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Pros 14-Day Free Trial | Annual Subscription Discount | Comprehensive Coverage

Cons Higher Starting Price Point | No Basic Package Credit Monitoring Service

IdentityForce Review

IdentityForce includes a $1 million insurance on both of its plans, backing up its proactive and comprehensive services. While plans start at a higher price point that most of their competitors, starting at $17.95/month, IdentityForce’s UltraSecure Plan has a lot to offer. This plan from a well-respected company includes features such as instant fraud notifications, 24/7 restoration services, bank and credit card activity alerts, and public records monitoring. For $6 more per month, you will receive the UltraSecure Plan’s protection along with credit monitoring services. Is IdentityForce’s high starting price worth it?

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IdentityForce Pros

By offering a 14-day free trial, IdentityForce allows customers to get a preview of the service they should expect if they decide to sign up. Once you’re convinced, you can save money by signing up for an annual subscription as opposed to a monthly plan. It works out to be about two free months worth of services through the annual plan – a considerable savings if you are going to keep the service for at least a year. It’s understandable why customers would choose that option, given the comprehensive coverage Identity Force offers.

IdentityForce Cons

Even with the annual subscription discount, IdentityForce’s most basic option is more expensive than competitors, starting at $17.95 per month. This might not be the first choice if you’re looking for just a few features, especially if you’re focused on your credit and credit reports. IdentityForce does not monitor your credit unless you subscribe to the UltraSecure+Credit Plan, which costs $23.95 per month.

IdentityForce Bottom Line

IdentityForce is great for people who know they want very comprehensive coverage for at least a year, allowing them to take advantage of the discount and the high level of coverage Even if you are not ready to commit for that long, IdentityForce’s UltraSecure Plan offers great protection services and round-the-clock customer support in case of any fraudulent use of your identity.

Identity Force | Affordable and Reliable

If you’re looking for a solid identity theft protection service, Identity Force will likely be one of the better options you’ll come across. Founded in 1978 as Stop-Loss Associates, Inc., Identity Force (which was launched under its current name in 2006) has been around in one form or another for much longer than most identity theft protection providers. That has allowed it to work through the growing pains and kinks that often affect younger companies. As a result, Identity Force provides cybersecurity services to not just consumers, but businesses and the federal government and it is one of the most trusted brands in the cybersecurity industry.

Identity Theft Protection

Data protection and identity theft have become hot topics in recent years. As more of our financial and personal information is held by a growing number of online companies and agencies, the chances of a data breach exposing that information increases. Even organizations that we would expect to have the very highest cybersecurity systems in place have fallen victim to hackers.

For example, in 2017 Equifax, one of the leading credit reporting agencies in the world, suffered a massive data breach that led to 143 million U.S. consumers having their personal data exposed. Such data is often traded on criminal sites on the ‘dark web’ since it can be used to open credit card accounts, apply for government benefits, and to mask a criminal’s identity.

Even the government is not immune from attack. In 2006, the Department of Veterans Affairs saw the names, birth dates, and Social Security Numbers (SSN) of more than 26 million active duty troops and veterans get stolen. In fact, in response to that data breach, the federal government eventually awarded Identity Force’s parent company, Bearak Reports, Inc., a massive five-year contract to bolster the federal government’s cybersecurity protections.

Identity Force Features

For consumers, Identity Force offers two different plans: UltraSecure and UltraSecure+Credit. The UltraSecure service offers such things as advanced fraud monitoring, SSN monitoring, $1 million identity theft protection, mobile app access, bank and credit card monitoring, and software to protect you against malware. You also get a couple of features that not all identity theft protection services offer, such as medical ID protection, junk mail opt-out, and payday loan monitoring.

However, one major drawback of the basic UltraSecure service is that it doesn’t include credit monitoring and reports. For that, you will have to go with the UltraSecure+Credit product, which offers everything that you get with the UltraSecure product but also includes monitoring, reports, and scores from the three credit bureaus. In fact, credit report monitoring is so essential to protecting your identity that for most people it only makes sense to opt for the UltraSecure+Credit product.

Identity Force Pricing Plans

Fortunately, Identity Force’s pricing plans are very reasonable, even for the UltraSecure+Credit option, which costs just $23.95 per month. The UltraSecure plan, meanwhile, comes in at a reasonable $17.95 and also includes a 14-day free trial period. You can also add ChildWatch to both plans for an additional charge, which will monitor suspicious activity involving your children’s SSNs. For employees who receive Identity Force as part of their employee benefits package, ChildWatch is free. Also, if you pay for your membership for either UltraSecure or UltraSecure+Credit for the entire year upfront then you effectively get two months free.


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How It Works

When you decide to sign up for IdentityForce, be sure to have your financial information ready. Create an account, add family members if you’d like, submit your personal and financial information, and adjust your settings. From your website dashboard, you can monitor your identity protection and receive alerts if the experts at IdentityForce think there is something wrong. With the upgraded plan, you can view your credit scores and reports. If your identity is fraudulently used, respond to the alert and you will instantly begin the recovery process, supported by representatives available 24/7.


Plans & Pricing

A 14-day free trial makes it easier to try IdentityForce. While it’s only available for the UltraSecure Plan, you still get a preview of the benefits you receive. Backed by a $1 million insurance policy, both plans offer comprehensive coverage. UltraSecure offers instant fraud notifications, 24/7 restoration services, bank and credit card activity alerts, and public records monitoring. UltraSecure+Credit adds credit monitoring services and credit reports to your protection plan.


  • $17.95/month
  • $1 million identity theft insurance
  • Personal information monitoring to detect illegal trading and selling
  • Public records monitoring to detect changes in criminal, court and sex offender records
  • 24/7 restoration services from Certified Protection Experts


  • $23.95/month
  • $1 million identity theft insurance
  • Personal information monitoring to detect illegal trading and selling
  • Public records monitoring to detect changes in criminal, court and sex offender records
  • 24/7 restoration services from Certified Protection Experts
  • 3-Bureau Credit Monitoring
  • 3-Bureau Credit Reports
  • 3-Bureau Credit Scores
  • Credit Score Tracking
  • Credit Score Simulator

Member Services

IdentityForce boats 24/7 access to Certified Protection Experts in case of any fraudulent use of your identity. Their friendly, knowledgeable staff will help you with anything you need. If you have general questions, you can chat with a representative via an online form or through a web-based chat service. IdentityForce is also reachable through the helpline and email. The FAQ page on the website is helpful because it hosts a great deal of detailed information about plan options and identity theft facts.





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