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Pros Subscription services & one-off deliveries | Free membership | Good quality product & customer service

Cons More expensive product than other similar online | Not knowing if it's environmentally friendly packaging | Not a lot of variety in producs

Gillette On Demand Review

Gillette On Demand is a razor and shaving product delivery service offering both subscription-based services and one-off deliveries of three of the company’s big-brand razors and blades, Sensor 3, Mach 3 and Fusion Proshield.  All three razors deliver a close and comfortable shaving experience with minimum irritation and nicks. Gillette’s products are well known in the United States and internationally so you can be confident that you’ll receive a trusted, high-quality product.  The company offers good savings in comparison to store prices.

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Gillette On Demand Pros

Gillette On Demand offers both subscription services and one-off deliveries and there are no membership costs or contracts.  Subscription customers can change their plan or cancel at any time.  Customers who are already familiar with the Gillette range will be reassured by the three well-known razors on offer, Sensor 3, Mach 3 and Fusion Proshield.  As well as online ordering, the company allows existing customers to order by text – ideal for customers who are on the go. Gillette offers free shipping on Mach 3 and Fusion Proshield razors and cartridges. User reviews report high satisfaction with the products and excellent customer service on the rare occasions when things do go wrong.

Gillette On Demand Cons

Only three of Gillette’s razors are available via the service and Sensor 3 Disposables don’t come with free shipping. Gillette On Demand currently only offers razors and razor blades. There are no cosmetics available and there is also no gift option although you can refer a friend.  Although Gillette On Demand offers savings on store prices,  the razors and blades offered are more expensive than equivalent products offered by other online shave clubs.  There is no mention on the Gillette On Demand site about whether their product packaging is recycled or environmentally friendly.

Gillette On Demand Bottom Line

If brand familiarity is important to you then Gillette On Demand is a good choice for your shave product supplier.  The flexible delivery schedule, along with free shipping and text order service is very convenient and Mach3 and Fusion Proshield both deliver a close and comfortable shave without nicks or irritation. However, the service’s limited range and lack of cosmetic products are disappointing. If the price is your priority, Gilette is one the high side and you might want to look for value with other services. Nevertheless, Gillette On Demand does deliver a reliable service with guaranteed quality and brand recognition.

Quick History Of Gillette On-Demand

Gillette has been at the forefront of an industry catering to people’s shaving needs ever since its introduction of the first disposable blade for a safety razor more than 100 years ago. The company focused on producing an affordable razor handle and blade combination.

Its response to competition from shaving clubs offering blades and handles through online ordering was the introduction of Gillette Shave Club with less expensive razor blades than consumers could find at drugstores and other traditional retail outlets. Gillette On-Demand evolved to offer a slight twist on the shave club model by including a feature allowing customers to do on-demand ordering instead of being tied to an ongoing subscription.

Products Offered By Gillette On-Demand

Consumers visiting can purchase a limited selection of the razor blades manufactured by Gillette along with the handles to hold them. The website currently offers a three-bladed Sensor3 disposable razor, three-bladed Mach3 replacement cartridges with handle, and five-bladed Fusion Proshield cartridges with handle.

Customers shopping at Gillette On-Demand do not currently have access to ordering shave creams and other products through Gillette’s website. Gillette recently introduced the option to personalize its Proshield razor handle by adding a design, photo or lettering as selected by the customer.

Gillette On-Demand Quality Of Products

The razor blades available through Gillette On-Demand are the same blades you would find in a retail store. In other words, the lower cost of the blades through their website does not mean you are getting a product that is lower in quality than you would find in a store.

Gillette On-Demand


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Steve’s Review

I like the old blades, but I wish I had more choices.

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Kau’s Review

The blades I want, but a bit overpackaged.

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Casey’s Review

Free membership is nice, but still a little pricey for some of the packages.

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Jim’s Review

Cool that I can order by text.

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Blades and handles are good quality.

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Bummer that not everything has free shipping.  Good razors though.

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My husband loves these razors!

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Would like some shave butter if offered.

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Alan fay
4 years ago

I would like my shipment

4 years ago
Reply to  Alan fay

Hi Alan, thank you for visiting Watch the Review. Since we only review online services, we do not have direct contact with the companies that we are reviewing. However, if you are having a problem with your shipment from Gillette, here is a number for Gillette’s Customer Service: 1 (800) 445-5388 I hope this helps. Thank you! ~WTR Team