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Shipt Review

Shipt is a personalized grocery delivery service that has a same-day turnaround. Although someone else is doing the shopping for you, your shopper is just as picky as you would be when choosing each item requested. Customers can use the service from any location at any time, while still being reassured that the quality of the grocery shopping is not lost.

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Shipt Pros

Customers are able to browse the aisles of their local grocery store from the Shipt website. Even better, Shipt also has an app that allows customers to shop on the go. With Shipt, you are able to text your shopper to quickly add on an item you forgot or make an adjustment to your order. You can even receive live updates as your shopper completes your order! Your shopper is also available to unpack your items for you onto your shelves and into your cabinets- a feature that differentiates Shipt from other personalized grocery shopping services.

Shipt Cons

There are always advantages and disadvantages of using a grocery shopping service. Without walking the aisles yourself, your memory isn’t jogged to remind you of an item you forgot to put on your list. However, the texting and live updates feature provide flexibility to the customer.

Shipt Bottom Line

Personalized grocery shopping is a convenient way to get this necessary errand done quickly and efficiently. With Shipt, orders can be delivered in as little as an hour if desired by the customer, and quality is of the utmost importance. If this is the kind of service that would take the stress off of the end of a long day at work or a busy week, consider using Shipt.

Shipt | Simple Grocery Delivery

Grocery home delivery services cater to people who would rather devote a day off to something other than spending a good part of it shopping in a local grocery or supermarket. Companies, such as Amazon Fresh, Instacart, Shipt, Peapod and Walmart Grocery have joined the growing number of local and national businesses offering to do the shopping for you and deliver it to your kitchen and pantry.

Service Areas Covered By Shipt

Shipt grocery delivery service is available in 100 regions in 29 states. It is heavily concentrated in Illinois, Texas and in the Southeast. It partners with local grocery stores or supermarkets in each area it services to shop for and deliver groceries offered by the particular partner. Some areas of service offer customers the ability to shop for liquor from local liquor stores with their purchases delivered directly to their homes.

Do You Pay Higher Grocery Prices With Shipt Delivery?

The prices customers pay when using Shipt are higher than if they went to the store and did their own shopping. The company’s website advises its members that an average $35 order through Shipt will cost about $5 more than customers doing their own shopping would pay. What you should take into consideration when evaluating the slight increase in cost is the money saved by avoiding impulse purchases by using Shipt and other grocery delivery services.

Shipt Delivery Costs And Membership Fees

You must be a member to use Shipt. Annual membership is $99, but the company offers promotional deals to new members that can drastically cut that cost. For example, Shipt occasionally offers an annual membership for only $49. The special is for a limited time only and is only available to new members. You can also opt to pay for your membership on a monthly basis if you are not certain about committing to it for a year. Monthly membership costs $14 a month. There is a two-week trial period for both the monthly and yearly memberships that allow you to cancel without being charged.

Delivery is free on orders of at least $35. Orders of less than $35 incur a delivery fee of $7. The company website advises members that an additional service fee might be added to orders in service areas in which members may order items from select retailers.

Coupon policy with online grocery delivery

Shipit members do not have the ability to apply store or manufacturer coupons to their orders.


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How It Works

Create an account with Shipt using your email address. Choose your membership preference, and start shopping! You can search by category, brand, store, and so forth. Once you are ready to place your order, a local Shipt shopper will hand pick and deliver your items for you at your convenience.

Plans & Pricing

When you create your account, you choose either an annual or a monthly membership. The annual membership offers customers a significant discount, and both memberships allow the user to cancel at any time. The annual membership is billed at $99 annually (which breaks down to $8.25 per month) and the monthly membership is billed at $14 per month. The benefit of a membership means that delivery is free on orders over $35- a pretty easy target to hit for an individual or family!


Member Services

Shipt allows you to rate your shopper and delivery experience after the delivery. This allows you to give great feedback to an awesome shopper, or address an issue with customer service if necessary. Users report that customer service tends to be quick and responsive with Shipt.



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Fonzo’s Review

Live updates while my shopper is shopping are great.  Quick turn around and delivery are really high quality service elements.

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Love that this service is now in my area, best grocery delivery that exists!

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