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Myheritage Review is a genealogy and family research website which has been operating since 2005. The site has more than 3 billion profiles, 97 million users, and 42 million family trees, making it one of the most popular genealogy sites worldwide. MyHeritage offers an attractive and user-friendly desktop interface as well as tablet and smartphone apps which allow you to search on the go.  The site lets you search through approximately 9 billion records worldwide to discover your ancestral history and build your family tree.

Myheritage Pros

The MyHeritage site is attractive and easy to use.  There is an active international community of members and the site offers discounts for users who subscribe for multiple years.  The family tree software is free and simple to operate and the mobile app adds convenience for subscribers who like to research while they are on the move. MyHeritage offers comprehensive onsite training to give you the best tips and guidelines for starting and continuing on your genealogy journey.

Myheritage Cons

Even if you only plan on using MyHeritage for a short period of time, the minimum subscription period is one year which must be paid in advance.  In October 2017, MyHeritage had a data breach in which email addresses and passwords were stolen.

Myheritage Bottom Line

MyHeritage is a high-quality genealogy website with a wide range of onsite services as well as a thriving online community.  The site offers access to census data in countries all over the world making it suitable for people who have ancestors from several countries.  MyHeritage offers an easy-to-use search function producing accurate results along with a useful and interesting blog and tips and guidelines for building your family tree.

MyHeritage | Collaborate With Fellow Subscribers

Genealogy has become immensely popular. Instead of having to travel to town halls and other locations where they can access public records, people with a desire to learn about their heritage and ancestry can access the records online.  Government websites provide access to public record information, but they lack features to help in the actual creation of a family tree. Commercial genealogy websites, such as

MyHeritage Services is a website offering access to public records and archival newspapers along with features to help in the creation of a family tree. In addition to a searchable database of historical records, subscribers can collaborate with other subscribers. That’s pretty impressive considering there are more than 94 million users and 40 million family trees.

Smart Matching is a feature allowing all users, free and premium, to quickly bring up matches for any surname, including relatives associated with it. This is similar to Timeline that searches for matches for a single family member, but it is only available with a paid subscription. Smart Matching conducts a much broader search.

For researchers who want to learn more about their ancestry, the company offers a DNA ancestry test. The cost of the genealogy test is $99. Once you receive the kit, you simply use the swabs to gather saliva samples and return them for the genealogy DNA test. The report gives you additional information about lineage and ancestry to use to expand your genealogy search.

MyHeritage Pricing Plans

The basic plan is free, but it limits the number of people on a family tree to 150. Storage is limited to 500 MB, but the Smart Matching feature is available. A $9.17 premium plan increases the number of people on a family tree to 2,500. It includes 1,000 MB of storage and a timeline feature along with better customer support.

Premium Plus is another subscription plan at $10.95 a month with unlimited people in your family tree and unlimited storage capacity. Extending the subscription from a one-year plan to a two-year one brings with it a 20 percent discount. Extending the plan subscription to five years increases the savings to 30 percent.

The basic and the premium plans may be enhanced with a data subscription for Premium Plus subscribers Users get unlimited access to all MyHeritage historical record databases. Annual cost of the data subscription is $119.40 for basic users and premium plan subscribers. There is also a Premium Plus Plan that includes a data subscription available for $175.77 for the first year.

Pros & Cons Of MyHeritage

One of the best features for subscribers to MyHeritage is its database containing 8.3 billion historical public records, such as census, birth, immigration, death, marriage and military. While anyone can sign up to use the site to begin building a family tree by using the company’s huge database,  free users are limited to shortened versions of the documents. Only paid subscribers have unlimited access to the full versions of the historical documents.

The photo upload feature allowing users to add photographs to family trees by uploading them is a nice feature as is the mobile application. The app supports iOS and Android devices.  Users of the mobile app can view and edit family trees, share photos and research the historical databases. It offers an easy to navigate website filled with the types of historical data that make it easy for users to learn about their ancestry.

Unlike some other free genealogy websites, provides more details about family members as they are added to a researcher’s family tree.  A helpful customer support staff combined with its other features makes an excellent resource to check out.


How It Works

To start using the site, you must first create a profile by inputting your personal information or linking your Facebook or Google account. Once your profile is complete and you have added a valid payment method, you can now begin searching for family members. It is also possible to upload an existing family tree in GED format and use the site to build upon this information. By searching the names of your relatives, you can cross-reference millions of records worldwide including government documents and certificates, ship passenger lists, military records, and newspapers.


Plans & Pricing

MyHeritage offers a free basic package which allows you to build a family tree of up to 250 people. The Premium Package costs $60 per year and lets you create an enhanced family tree for up to 2,500 people. For an annual fee of $95.52, this same family tree service is available with unlimited people under the PremiumPlus package. The Data and Complete packages give you access to all historical records. Data costs $119.40 per year and allows you to research 250 people. The Complete package is totally unlimited, costs $150.66 per year and lets you search for as many people as you wish.

MyHeritage allows you to search through billions of birth, death and marriage certificates along with census records and other genealogy resources to build a full and detailed picture of your family ancestry. The site helps you to create your family tree and view personal and official documentation relating to your family members. Customer support is available 24/7 by email, phone and through a live chat function on the site.

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