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Pros Mobile App | Coupons | Easy to follow recipes

Cons Veggie plan restrictions | Dinner Only

HelloFresh Review

The food at HelloFresh is sustainably sourced from farm or ocean to your table. The team at HelloFresh works hard to ensure responsible food sourcing an d sustainability. Check out their website for how to properly dispose of their packing materials. Another bonus is that their meals offer delicious pre-measured ingredients that are ready to go when you are. Simply wash, peel, slice or dice, cook and eat! It really is that simple.

HelloFresh Pros

HelloFresh excels in having easy to follow recipes that have spot on meal prep timing.  The mobile application makes for easy ordering and there is never a shortage of online coupons available.  One of the great features is that there is almost zero ingredient waste.

HelloFresh Cons

The meal plans at HelloFresh may not be affordable for all income levels. Averaging around $10 per meal, some folks may get more bang for their buck elsewhere. Another point of discontent is

that delivery isn’t available everywhere. Places like Hawaii and Alaska will have to wait until the company can devise a plan to accommodate those hard to reach places!

HelloFresh Bottom Line

HelloFresh is a flexible meal plan that is ideal for folks that are on the go. It’s easy for working parents, elderly folks and students to follow the step by step instructions. Simply pick it off the doorstep, move it to the fridge and use when ready. If you love it, order it again for next week. If you’re out of town next week, skip a week and re-start when you return home; it’s quite simple!

Hello Fresh | A Wide Variety Of Meals

Meal kits have become the great dinnertime disruptor. Before Blue Apron came along in 2012, dinner was either a tedious chore, takeout food, or pizza delivery. Meal kits offered the customer the opportunity to cook a fresh meal without all the preparation, though there is some cutting and chopping required.

Since that time, meal kit delivery services have sprung up and created a multi-billion dollar industry. In fact, there are now more than 150 companies providing meal kit delivery, some specializing in certain types of foods while others remain square in the full evening dinner category.

Of course, leaders have emerged. Blue Apron remains competitive, but companies such as Plated, Sun Basket, and Home Chef have captured some market share. One of the leaders among the best meal kit delivery services is Hello Fresh.

Let’s take a look at Hello Fresh and see what benefits and features it offers customers.

What is Hello Fresh?

Hello Fresh offers weekly meals a customer can order online. Each meal comes with instructions for cooking. The meal kit contains not only pre-portioned food, but also all the necessary spices and oils for flavoring.

The meals arrive refrigerated because the company uses gel packs to keep the contents cool. The customer can then put the container in the refrigerator or cook the meal immediately. Meals can remain fresh in the refrigerator for five to seven days, depending on the specific contents.

The company posts the meals that are available on its website, and the customer places orders from that selection. There are wide varieties of meals to choose from each week.

When signing up, the customer must sign up for a plan. There are three: the Classic Plan, the Veggie Plan, and the Family Plan.

Classic Plan:

  • Meals for either two or four people
  • Two to four recipes per week
  • Average cost of $3.32 per serving

Veggie Plan:

  • Meals for either two or four people
  • Three recipes per week
  • Average cost of $3.32 per serving

Family Plan

  • Meals for four people
  • Two recipes per week
  • Average cost of $3.74 per serving

Customers may also sign up for a wine plan. This consists of six bottles of wine per month for a cost of $89 monthly.

No commitment is required, such as a long-term contract. Customers can pause their plans, skip a week, or cancel their membership at any time.

There are three levels of difficulty regarding the cooking techniques that are needed. The lowest level is for the beginner, the middle level is for someone who has some advanced skills, and the highest level is for advanced cooks.

Types of Meals Offered From Hello Fresh

Meals include meat, fish, and vegetables. The recipes range from steaks, to burgers, chili, shrimp dishes, pasta, plant-based proteins, chicken, pork, and even duck.

The veggie plans contain no meats, of course, but include nutritionally balanced meals that combine protein with carbohydrates from plants. They also include grains.

Family meals are similar to the Classic meals, but include more portions.

Customers may also order wines to go with their meals.

Are There Hello Fresh Menus For People With Dietary Restrictions?

Hello Fresh offers meals that are nut-free, gluten-free or dairy-free. Nutritional information is provided with each recipe so the user can be aware of any ingredients that may cause problems.

Also, ingredients may be substituted at home. However, ingredients cannot be changed when ordering.

Dieticians screen meals for the following allergens: wheat, dairy, soy, eggs, nuts, peanuts, fish, and shellfish. If any of these are in a recipe, the recipe information states the presence of the specific allergen.

Hello Fresh stores all ingredients separately to avoid cross-contamination.

How Fresh is the Food From Hello Fresh?

Customers have rated Hello Fresh high on freshness. “Fresh” is not only part of the company’s name, but it is also the hallmark of the industry. The cold gel packs seem to do a good job of keeping the food cool in transit and on the doorstep. Of course, immediate refrigeration will extend the amount of time ingredients will remain fresh.

Can I Try Out A Hello Fresh Meal First?

Hello Fresh offers various discounts at different times for first-time customers. For example, it has offered 50% off for first orders, and credits of up to $40 for new customers.

Is There A Money Back Guarantee From Hello Fresh?

If the customer receives an unsatisfactory meal kit and contacts Hello Fresh within five days of receipt, the company may issue a credit on future orders. It has discretion about whether or not to offer a refund. The kit must be returned in either event.

Hello Fresh | The Bottom Line

Hello Fresh is a serious contender in the meal kit industry. It rates high on freshness and customer satisfaction, and the Hello Fresh prices it claims for its servings seem to be much lower than grocery store prices. Some customers have complained about missing ingredients.

Hello Fresh

How It Works

To get started, create an account with HelloFresh either online or via their mobile app. Choose a plan that works best for you and your lifestyle. Checkout. Wait for your free delivery (based on the day you choose). Don’t forget to search for promotional code discounts, there are deep discounts on first-time users.

Plans & Pricing

HelloFresh offers three styles of plans – The Classic Plan, Family Plan and Veggie Plan.

The Classic Plan:

  • Costs $9.99 per serving.
  • Choose meals to feed two or four people.
  • Select from three or four recipes per week.
  • Offers a wide variety of meat, fish and seasonal produce.
  • Includes free shipping.

The Family Plan:

  • Costs $8.74 per serving.
  • Feeds four people per week.
  • Select from two or three recipes per week.
  • Delicious meals options for all of your family.
  • Includes free shipping.

The Veggie Plan:

  • Costs $9.99 per serving.
  • Choose meals to feed two or four people.
  • Consists of three recipes per week.
  • Offers vegetarian recipes crafted from seasonal produce, grains and plant-based proteins.
  • Includes free shipping.

HelloFresh makes it simple to contact them; in fact, it’s one of the most modernized sites you’ll find. If you have a question you can utilize their live chat to speak with a representative immediately or check out their “Contact Us” page for a quick tutorial on how to do anything you can think of, including changing meals plans, updating payment, switch delivery days, skip weeks and more. Their site offers easy access to information when you need it. If you prefer to call, contact 1-800-733-2412.

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Kenneth Lewis’s Review

Great product. For an exceptional price! A must have for us weekly, love the options and recipes.

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HelloFresh is a great way for me to receive farm fresh foods without the hassle of having to go grocery shopping! I am not a huge fan of cooking, but with HelloFresh it makes cooking enjoyable!

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I think that this product is truly great. I struggle everyday to eat healthy and cook.  This makes it easy.

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