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Lyft Company Review

Providing more than 1 million journeys per day, ride-sharing app Lyft is a mobile transportation service offering a number of innovative transport options to users.  The Lyft app matches passengers with drivers as well as with other travelers who are going in the same direction.  Whether you are looking for private transport in a premium level luxury vehicle or for the most economical way to make your journey, Lyft has an easy, hassle-free choice to fit your requirements.

Lyft Pros

Lyft operates in 300 cities across all 50 states.  All drivers must pass a criminal background check and are cross-referenced with sex offender registries in the US.  After each ride, both driver and passenger can rate the other party.  Drivers with poor ratings are dropped from the service and 9 out of 10 rides end with a five-star rating.  Users can schedule their ride up to seven days in advance and Lyft offers passengers the option of rounding up their fare to the nearest dollar and donating the difference to a charitable cause of their choice. Users can also add a waypoint option which allows them to stop off en route to pick up another passenger or collect something from home or from the office.

Lyft Cons

Lyft Line, the cheapest Lyft option which matches passengers with others who are traveling in their direction is not yet available in all locations.  Users must install the mobile application and link their account to a valid payment method in order to use the service.  Service is dependent upon a reliable internet connection.  Lyft begins billing the customer automatically one minute after the car arrives and the company actively encourages its drivers to chat with passengers which might not be to everybody’s taste. During busy periods, an additional charge may apply.

Lyft Bottom Line

If you want to travel quickly and safely, Lyft has a wide range of options available.  Using GPS location-based data, Lyft will match passengers with the closest available driver and display a real-time visual detailing the driver’s journey to your location.  Riding with Lyft costs less than a taxi and there is almost always a driver close by so waiting time is minimal. The maximum distance that Lyft rides can reach is 100 miles.

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Debbi ’s Review

Easy to get a car when you need it

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Bre’s Review

Took a while for the driver to find my location, watched him try to get there in the app, once we go going to the destination all was ok.  Like Lyft a lot.

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Jim’s Review

It’s great

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Bobby’s Review

Lyft driver was awesome, fast and smooth experience.  App give great route following options.

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Tim’s Review

Love Lyft so much more than Uber

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