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RockAuto Review

As an online-only stockist of car and auto parts, RockAuto stays affordable by keeping its overhead low and bringing these discounted prices to its customers. They’re an established,  family run business that has been operating for 20 years and they’ve expanded to ship from a variety of manufacturers so they can reach customers worldwide.

RockAuto Pros

If you know what you’re looking for, RockAuto could be the site for you as they have an extensive variety of parts all in one place making it easier to shop and save on shipping costs. One of RockAuto’s goals is for customers to be able to buy enough parts to build an entire car from their site alone,  so this range will clearly continue to improve. Plus, as they are solely online, they can beat competitors on price by being one of the lowest priced retailers for parts.  If it all comes down to price for you, RockAuto is the place to shop.

RockAuto Cons

RockAuto is probably not for the novice who needs help selecting a product because they have limited customer service and a preference for email communication. The return process can be lengthy if you order the wrong part and you’ll have to pay to return it before receiving your refund. RockAuto’s site is fairly outdated so unless you’re a seasoned pro, knowing exactly what to look for, you might have difficulty navigating and buying.

RockAuto Bottom Line

RockAuto is the perfect online retailer if you know exactly what you want and the price is an important deciding factor, but double check before you buy because returns can be difficult and customer service is limited.

RockAuto | Get The Right Part You Need

Professional car and truck mechanics and vehicle owners who want to do their own repairs and maintenance now have an option to the local auto parts store to purchase what they need. Online auto and truck parts are offered by many companies, including Pep Boys, Advance Auto Parts, Sears Automotive Center and Autozone. Unlike other online auto parts retailers that also operate brick-and-mortar retail stores, RockAuto focuses exclusively on selling its products in the online marketplace.

Ease Of Use With RockAuto

All of the parts and other products sold by RockAuto are listed on its website. Searches can be done using the make, year and model of the customer’s vehicle and by the part number. There is also a listing of tools and parts that customers can scroll through to find what they need.

Once a customer finds the right part or product, the website displays the item along with its price. A useful feature allows a customer to click on it to have the website select the most cost-effective products offered by RockAuto. This could offer significant savings for customers who are doing extensive repairs or maintenance to their vehicles. Customers can check on the status of their orders, change or cancel them, and arrange for returns simply by using the tools available on the website.

Cost Savings With RockAuto

RockAuto promotes its strictly online operation as a way for it to keep the costs down for the products and auto parts it sells to consumers. Examples listed on its website show significant savings on highlighted parts over the prices charged by other automotive services companies.

RockAuto Return Policy

Changing or canceling an order can be accomplished through the website as long as the processing of the order has not progressed too far. If it has, your only option would be to return the product after receiving it.

RockAuto has different return policies depending upon the reason for returning the item. One factor that could prevent a customer from obtaining a refund is if the original packaging is not available or has been defaced in some manner. The company also has a separate section of its website for warranty claims and for broken or defective products that are not returned within the company’s standard 30-day return period.

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Rock Auto

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Starla’s Review

Great stuff and prices, but time to update the website!

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Denise’s Review

Difficult trying to return something!

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Josie’s Review

Great pricing and selection, just wish shipping wasn’t so expensive.

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Lucy’s Review

Wow, I am blown away by the variety on this site.  I can order almost any car part, the site itself is in need of an upgrade!

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Luca Delvecchio’s Review

Parts are great, website experience leaves a lot to be desired.

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