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HopSkipDrive Review

 HopSkipDrive is a transportation service specially created for kids. Providing daily transport to and from school as well as facilitating carpools with other families, HopSkipDrive has a variety of flexible services for parents and guardians.  All drivers have more than 5 years of childcare experience and are subject to background checks and TrustLine registration.  Vehicles need to pass strict standards and are inspected by certified mechanics.

HopSkipDrive Pros

Drivers are fingerprinted and subject to a strict vetting process. They must also complete a driver orientation program before they can work with HopSkipDrive.  Parents can track their child’s journey in real time on the HopSkipDrive app and can request for the driver to knock on the door at pick up time so that they can meet in person.  Kids create a code word that their driver will confirm for an extra level of safety.  Parents receive a text confirming pick up and drop off of their child and can access customer support by email and phone.

HopSkipDrive Cons

HopSkipDrive currently operates only in certain areas of California and in Denver, Colorado.   Parents need to book a ride 24 hours in advance of the journey.  HopSkipDrive only provides transport for children aged 6 years old and upwards.

HopSkipDrive Bottom Line

HopSkipDrive provides a range of transport service with clear pricing data and a high level of security.  Parents have the option of meeting with drivers in advance of rides and can monitor their children’s journeys from start to finish.  Drivers are subject to the highest vetting standards and must complete an orientation program. All journeys are monitored in real time by HopSkipDrive.

How HopSkipDrive Works

Like other rideshare programs, to use HopSkip rive you will need to download their app. You then make an appointment for when you want a driver to pick up your children. HopSkipDrive will send you the driver’s profile, so your children will know who to expect. You can choose to use the app either for just your own children or as part of a carpool, whereby your driver will pick up your child along with children from at least one other family.

General Wait Times With HopSkipDrive

Trips with HopSkipDrive must be arranged in advance. Trips that are scheduled to occur after 10 a.m. must be booked at least 8 hours before pickup. For rides scheduled to occur before 10 a.m. then you must book your driver by 7 p.m. the evening before.

HopSkipDrive Driver Background

Safety is a paramount concern when letting a stranger drive your children around. HopSkipDrive has a 15-point certification process for all of its drivers, which include 5 years of experience working with children, criminal and sex offender background checks, clean DMV records, and a 19-point vehicle inspection. Drivers must also provide their fingerprints and abide by the company’s zero-tolerance policy for smoking, drugs, alcohol, and mobile device usage while driving.

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Happy to report that this has been a wonderful service that I now use regularly with both of my kids.

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Great alternative to having kids dropped off or picked up from school or sports

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You need to reserve in advance to ensure that everything is ready to go, we use it with our kids and so far it has been a successful experience.

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