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Pros Lots of Customization | Accommodates Dietary Restrictions | Dessert Choices

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Plated Review

Plated is a delivery service that provides subscribers with all the fresh ingredients needed with step-by-step instructions that walk them through the prep and Plated is helping raise standards in quality, variety and flexibility.  Meals are designed by a chef and allows for you to cook the perfect portions for your family.

Plated Pros

With Plated you can give dinner as a gift! Whether you want to surprise a family member, treat a student or share with someone in need, Plated will allow you to do that as frequently as you’d like. Organic foods free of antibiotics and no added hormones are ideal for all, especially those who are fighting disease. When you gift sustainably caught fish and fresh seasonal vegetables you’re basically giving a healthy reprieve from the average American diet that tends to feed disease instead of fight it.

Plated Cons

Plated is on the higher-end of the price point in terms of food delivery services. If you love the basic hamburgers, mac n cheese, garden salad and french fries for dinner, these fancier meals may sound intimidating.

Plated Bottom Line

Delicious meals like pan-roasted chicken, tarragon-butter mushrooms, jerk salmon, seared steak and ginger-miso quinoa bowls can be delivered to your door within a few days of ordering.
Plated has a lot of awesome options not found with many of the competitors. If you are looking for easy to cook recipes with a lot of flexibility in ordering, Plated is for you.

Plated | High-Quality Ingredients

In the meal kit delivery service market, Plated stands out both for the quality of its ingredients and the flexibility it gives customers in choosing their meals. While not the cheapest meal kit service, it is arguably the best value one. Plated regularly ranks high with reviewers and is considered one of the leaders in the meal kit industry. Below is a look at what makes Plated unique, how the service works, and what some of its policies are regarding pricing and delivery.

What Is Plated?

Plated, along with Hello Fresh and Blue Apron, was the first meal kit delivery service available in the United States when it started operating in 2012. That makes it among the most experienced players in the North American meal kit industry. That experience has allowed it to iron out the kinks that newer operators tend to suffer from, while also giving the service time to expand its menu offerings.

Plated works on the same model as other meal kit plans. When you sign up you choose your plan. Plated offers three plans: 2 servings per night, 3 servings per night, and 4 servings per night. Furthermore, each plan can be adjusted to meals for 2, 3, or 4 nights per week. Prices for plans increase with the number of servings and number of meals per week you choose.

Once you’ve chosen a plan then you can start choosing your menu. Each week you can choose from 20 different recipes, with the menu changing from week to week. Cooking times range from 20 minutes to an hour. Your ingredients are then delivered once per week and you even get to choose which day it gets delivered on.

Types Of Meals Offered From Plated

Plated stands out for the number of recipes it offers, with 20 recipes available each week. That is much higher than almost all of the competition. Furthermore, Plated even offers at least one dessert recipe each week– something that few other meal kit services offer. Each week’s menu also strives to balance its offerings for different tastes, so you won’t need to worry about every recipe having chicken or salmon or some other element that one member of your family may not like. Furthermore, you get to rate each recipe and the highest-rated recipes are then recycled for future menus, which Plated refers to as Encores.

Does Plated Have Menus For People With Dietary Restrictions?

Because Plated offers a greater selection of recipes than most other meal kit delivery services, it is also able to cater fairly well to different dietary restrictions. When searching the menu for your next recipes Plated allows you to filter your options according to certain restrictions, such as vegetarian, low carb, gluten-free, quick prep, and stovetop only.

Unfortunately, not all dietary restrictions are accommodated by Plated. There are, for example, no guaranteed vegan or paleo recipes each week, although these options may come up from time to time. However, each recipe includes an ingredient breakdown so you know what you’re eating and can find out if it abides by your particular needs.

Currently, Plated is not able to accommodate most food allergy requests, and, if you suffer from food allergies, then you should be aware that their facilities handle eggs, milk, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, soybeans, sulfites, gluten, and wheat.

How Fresh Is The Food From Plated?

Freshness is one of Plated’s standout features. Ingredients are organic and locally-sourced whenever possible and there is a strong focus on using produce that is in season. Furthermore, Plated boasts many artisanal ingredients from small vendors that you are unlikely to encounter at the major supermarkets. The beef has no added hormones, pork and poultry is free of antibiotics, and the seafood is sustainably sourced.

Can I Try Plated Out First?

Plated doesn’t offer any free trial periods, but they are easy to try out without any commitments. Like most meal kit services, Plated is contract-free. So if you sign up for it and decide the service is not for you then you can cancel without worrying about a cancellation fee or being trapped into a long-term commitment.

Plated also usually offers promotions for new customers, which makes their pricing plans more affordable. For example, Plated frequently offers 25% off on your first week plus another 25% off on your next three weeks for new subscribers.

Plated is also one of the most widely available meal kit services, with about 95% of the United States covered.

Does Plated Have A Money Back Guarantee?

While Plated does have a refund policy, it is not well advertised and is buried in their Terms and Conditions. If you are unsatisfied with your meal or delivery, you will need to contact Plated within 90 days of receipt of your delivery and request a refund. You will, however, only receive credit towards your next order and not a refund in the form of your original method of payment. Furthermore, refunds are at Plated’s sole discretion and not guaranteed.


How It Works

To get started, sign up for an account with Plated online or via their easy to use app. Next, you’ll pick your recipes, wait for your delivery and then cook! It’s flexible, customizable and tasty.

Plans & Pricing

Plated offers three styles of plans – 2 Servings Per Night, 3 Servings Per Night and 4 Servings Per Night plans.

2 Servings Per Night:

  • Costs $11.95 per serving.
  • Feeds two people.
  • Choose from two, three or four nights per week.
  • Includes free shipping on plans over $60.

3 Servings Per Night:

  • Costs $9.95 per serving.
  • Feeds three people.
  • Choose from two, three or four nights per week.
  • Delicious meals options for all of your family.
  • Includes free shipping on plans over $60.

4 Servings Per Night:

  • Costs $9.95 per serving.
  • Feeds four people.
  • Choose from two, three or four nights per week
  • Includes free shipping on plans over $60.

Plated’s member services include an easy to access customer service team, amazing promotional deals and access to a wealth of recipes, blogs, and feedback from other customers. Since 2012, Plated has built a positive reputation with their customers and continues to do so every day.

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Not bad.

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This was very useful and very very helpful to keep our family eating together each day.

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It is a good ad I think it could be a little pricey but it is a good service for a quick and convenient cooking experience with great meals.

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Happy with the ingredients and meals we have made so far.  Fits right into our busy schedules to have easy meal prep.

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