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Pros Cost | Customer Support | Easy Install

Cons Limited to 4 Cameras | Limited 3 year Warranty

SimpliSafe Review

SimpliSafe skips the traditional home security salesman method to cut out the middleman. Low prices allow full coverage at an affordable price. Protect your family with SimpliSafe’s cutting-edge systems SimpliSafe provides solutions for homes, apartments, and business.

SimpliSafe Pros

Whether this would be your first home security system or you are just exploring other options, take advantage of SimpliSafe’s free trial – including free shipping. With no holes to drill during installation, SimpliSafe is easy to set up and easy to use. Intruders will know your home is protected without obtrusive boxes and hardware around your house – SimpliSafe’s monitoring systems are modern and sleek and will fit in with most décor.

SimpliSafe Cons

At this point, SimpliSafe’s system does not work with other third-party smart home systems. If you use any smart home accessories in your home, you will have to get used to using at least two systems for the near future.

SimpliSafe Bottom Line

SimpliSafe’s DIY/pick and choose options make it easy and affordable to provide protection. Without a huge setup cost, you can secure your home using suggested packages or custom features such as motion sensors, cameras, door monitors, and more. You can set up your system to just let you know when something is wrong without alerting the authorities, which means your teenagers can be sent to their room – and not to jail – for breaking into the liquor cabinet.

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Member Services

When an alert sounds, SimpliSafe will try to contact you first, saving you the embarrassment of a false alarm. SimpliSafe’s 24/7 support services are available to help with anything from concerns to emergencies. The online resources are a great way to modify service without picking up the phone.

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Latest Reviews

User Rating

Zac’s Review

Solid service. A bit pricey

User Rating

Cintron’s Review

The SimpliSafe home security is reliable and has been around for many years

User Rating

Victoria C.’s Review

SimpliSafe is a company that really cares about what they do. I know many people who use their services and while it could be costly in some parts they benefit & the security is so worth it.

User Rating

Victoria’s Review

Great system, by a tristed brand. Excited to purchase

User Rating

Vanessa E.’s Review

Good and reliable system for your home security!

User Rating

Adam’s Review

I think it is a good product, support service is also available 24/7.

User Rating

Aaliyah’s Review

Simplisafe seems like the perfect home system to buy! I’d definitely purchase.

User Rating

Aaram’s Review

I like that it is affordable and can configure to my apartment size and not need to buy a large package for a home.

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