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Pros Comfortable Single Blade Safety Razor | Many Additional Products In Addition to Razors

Cons Initial Razor Cost A Little Too High | High Shipping Costs

Oui Shave

Shaving isn’t always a pleasant experience. In fact, for many people, shaving is mostly about finding a few reasonably priced blades in a sea of fantastically expensive options at the drug store. That’s especially true for women who often get hit with the pink tax when they head out of the house with razors on their shopping list.

Buying a razor blade doesn’t have to be torture though. With new companies like Oui Shave, you can get razors sent directly to your door. Best of all, these blades and razors are designed specifically for women and their unique curves and shaving needs.

Is Oui Shave an ideal option for you, and if they are, should you sign up for a subscription today? Keep reading to learn more about Oui Shave and figure out if they should be added to your growing list of subscriptions.

Oui Shave Background

Founded by Karen Young in 2014, Oui Shave was built around the concept that women deserve a high-quality shave like men. The brand also positions itself as a unique company since they offer a single-blade safety razor very similar to the durable, classic men’s products of yesteryear that are commonly touted as the best blades available.

While the company started small, it grew by approximately 250% by the year 2016, making them a pretty large player when it comes to online shave clubs for women. The brand continues to grow in 2019 by teaching women that the classic safety razor is perhaps the best shaving experience that can be found on the planet.

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Oui Shave Pros

Oui Shave is a popular online shave club designed specifically for women. In fact, many women absolutely love the service! Here are some of the most common pros you’ll read when doing your research on Oui Shave:

•The single blade safety razor helps provide a comfortable shave. Many women report fewer ingrown hairs and less irritation when using the Oui Shave razor and blades.
•The brand offers elegant products that look great in your bathroom. Many women also note that most of their products are neither too feminine or masculine, making them an excellent look for their tastes. This is particularly true for women who are looking to get away from the pink razors of the past.
•Oui Shave offers high-quality products like shave cream, shave oil and ingrown hair products that women love. They also limit their product offerings, which allows women to buy repeat products without getting inundated with new items they don’t necessarily want when they’re shopping.

Oui Shave Cons

The Oui Shave brand may be popular with a lot of users, but that doesn’t mean that everybody loves them. Here are some of the most common cons you’ll read when you take a few minutes to research the brand and past user reviews:

•The razor you have to buy is too expensive. Few people argue that the quality of the shave is excellent when you use Oui Shave products, but many women simply feel like the special razor you have to buy is too much right from the jump. However, the main cost when you sign up with Oui Shave is the rose gold razor and any other products you choose to buy. The razor blade refills are actually quite cost-effective even when compared to other online shave clubs for women who market themselves for budget-conscious consumers.
•Shipping costs are too high on accessories and other products. For many women, free shipping at $75 simply isn’t good enough. In a world where free shipping is very common, having to pay to have your favorite shaving cream or oil shipped to your house is off-putting for a lot users who otherwise like Oui Shave.

Oui Shave Bottom Line

Oui Shave is a very popular option in the growing sector that is women’s online shave clubs. Known among women as a top-quality brand, they really do target the luxury market and women who are willing to spend a little bit of money on essentials that look and feel better than many that are currently available.

Of course, Oui Shave is not the only online shave club for women around anymore. They aren’t even the only ones selling a high-quality product. If you’re looking for a luxury experience and a smooth shave, Oui Shave may be an excellent option for you. Women searching for a certain elegant look from their shaving products may also gravitate toward Oui Shave.

They could also be an ideal pick if you don’t shave too often, but do want an excellent shave whenever you reach for your razor. For budget-conscious shoppers, other options may be a first pick instead of Oui Shave.

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