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Video conferencing is an important part of daily business for small, medium, and large scale companies. Using video conferencing software allows these companies to communicate with other businesses, clients, and remote workers with ease. There are tons of different choices available to you if you’re looking to use video conferencing software though.

JoinMe is one of today’s growing video conferencing software solutions that many business owners love. Is it right for you? Keep reading to learn more about JoinMe and whether or not it’s the right solution for your needs.

The History Of JoinMe

JoinMe is a company that’s growing every day, with more and more users taking advantage of their video calling software. A part of the LogMein company, JoinMe is particularly popular among small and mid-sized business users.

Today, the company continues to expand through outreach and features in magazines like Time, as well as online publications including and Inc.
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JoinMe Pros

JoinMe is a popular video conferencing software solution that many people are using today. This includes business owners of all sizes, ranging from small companies with a few employees to very large companies with thousands of workers. Here are some of the pros you’ll read about from satisfied JoinMe users:

• It’s very easy to install. According to many users, getting up and running is very quick and intuitive. Many report that they’re using the software within just a few minutes of downloading and installing it for the very first time.
• JoinMe provides a free option that is plenty powerful for many users. Paying for video conferencing software isn’t in the budget for many people. Some users simply don’t need the more advanced features that come with paying for more robust software. With the JoinMe free software, you can handle video calling and more with ease.
• The cost of using JoinMe via their paid service is cost-effective. At just $10 per month for basic plans, users that need more than the free plan can offer are generally quite satisfied with what they spend.
• Screen sharing is exceptionally easy and very functional when using JoinMe. This is one reason it is a go-to choice for small business owners who need to communicate with outside employees or independent contractors working from their own office or home.
• Sound quality is very good compared to some other video conferencing software solutions according to many users. While it’s unclear how this works, it seems that JoinMe may prioritize clear, easy to understand audio on video calls. This is helpful particularly if you’re working in a noisy environment or you don’t have headphones to make your video call.

JoinMe Cons

JoinMe is popular, but not everybody who has tried it really loves it. In fact, some users who still use the software find that there are issues that make it a less than pleasant experience. Here are some of the more common cons you’ll come across when researching JoinMe:

• E-mail notifications can take longer than expected to arrive. For users who are not in meetings or need to be reminded of calls, this can be a problem for them. This seems to be an ongoing issue with JoinMe, not outside e-mail providers.
• The number of participants can diminish call quality. According to some users, large calls with multiple participants can be slow or lag. They also report lesser picture and image quality when working with a large group of people over a video call.
• There are some reports that customer service is lacking in general. Some users have said that they tried to reach out to customer service, but were unable to get a quick resolution on their issue at the time.
• There aren’t a ton of work management solutions. For example, some users feel that the whiteboard option should be more functional. Tracking employees and time spent on projects is also not easy when using JoinMe. These features are ones that small business owners, in particular, would like to see included in future updates.

JoinMe Bottom Line

JoinMe is primarily marketed toward business owners running small to mid-sized companies. However, a larger business may be able to use the software and still enjoy the simplicity of the program based on their needs. For individuals, the added features designed for business use may simply be unnecessary.

With simplicity being a key feature of JoinMe, users who want to be up and running quickly will appreciate the software offered by the company. More complex tasks may be difficult, however, so if you need an all-in-one solution, you may wish to look elsewhere.

Still, JoinMe is an excellent, cost-effective solution for video conferencing and basic tasks like screen sharing that should be on your list to try. A free option makes it easy to give JoinMe a chance without spending a penny.

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Super easy to use and decent video features for the free version.

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It’s worth the price to get good solid running features.

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Great video conferencing.  Had a couple of tech questions, customer service could’ve been a little better.

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