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Peapod Review

Peapod launched one of the first grocery delivery services in the US. The easily recognizable big green trucks can be seen all over major cities delivering groceries right to people’s doors. With a reputation for quality and a tested service, Peapod is a solid choice to replace – or at least supplement – your traditional grocery shopping.

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Peapod Pros

Peapod has been around a long time, which means if you are just trying it now, somebody else has helped to work out the kinks. Go grocery shopping from the comfort of your home and all you have to do is answer the doorbell. Save time, energy, and space in your fridge from all of those impulse buys you will avoid.  Even though you are not able to pick the exact item for yourself, Peapod has a good reputation for delivering quality items every time. If there is something wrong with your order, Peapod’s customer service is generally quite responsive.

Peapod Cons

The downside of not spending five minutes picking out the best melon in the pile, is that someone else gets to pick for you.  Some customers have noticed that the quality of the items – especially perishable items – is lower than what they would get for themselves at stores.  Peapod is only available in 12 states plus D.C, so you might not have service in your area.

Peapod Bottom Line

Getting your groceries delivered is certainly a nice luxury, but it is not without issues. That said, many customers think they are getting quite a deal for a very convenient way of shopping. Peapod is a solid option for grocery delivery. After all, it has lasted so long in this competitive industry for a reason.

Peapod | The Original Grocery Delivery Service

Peapod grocery delivery was one of the first companies to offer grocery delivery services in the U.S. It has since been joined by Amazon Fresh, Instacart, Shipt and Walmart Grocery as the market for grocery delivery services has expanded. Originally created as an online shopping and delivery service that contracted with local grocery stores and supermarkets in its service areas, the company now limits itself to Giant, Stop & Shop, and other grocery stores owned by its parent company.

Do You Pay Higher Grocery Prices With Grocery Delivery?

As a general rule, the prices a customer using Peapod will pay for groceries are the same as the prices paid in the store. The company does caution its customers that slight price differences could be noted for its warehouse items, but such price differences would depend on the pricing for the local marketplace where the customer lives.

The company carries most national brands, but it also carries a Peapod brand of products. Shopping the company’s brand can offer customers the opportunity to save money over national brands.

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User Rating

Star’s Review

Delivers on-time within the window I am expecting and food is fresh, what more can I ask for.

User Rating

Misty’s Review

I love that there is a App !! Makes ordering on the go very fast.

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Katie’s Review

It was ok, I thought the produce would be fresher, it was pretty ripe which means I have to eat it right away.  Not as great as I was expecting.

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Clara ’s Review

I work full time and have a family, Peapod is a fantastic choice to save me time from grocery shopping and can just spend more time with my family.

User Rating

Lori’s Review

Love the online ordering and fast delivery.  Save me a lot of time not having to go to the grocery  store.

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Mandee’s Review

Not a perfect service, but consistently good.  They have been delivering my groceries for about 2 months now and overall really happy with what I receive and the time it saves me.

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