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HughesNet Review

HughesNet is considered one of the top Internet Providers using Satellite Technology to deliver a fast internet connection at a fraction of the price. The company built a reputation of having some of the highest speeds in the industry, being picked as the first choice for people in remote areas that don’t have access to regular high-speed internet.

The days of the roof-mounted antennae as the method for receiving TV service to your home are mostly gone. For the vast majority of people, cable and satellite are the two methods now in use to receive TV and internet service. In fact, satellite service is the only source available for some people living in rural locations or in neighborhoods in which cable service has not been installed. Choosing a service provider can be a challenge with multiple cable and satellite companies offering different products and services from which to choose. HughesNet is a company offering satellite service.

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HughesNet Pros

Their new HughesNet Gen5 service, offers high download and upload speeds, unlimited data for all the plans, build in Wi-Fi and free Standard Installation. In addition, all HughesNet subscribers are given access to enjoy the Bonus Zone feature. The Bonus Zone is a period of time between 2am-8am when all customers have access to 50GB/month of additional plan data without any extra charges.

HughesNet Cons

Very high early termination fees – $400/w in the first 90 days. Even though the company offers free installation, they charge an activation fee of $99. The equipment must be purchased and leased by the customer, and leasing comes to about $15/month.  Plan pricing is also on the high side for minimal speeds.

HughesNet Bottom Line

With the latest release of HughesNet Gen5, the provider significantly improved their services delivering excellent high performance, customer support and a variety of free features. Even though the activation and early termination fees are high, their services are constantly being voted number 1 in the industry and even other satellite service providers contract with them to offer satellite internet to their customers.




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Brittany ’s Review

Reasonable service, they are very responsive. Good pricing compared to traditional internet and works in our area.

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Brad’s Review

Very little in terms of options in our area, this is reliable and speeds are pretty stable.

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Maxine’s Review

It’s great to have an option for fast internet in a remote area.

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