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Meditation has been around for centuries, helping people find their center on a daily basis. For many people, meditation is also a great way to reduce stress-related work or family life. Getting into meditation isn’t always easy though.

While you can find a guru, go to classes or get pointers from an experienced meditation veteran, many people simply don’t have access to those things. Others may not feel comfortable turning to others for such an inward practice. If that’s you, you’re definitely not alone.å

With modern technology today, you can now turn to meditation apps on your phone, tablet, computer, or smart TV to help. One of the most popular options is the industry-leading Headspace app.

Is Headspace a smart pick for you? Use this guide to learn more about the Headspace meditation app and whether you should consider signing up today.

The History Of Headspace

Founded in May 2010 by Richard Pierson and Andy Puddicombe, a former Buddhist monk, Headspace has long been leading the way when it comes to meditation apps. They’re often credited with making meditation feel more like a game or something participants can feel more actively involved in by completing easy-to-manage steps and tasks.

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Fully launched in 2012, Headspace is headquartered in Los Angeles with over 100 full-time employees. In 2018, the company launched Headspace Health, a subsidiary of the Headspace company that has plans to launch an FDA-approved meditation app that will target users with diagnosed medical conditions.

Headspace Pros

Headspace is a popular meditation app that many people swear by. Here are some of the more common Headspace pros you’ll read about when researching this go-to app:

• The app is an ideal introduction to meditation that’s functional even for beginners. That doesn’t mean more experienced users can’t benefit from Headspace though. More advanced options are available, making the app very flexible no matter what your experience level is.
• Headspace offers an exceptional free trial that gives you lots of time to decide if it’s the right app for you. You can even use Headspace along with other apps that have a free trial to see which one is the best option before you begin paying for a monthly or annual subscription.
• Learning meditation and using headspace is simple and approachable. Many users love the task-based approach that helps you get closer to meditation goals without a lot of effort. Many users who have been away from meditation for some time also
• Headspace includes sleep content designed to make falling asleep faster and easier. This is an added feature that not all mediation apps have, but many Headspace users love. You can use the same program regularly or try different options over time.
• There’s a special section for athletes and those involved in sports. Meditation is often used by athletes, but the principles are somewhat different. This special section is particularly popular among athletes who use running as a form of meditation and relaxation. You can even use Headspace with the Nike running app to track goals.

Headspace Cons

Headspace may be popular, but not everybody who has tried it recommends it to friends and family members. Others simply wish there were other features to make it more functional for their needs. Here are some of the more common Headspace cons you’ll read when checking up on Headspace:

• There isn’t a ton of content available compared to some of the other popular apps. While Headspace does have a range of different levels for beginners and meditation experts, some users feel limited by the number of programs. While these do change over time, a lack of content is a common complaint.
• The multi-level subscription model can be a little confusing for some people. While Headspace does make pricing clear on their website, some users have found that they must upgrade or downgrade to meet their needs. Headspace does allow you to quickly upgrade or downgrade your account based on your budget and usage.
• The overall cost can be a little high for some people. This is a particularly common complaint for individual users that don’t have a family plan.

Headspace Bottom Line

One of the most popular meditation apps on the planet, Headspace is often the first thing people download even if they plan to try other programs. Even experienced users like Headspace and can find something to meet their needs though.

In general, Headspace offers a decent variety of programs and content for new and more experienced users. Their layout is fully-functional, clean, and easy to navigate. It’s also easy to engage with the content – a big bonus for many people who don’t have time to do all the meditation work themselves.

Cost is generally the sticking point with Headspace, but if you’re comfortable with the fees they charge or you’ll be getting a family plan, it could be the perfect pick for you.

Headspace Meditation App

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Eli’s Review

Not 100% sold on meditation yet, so I liked the extended free trial to give me a chance to see if I’m into it.

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Charma’s Review

Great app for meditation. Just wish there was a bit more content to choose from.

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Rob’s Review

I’m very athletic and never thought much about meditation.  Headspace has meditations actually designed for those active in sports.  Pretty cool.

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