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Pros Unlimited Data | Wide Range Of Packages

Cons Customer Service Lacking | Long Wait Times For Service Calls And Repairs


Reliable internet service is very important for many people in both home and office environments. Today, more and more people are combining those spaces with functional home offices where they can get work done around the clock. Some people are even working full time from their home office without missing a beat.

Of course, there are other considerations to keep in mind too. For example, in many busy households, two or three people may be sharing internet bandwidth at the same time. That means that speed becomes a major factor when choosing an internet service provider.

Cable internet service, unlike older styles like DSL, tends to be fast enough for both business and home users who want to download complex, large files or stream high definition movies and music quickly and easily. Among the top players, you’ll find Spectrum as a go-to provider in many areas.

Is Spectrum one of the best internet providers, or are they only popular because they have an existing infrastructure in so many commercial and residential neighborhoods? Keep reading to learn more about Spectrum internet for your home or place of business.

The History Of Spectrum

While spectrum may be a familiar name to many people around the country, others may feel that this is practically a new brand name. That’s because Spectrum is the result of a merger between Charter Communications and Time Warner Cable in 2016. As those two companies combined, they merged under the new brand name spectrum.

As the company grew, it continued to expand into new areas and states. As of early 2021, Spectrum offers service in 41 different states, making them one of the largest players in cable internet, TV and phone service.

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Spectrum Pros

Spectrum is an extremely popular home and business internet service provider. Here are some of the more common pros you will read about when doing your research on Spectrum:

• Spectrum offers a wide range of different speeds that you can sign up for when getting their Internet cable service. In the past, one big complaint was that Spectrum only offered two basic plans. Today, there are a wide variety of different plans that you can choose from to match your home or business Internet usage and speed requirements.
• Spectrum offers truly unlimited data, which is something that many internet cable service providers still don’t have. For people who work at home or download a lot of large files, unlimited data ensures that you won’t hit a bottleneck or find yourself with reduced speeds toward the end of the month.
• The company offers a wide range of buyout packages so you can escape your current internet plan if it’s not working for you. These are a major incentive for many users looking to switch and get something faster or without data. You’ll need to check with your local Spectrum office or with company customer service to see what options are available in your area and with your existing service plan.
Pricing for internet service is reasonable, fair, and competitive with other service providers. Pairing these reasonable prices with some of the best buyout packages on the market makes spectrum an extremely popular option for those looking to switch providers for potentially better service.

Spectrum Cons

Spectrum is an extremely popular internet service provider with coverage in many different neighborhoods throughout. However, not everybody who has tried Spectrum or continues to use the service provider is particularly happy. Here are some of the cons you will read about when researching Spectrum:

• Customer service is lacking in the minds of many people. In many cases, customer service complaints revolve around the fact that the company can be hard to deal with over the phone when they have problems. This may have to do with long wait times or with unsatisfactory answers from customer service representatives.
• Some people have expressed concerns about overseas customer service representatives who have no recourse to help tackle problems locally. People who have complained about this issue often feel that their concerns will simply go unresolved since they can’t talk to a local representative with ease.
• Wait times for service calls and repairs can be somewhat long according to some customers. This may have to do with the large number of customers that Spectrum has, as well as their oversized infrastructure that can result in serious outages for whole neighborhoods and businesses when there are problems.

Spectrum Bottom Line

Spectrum is a solid, reliable choice if you’re looking for an internet service plan that’s priced fairly. With lots of plan options, you can also choose your speed to match your needs. That’s especially important for multi-person homes and small businesses.

Spectrum may be lacking in the customer service area, however. Luckily for most customers, contacting customer service will be rare outside of signing up or dealing with outages.

Spectrum Cable Review

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Really good internet speeds.  But it took a long time to get a service rep to the house.

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Internet service is fine but was not happy with getting the answers I need from customer service over the phone.

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Love the unlimited data.  Our family streams a lot of music.

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