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Pros Swift Monitoring Alerts | Protection Guarantee | Price

Cons Limited Recovery Assistance

Identity Guard Review

Identity Guard’s standard $1 million insurance policy backs up their proactive approach to identity protection. With coverage for the whole family available through their family plan, Identity Guard offers anti-fishing software, “Dark Web” and Social Security Number monitoring, in addition to financial accounts monitoring. Is it worth signing up the whole family?

Identity Guard Pros

It’s easy to justify giving Identity Guard a chance by signing up for a 30-day free trial and getting a taste of what they have to offer. While definitely affordable for an individual (plans starting at $8.99), Identity Guard’s family plan allows reasonably priced protection for everyone. Once covered, checking in on your identity protection services is made easy through the mobile app. Access to your account anytime, anywhere and the peace of mind that comes with it is priceless.

Identity Guard Cons

While Identity Guard takes a proactive approach to identity protection, they fall short when it comes to responding to fraud if it does happen. Users have found that the customer support response lacks teeth – you might be on your own to make calls and track down solutions. As frustrating as that would be, Identity Guard’s confusing website could make it even more difficult to find what you need to get your accounts in order.

Identity Guard Bottom Line:

Identity Guard’s basic plan gives you a lot for your money by offering services that many of their competitors offer at a higher price and their family plan is certainly the most affordable option. While this might be able to offset some of the struggles with their customer response team, users might be left wanting more. Taking advantage of Identity Guard’s free trial is a no-brainer if you are looking to learn more about the basics of identity protection, even if you think you would switch later on. It is nice to know that their customer service team seems responsive to feedback on their website and is at least willing to consider changes and improvements.

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Identity Guard

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very impressed with the speed of service when I submit a question and the quality of the product

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Valuable and easy to set up.

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I will start using this method to secure my identity it was very helpful

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