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Pros Experienced in DIY Legal Documents | Educational Approach | Free Library of Legal Articles

Cons Smaller Range of Legal Documents to Download | Individual Software Can Be Pricey For Ongoing Legal Services

Nolo Review

Nolo started off as a publishing firm in 1971 with the intention of bringing legal knowledge to the masses and helping people to save money on lawyer’s fees by creating their own legal documents.  The company website is now a comprehensive database of legal information and it also lets you complete a variety of legal forms online.  Nolo also offers eBooks and software to help users carry out a range of legal processes from making a will or filing for bankruptcy to buying or selling your home.  To date, it has sold more than 10 million legal products.  Nolo’s #1 Bestselling Product is the Quicken WillMaker Plus which is America’s most popular estate planning software.

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Nolo Pros

Nolo has been in existence for almost half a century and has more experience in DIY legal documents than any of its competitors.  Nolo takes an educational approach to legal processes and provides more information and detail than other online legal services.  Users can browse a library of legal articles and research their legal issue for free without signing up or paying any fees.  Nolo’s downloadable software offers a better range of options, information and guidance than the online templates on other legal services websites and can be used again and again.  Individual documents are priced very competitively.  Nolo also offers helpful customer support via phone and online.

Nolo Cons

If you have an ongoing need for varying legal services, Nolo’s individual software downloads and ebooks can be expensive.  For users who simply wish to download and complete legal documents, Nolo offers a smaller range of these than some competitor sites.

Nolo Bottom Line

If you want to understand how legal processes work and educate yourself on the law as well as get help with your legal matters, Nolo is the service for you.  The website offers the most comprehensive database of legal information available from any DIY legal services company and Nolo’s eBooks will provide you with all the information you need for all kinds of legal situations.  If you want to skip the detail and simply download and complete legal documents, Nolo can also help you with this.

Online Legal Services vs. A Local Attorney

Online legal services offer easy access to documents and minimal legal help through an attorney. They also boast deep discounts over hiring an attorney in your area. For most people, this is the great benefit of online legal services.

While working with legal services online can help you with basic problems, you may run into issues when dealing with complex legal problems. For forms and basic guidance, companies like Nolo may be very helpful to you.

Variety of Plans Covered By Nolo

Nolo, like most online legal services, provides a few different commonly used plans. Examples include:

  • Marriage and divorce
  • Intellectual property rights
  • LLC formation
  • Estate planning
  • Wills and trusts
  • Rental agreements
  • Title transfer agreements

Range of Personal and Business Documents for Download From Nolo offers many different personal and business documents for download for users. Options include:

  • Bill of sale documents
  • Immigration documents
  • Small claims and lawsuit documents
  • Tax documents
  • Last will and testament
  • Promissory notes
  • Prenuptial and separation documents
  • Employment and HR documents
  • Landlord and tenant documents

Nolo Customer Support

Reviews of customer support say that contacting Nolo with issues is quick and easy. Most downloads are smooth and products are self-explanatory for most users. The ability to seek legal assistance through the site is also beneficial for many people.

Online legal services are popular because they’re cost-effective and easy to access. While getting documents and doing basic things on your own may be easier this way, most cannot replace an attorney for complex problems.


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Jaysa’s Review

Like the service overall but some service offerings seem a bit expensive.  Have been successful so far in using it.

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Great way to generate a will.

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I liked the fact that it is easy to use and I can get a lot of legal documents quickly for my personal and business use.

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