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Pros Lots of Customization | Accommodates Dietary Restrictions | Dessert Choices

Cons Meals rate high in fat |

Plated Review

Plated is a delivery service that provides subscribers with all the fresh ingredients needed with step-by-step instructions that walk them through the prep and Plated is helping raise standards in quality, variety and flexibility.  Meals are designed by a chef and allows for you to cook the perfect portions for your family.

Plated Pros

With Plated you can give dinner as a gift! Whether you want to surprise a family member, treat a student or share with someone in need, Plated will allow you to do that as frequently as you’d like. Organic foods free of antibiotics and no added hormones are ideal for all, especially those who are fighting disease. When you gift sustainably caught fish and fresh seasonal vegetables you’re basically giving a healthy reprieve from the average American diet that tends to feed disease instead of fight it.


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Plated Cons

Plated is on the higher-end of the price point in terms of food delivery services. If you love the basic hamburgers, mac n cheese, garden salad and french fries for dinner, these fancier meals may sound intimidating.

Plated Bottom Line

Delicious meals like pan-roasted chicken, tarragon-butter mushrooms, jerk salmon, seared steak and ginger-miso quinoa bowls can be delivered to your door within a few days of ordering.
Plated has a lot of awesome options not found with many of the competitors. If you are looking for easy to cook recipes with a lot of flexibility in ordering, Plated is for you.

Advertising Disclosure: This post may contain promotional links. Watch the Review may be compensated if you use these links.


Plated’s member services include an easy to access customer service team, amazing promotional deals and access to a wealth of recipes, blogs, and feedback from other customers. Since 2012, Plated has built a positive reputation with their customers and continues to do so every day.

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Yako’s Review

Not bad.

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Ashley’s Review

This was very useful and very very helpful to keep our family eating together each day.

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Ally’s Review

It is a good ad I think it could be a little pricey but it is a good service for a quick and convenient cooking experience with great meals.

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Kai’s Review

Happy with the ingredients and meals we have made so far.  Fits right into our busy schedules to have easy meal prep.

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