the research wishes. This can be a great help at the early stages of researching ancestry when a broad search produces a lot of information that can be sifted through and made the subject of a narrower search later on.

A helpful feature available on the site is a profile builder. The feature allows a user to create a profile for each person on his or her family tree. An inability to order a genealogy DNA test from is a drawback considering how helpful the results can for confirming information obtained from other sources.

Using a combination of free services and paid subscriptions might work out better for a researcher than relying on only one type of genealogy website.

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Plans & Pricing

Findmypast offers a two-tier membership. The Essential British & Irish package costs $14.95 per month or $129.00 for a 12-month membership. The Ultimate British & Irish package which includes the 1939 register costs $19.95 for one month or $179.00 for a year. Findmypast also offers 3 pay-as-you-go packages: 100 credits for $14.95, 300 credits for $37.95 or 900 credits for $82.95. Credits can be exchanged for searches and other functions onsite and all are valid for 90 days.

Findmypast provides a step by step guide to help subscribers trace their family history and build their family tree. The site has an easy-to-use search tool which allows users to access billions of records worldwide.  Findmypast offers advanced research and collaboration tools for more experienced genealogists.  Subscribers can access an extensive database of British newspapers and army and parish records. The site also has passenger lists for ships that left Britain between 1890 and 1960, bound for Australia, Canada, and the United States.  Customer support is available by phone, email and live chat function.

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Jason ’s Review

This seems great! I might consider upgrading to a better subscription to find a bit more info.

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Nxnxjs’s Review

Got stuck with the auto renewal, customer service was awesome to help try and resolve but I did not find out I was on auto renew until it was to late.

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Nelson’s Review

Wow! So many records and results to search through when doing a search on my family.  International and local records make for some great results I can dig through.

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Jee’s Review

Overall I was very satisfied with what I was finding on findmypast, they seem to have records related to military service on my grandfather that other sites just did not have.

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