Harry’s Shave Club Review

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Pros Free starter kitt | Flexible plans | Good quality

Cons Difficulty shaving some areas | May cause irritation | Large size of blade

Harry’s Shave Club Review

Harry’s Shave Club is a subscription-based razor and personal grooming delivery product company operating in the United States and internationally.  Harry’s was founded in 2013 and now has more than 5 million subscribers worldwide. As well as razors and blades, the company offers a variety of cosmetics in full and trial sizes for one-off or regular deliveries.   Harry’s products are also available in a number of retail outlets across the United States.

Harry’s Shave Club Pros

Harry’s razors look great. The chunky retro style will really compliment your bathroom and customer reviews report high quality and long lasting blades.  Harry’s own-brand cosmetics are also nicely packaged and users particularly like the Post-shave balm and mist.   For customers who want to try before they commit to the service, Harry’s is currently offering a free starter kit containing a razor handle with one cartridge and a 2oz sample of shaving cream. You only need to pay for shipping. The company manufactures their own blades from Swedish steel at a factory in Germany and these are a better value than similar quality premium brand products available in stores and through other shave delivery services.  Subscribers can easily switch between plans and add items to deliveries.  They also have a convenient app.

Harry’s Shave Club Cons

Some reviewers have complained about difficulty shaving the areas close to the nose and sideburns because of the large size of the blade.  Users with very thick, wiry beards also noted some irritation, particularly around the neck area.

Harry’s Shave Club Bottom Line

Harry’s delivers high quality, good looking razors, blades, and personal grooming products via a highly flexible and customizable delivery service.  The service offers an excellent range of cosmetics and some nice accessories and if presentation is your thing, you will really enjoy how Harry’s products look. On top of all this, the range offers excellent value and products that rival some of the biggest brands on the market.  Whether you are buying for yourself or gifting a friend, Harry’s Shave Club turns shaving from a chore into a pleasure.

Harry’s | Classic Shave Club

Online shave clubs, such as Harry’s Shave Club, offer consumers the convenience of purchasing razors and blades online for delivery to their mailbox. Instead of going to a local drugstore and waiting for a store employee to unlock the case protecting the razor blades from thieves, you can now make your purchase online and save money at the same time.

Quick History of Harry’s

Harry’s began in New York when its founders wanted to offer an online alternative to how razors and razor blades were being sold. They also wanted to improve upon the razors and blades offered by existing manufacturers, such as Gillette and Schick, to give customers a better shaving experience.

The founders of Harry’s focused their search for a better razor blade on a German company that had been making blades for almost a century. Two years later, in 2014, Harry’s purchased the manufacturer, so it now controls the production of its blades.

Although it was started as an online company with customers placing orders at Harry’s website, the success of its online sales led it to expand into traditional retail markets. Harry’s now sells its products online and in brick-and-mortar retail outlets, including Target.

Products Offered At Harry’s

Harry’s is more than just razors and razor blades. Consumers visiting Harry’s website will find a selection of different styles of razors, including one-of-a-kind models designed by well-known artists. It also offers shave creams and gels, post-shave balm, moisturizing creams, face wash and face lotion. There is also a line of body wash and bar soaps.

The company website includes accessories, such as a travel kit, razor stand and a travel cover to protect your razor blade. There is even a line of limited edition cotton boxers for men designed and produced by Sleepy Jones.

Harry’s Pricing Plans

A starter set that includes a razor, a five-blade cartridge, a tube of shave gel and a travel cover for the blade costs only $8 and comes with a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied after using it. Subscriptions are available with the frequency of shipments timed to the number of times per week you shave. For example, if you shave every day, you would receive a shipment every two months, but if you only shave once a week, the shipments would be spaced five months apart.

Subscription prices after the trial starter set vary depending upon the products you desire. For instance, you can elect to receive only eight blades for $15, or you can get a family plan that includes shaving gel and blades for $35.

Quality Of Products From Harry’s

The products sold by Harry’s are designed and manufactured to improve the shaving experience of its customers. This included increasing the size of the razor handle for a better grip and enlarging the surface area of the blade. The company benefits from owning the manufacturing facility, so it has full control over the quality of the blades it produces.


How It Works

New customers sign up on Harry’s website by creating a profile and entering contact information.  You start by choosing your razor of preference and deciding on a one-off or regular delivery. The site will help you calculate how many blades you need on the basis of how often you shave per week.  Once you’ve decided on your delivery frequency, you can browse the full range of Harry’s grooming products and add these to your shopping cart or to your regular deliveries before entering your payment method and confirming.   You can change your subscription plan at any time and there is no membership fee or commitment.


Plans & Pricing

Harry’s offers a number of different razor handle options and cartridges are the same for all models. The razor handle comes free in your first delivery and cartridges vary in price depending on how many you order.

  • $9 will get you four cartridges
  • $16 will give you eight and you can buy sixteen cartridges for $30 which works out at just $1.88 per individual cartridge.
  • Harry’s is currently offering a trial pack for free which gives you a razor handle, one blade, and a trial size shaving cream.  This normally retails for $8.

Harry’s offers customer service via email and phone.


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Kim’s Review

Super convenient for my husband, but he said it’s hard to get the corners of his mouth.

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Britany’s Review

Good price, but irritated my neck a bit.

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Steve’s Review

I like the look!

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Chaylah’s Review

Husband love the blades.

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Nick’s Review

Pretty decent shave.

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Works on my beard and to shave my head, I don’t let my beard get past a 1 day stubble but the razors work great.

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Isiah’s Review

Nice blades, good customer support, blades are nice and sharp.

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Mike’s Review

Harry’s razors are great, I love the subscription service.  I get double the number of shaves per razor.

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