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Pros Very Affordable | No Annual Coverage Limits | Pays Claims Quickly

Cons Only One Plan Offered | Veterinary Exam Fees Are Not Covered | No Wellness Plan Offered

Healthy Paws

Your cat, dog or pack of house pets brings you a great deal of joy in your day to day life. Unfortunately, pets can get sick at the drop of a hat just like people can. Pets also run the risk of being injured while playing with other animals, riding in cars and doing all of the other things they do with and without their humans. Long-term illnesses like cancer are also a problematic concern as your pet gets older.

Protecting your pets and keeping them healthy can be costly. That’s where pet insurance can be very helpful for many pet owners. Whether you have one cat, two dogs or a ton of house pets, insurance can help keep huge bills at bay whether they’re for surprise accidents or serious long-term conditions.

Not all pet insurance companies are created equal though. While there are many on the market, Healthy Paws is one that comes up over and over again when you do a search on the internet or talk to people who have insurance for their pets.

Is Healthy Paws the right choice for you, your animals and your budget? Keep reading to learn more about Healthy Paws and whether or not they’re an ideal insurance provider for your feline or canine friends.

The History Of Healthy Paws

Founded in 2009, Healthy Paws is one of the newer offerings when it comes to pet insurance. Built to give pets a paw up when it comes to the insurance system, Healthy Paws prides itself on offering only one plan type. They believe this system to be the most effective and efficient for providing proper coverage to pets.

Healthy Paws also gives back to the animal community through various charitable organizations and benefits created to keep animals happy and healthy no matter what their lot in life may be.

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Healthy Paws Pros

Healthy Paws is a popular pet insurance company today, giving pet owners quality care they require for their animals. Here are some of the pros you’ll read about when researching Healthy Paws Pet Insurance:

• The service is one of the more affordable options on the pet insurance market today. Plans start at $15 and $20 for cats and dogs respectively according to Healthy Paws.
• Deductible limits are relatively low on most plan types. This is a big benefit for people who have pets who require regular care. In many cases, the out of pocket expense is about $100 per year for pet owners with young animals through Healthy Paws insurance.
• Healthy Paws coverage plans don’t have annual coverage limits built into them if your pet is young. Unlike some other pet insurance plans, Healthy Paws is designed to ensure that your pet receives the coverage they need without high out of pocket expenses once you meet your deductible.
• The company has a history of paying out claims quickly. Reports indicate that the company pays out more than 95% of its claims within two business days. This is ideal if you have to fund your pet’s treatment via credit card or cash.
• Healthy Paws gives back to homeless pets by offering medical care. This philanthropic drive makes the company a big favorite among animal lovers who want to see the animals of the world all get the treatment they need even if they don’t have loving families.
• The company covers some alternative treatment options. Particularly for pain relief, options like acupuncture may be beneficial for your pet. Most pet insurance companies do not cover these services, but they are often paid for by Healthy Paws.

Healthy Paws Cons

Healthy Paws is popular among pet owners, but not everybody has positive feedback regarding the company. Here are some of the more common cons you’ll read about when doing your homework on Healthy Paws:

• They only offer one plan type for pets. While Healthy Paws believes this is a selling point, some users would prefer more flexible options where they could pick and choose how they wanted their pet covered. Other pet insurance providers on the market typically allow buyers to choose from a few different plan types.
• Veterinary exam fees are not covered. While treatment is covered, the exam fee is left to the pet owner. This can be $100 or more depending on the care your pet needs at the time.
• Older pets past six are only eligible for reimbursement of 60%. Older pets also face a deductible of $750 per year.
• Healthy Paws doesn’t include a wellness plan. That means that routine checkups are not covered and you will be left to pay for these out of pocket.

Healthy Paws Bottom Line

Keeping your pet healthy is important to you. That’s why the idea of pet insurance is so enticing to many cats and dog lovers. With so many plans on the market today though, Healthy Paws isn’t your only choice.

When choosing an insurance plan for your pet, shopping around as you would for yourself is an ideal option. Doing that can help you find the right balance of cost and coverage to meet your needs.

Healthy Paws

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