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Pros Covers Both Dogs and Cats | 24/7 Hotline to Connect to a Veterinarians

Cons Does Not Cover Animals with Pre-Existing Conditions | Coverage Takes Some Time To Get Started

Pets Best

Your pets are beloved members of your family. Whether you’re a dog or cat person, there’s a good chance you’ve formed a serious connective bond to Fido or Fluffy. As your pet gets older, that bond tends to deepen.

Unfortunately, pets get sick as they age just like human family members do. Pets also have a potentially higher risk of getting into fights, eating something they shouldn’t or otherwise getting injured. Since they can’t tell you what’s wrong or that they just have a cold, a trip to the veterinarian’s office is often in order. These visits, even routine ones, can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars.

That’s where pet insurance can really come in handy. While most types of pet insurance don’t cover 100% of an animal’s visit, they can dramatically reduce what you owe when you take your pet home. In the case of a more expensive procedure, they may allow your vet to perform costly operations that would otherwise be cost-prohibitive.

Companies like Pets Best are thriving today as many people realize that a relatively small monthly fee is a better option than a once-in-a-while whopping bill from the vet. Is Pets Best right for you though? Use this guide to learn more about this growing pet insurance company now.

The History of Pets Best

Founded in 2005 by Dr. Jack Stephens, often touted as the “father of pet insurance” in the United States, Pets Best is a top brand in the pet insurance market today. Dr. Stephens’ story goes back much further than the early 2000s though.

After a particularly traumatic experience where Dr. Stephens, a veterinarian, was forced to euthanize a pet instead of performing a costly procedure in 1979, the doctor quickly worked to get a pet insurance company up and running by 1981. At the time, it was the first of its kind.

Today, Pets Best aims to make treatment possible for all pets through monthly insurance plans, continuing Dr. Stephens’ work to keep pets and families happy and healthy.

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Pets Best Insurance Pros

Pets Best is a popular insurance company that many families and pet lovers use to ensure the best care for their animals. Here are some of the common pros you’ll read when researching Pets Best:

• Pets Best covers both cats and dogs. Many families who have both canine and feline pets have been forced to buy different policies in the past. With Pets Best, you can get all of your coverage from one company, helping consolidate your monthly bill.
• Coverage is relatively affordable. According to Pets Best, cat insurance starts at $6 and dog insurance starts at $9. Total monthly insurance costs range from $22 to $58 depending on your pet’s age, breed, location and policy details.
• You can choose from a variety of different plans for cats and dogs to balance your monthly premium cost, deductible, and reimbursement rate. Multiple plans make it easy for pet owners to find the insurance plan that fits their budget and offers the peace of mind they need to keep their pets healthy.
• They offer a 24/7 hotline that connects pet owners to trained veterinarians and animal medical professionals. This allows you to contact an expert even when your veterinarian is not available. You can also call about questions and concerns that may not require an in-person visit to your vet.

Pets Best Insurance Cons

Many pet lovers use Pets Best and give the insurance company rave reviews. Not everything you will read about Pets Best is positive. Here are some of the more common cons you may come across when researching Pets Best for yourself:

• Pets Best doesn’t cover animals with pre-existing conditions. Since pet insurance is still catching on with many animal lovers, it’s not uncommon for somebody to reach out to an insurance provider like Pets Best when faced with a large vet bill. Unfortunately, Pets Best, like all other pet insurance providers, doesn’t cover animals that have pre-existing long-term conditions.
• It takes too long for the insurance to start. Pets Best tries to work quickly to get your pet covered, but it does take some time. For that reason, they recommend enrolling your pet as soon as possible while they are still healthy and before any serious medical incidents occur.

Pets Best Bottom Line

Expenses for owning a pet, whether you opt for a cat or dog, can add up. Unexpected vet bills can really take a toll on your wallet. If your pet is healthy until their senior years, high expenses for cancer, diabetes or other treatments are increasingly likely.

Having pet insurance can help offset those costs via a monthly premium. For many pet lovers, particularly those with younger pets looking to get insurance early, Pets Best is an ideal choice. With a range of plan types, they’ve also made it easy to get the coverage you can afford to protect your pet now and into the future.

Other pet insurance companies do offer similar products and premiums, however. When shopping for pet insurance, your best bet is to compare a few different rates based on your particular area, pet and coverage desires. A little shopping around goes a long way, but Pets Best is an ideal place for pet owners to begin their search.

Pets Best Pet Insurance


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