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Pros Search Locally or Internationally | Reasonable Membership Fee

Cons Interface is Clunky | Mobile View Difficult To Navigate

House Carers Review

People who need to travel for work or simply want to get away on vacation typically have to leave their homes empty. This can create a great deal of stress, even for homeowners who have a quality security system to protect their property.

Homeowners who have pets may also find that boarding their animals isn’t the best option. Some pets even require special care that could keep an owner from traveling. Unique pets like horses, rabbits, and reptiles pose even more challenging problems in some cases.

That’s where services like House Carers come in handy. Made to connect house sitters with owners, House Carers is a growing service that many people use. With a focus on pet sitters, House Carers also makes it easy for homeowners to ensure their pets get the care they need while they are away.

If you’re looking into house sitting or you simply want to build your client base, there’s a good chance you’ve considered House Carers already. Are they a good match for your house sitting needs? Find out more about House Carers now.

The History Of House Carers

Founded in the year 2000 by owner Ian White, House Carers claims to be one of the first online house sitting websites, helping launch the market that exists today. With a focus on pet sitting, House Carers has grown to establish a base in a variety of countries, including Australia, the United States, and more.

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House Carers Pros

House Carers is a growing site that many sitters and homeowners love. Here are some of the pros you’ll come across when you’re researching House Carers:

  • House Carers allows you to search for jobs in your area or look for international house sitting gigs. Depending on your needs, goals, and travel schedule, you may prefer to set your area to somewhere close to home or somewhere abroad. Functionality of House Carers allows you to do this quickly and easily. You can reset your search zone at any time as well.
  • The membership fee is extremely reasonable for what you get. With lots of search features and extras like e-mail notifications, most sitters find that the $50 annual fee is worthwhile.
  • You can add videos to your sitter profile that show off your special skills. This is particularly useful if you have experience with pets that are a little less common than cats and dogs. For example, House Carers allows users to sit for horses, rabbits, and other types of pets. This can help you land unique jobs and put an owner’s mind at ease in the process.
  • You can set up e-mail alerts and notifications to let you know about the unique types of jobs that you’re qualified for. This makes it a little easier to find specialized work, and if you use more than one house sitting website, this feature can enable you to land jobs without checking in constantly.

House Carers Cons

House Carers is a popular international site designed to help homeowners and sitters connect, but not everybody who has tried it loves it. Here are some of the more common cons you’ll come across when doing your research on the internet:

  • The interface is a little bit clunky. For some users, this makes it a little difficult to navigate, particularly when they’re first getting used to the site.
  • Mobile compatibility does work, but it isn’t as fast or efficient as some other house sitting sites that put more emphasis on creating a clean, high-quality user interface that looks and feels modern. This is a concern for many more serious house sitters who may be looking for new jobs while currently on an assignment away from home.
  • Homeowners get to browse for free and contact sitters without paying for the service. For some sitters, this has led to canceled jobs since the owners may not be taking the platform seriously. This hurts the sitter’s bottom line.

House Carers Bottom Line

Finding house sitting gigs that you’re comfortable with and qualified for can be tricky. House Carers makes finding the right jobs a lot easier through special notifications and e-mail alerts that pertain to your location and special skills.

Where House Carers falls short is the interface. While it can be difficult to navigate, particularly for new users, it is possible to make the most of House Carers anyway. You may need to plan for extra time if you’re using a mobile device, however.

If you have patience and utilize notifications properly, House Carers is an excellent option if you’re looking for unique house sitting gigs. House Carers is particularly useful if you have experience with pets.

House Carers Review

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