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Pros Large Variety of Content | Strong Voice Recognition | Free Trial

Cons Translating Words In Your Own Language Can Be Difficult | Reviewing Previous Exercises Confusing

Rosetta Stone Review

Learning something new that’s completely foreign to you can be difficult. When it comes to a brand new language that you’re not familiar with at all, learning from scratch can feel like a daunting task. The good news is that there are a variety of different ways to learn a new language.

While traditional classes may benefit some people who have time, technology has made learning a new language a whole lot easier. That’s because apps like Rosetta Stone allow you to learn from anywhere in the world using your phone, a tablet, or a computer.

Is Rosetta Stone the right language learning app for you? Keep reading to learn more about Rosetta Stone before you decide.

The History Of Rosetta Stone

Named after a 19th-century device that helped scholars read hieroglyphics, Rosetta Stone is perhaps the best-known language learning tool on the market today. Founded in the 1980s, Rosetta Stone has offered instructional cassettes, printed materials, CDs, and more over time.

Today, Rosetta Stone offers a wide variety of software programs and apps designed to help users learn languages without physical materials. Different versions of Rosetta Stone software have been available since 1996, though the program has changed considerably when compared to today’s software versions.

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Rosetta Stone Pros

Rosetta Stone is one of the most popular language-learning tools of all time. If you’re looking for an app or online tool to learn a new language, Rosetta Stone is likely the one that came to mind first. Here are some of the pros you’ll read about when doing your research on Rosetta Stone:

• You can try your hand at a whopping 25 languages when you use Rosetta Stone. One of the largest selections you’ll find among any language learning app or software, Rosetta Stone is a great choice for users who aren’t sure what language they want to learn. Many business users who need to learn little bits of multiple languages can also benefit from this vast selection.
• Rosetta Stone offers tons of content for beginning users, making it a great platform for people who need basic phrases or are very new to a certain language.
• Rosetta Stone offers more advanced programs for people who have some familiarity with a certain foreign language already. The ability to choose between more basic and advanced lessons makes Rosetta stone a smart choice for almost anybody serious about learning a language.
• The learning program is designed with redundancy in mind, allowing even novice users to learn and actually keep the information they learned in mind quickly. Most users report that programs aren’t too redundant and they don’t get boring, but learning retention is high.
• Rosetta Stone excels at voice recognition and audio playback, allowing you to hear accents and the way new words are pronounced quickly and easily. This is particularly important for people who want to speak a language fluently and correctly instead of just reading it.
• You can take advantage of a free trial if you’re unsure about signing up for and paying for Rosetta Stone. A three-day free trial will allow you to give the program a shot and see what it’s about without paying a costly fee.

Rosetta Stone Cons

Rosetta Stone may be popular, but regular users and people who have tried it don’t always have the best experience. Some people even move on to other apps. Here are some of the cons you’ll read about when researching Rosetta Stone:

• You can’t translate words in Rosetta Stone to your own language during certain parts of the program. For some people, this immersive type of learning program is especially useful. For others, however, there can be a disconnect between learning words and truly understanding their meaning.
• Some users find that it is difficult to go back and review concepts that they find confusing after they move away from a certain lesson. While you can backtrack and see previous lessons, most users find this too consuming. Instead, most would prefer a glossary or more adept search function they can use to clarify old concepts without altering where they are in their lesson plan.

Rosetta Stone Bottom Line

Learning a language can be difficult, and for many people, apps that allow you to learn a new language based on the one you already speak are too slow and difficult. Rosetta Stone’s immersion program is a great choice if that sounds like you.

While the program can be costly, it does offer a wide variety of flexible tools and programs to help you learn. Interactive features and excellent audio quality playback are also quite valuable, particularly if you want to learn to speak a new language with native speakers.

Rosetta Stone Language Learning App Review

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