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Lawn maintenance is a task some people love spending time on. If you’re one of those people, you should consider yourself lucky. If you’re not, you’re likely looking for a way out of pruning, shoveling, planting, and mowing. You’re definitely not alone in your quest for a gorgeous yard without putting in hours of hard work.

That’s why services like TruGreen are popping up in the marketplace. Designed to help people tackle a variety of outdoor chores, True Green aims to make regular yard maintenance more affordable for everyone. Is it really worth spending your hard-earned money on though?

Use this guide to learn more about TruGreen. You can also check the rest of our reviews on popular lawn care services so you can choose the one that’s right for your property.

TruGreen Background

The largest lawn care company in the United States, TruGreen services more than 2-million residential and commercial customers per year. Headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee, TruGreen also serves a variety of regions throughout the United States and Canada. This is one main reason they’re a go-to when homeowners and residential customers are looking for a lawn care company other than an independent service provider, gardener or landscape team.

Founded in 1973, TruGreen has also been around a lot longer than many large-scale lawn care services. For many consumers who need basic lawn care or need to tackle a large amount of land, TruGreen is a smart choice.

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TruGreen Pros

TruGreen is the biggest lawn care service provider in the US, and with branches in Canada, the company continues to grow. A lot of the growth of TruGreen has to do with all of the happy consumers and the positive reviews they provide. Here are some of the pros of TruGreen that you’ll read about when you browse the internet:

• TruGreen offers a lot of services that help residential and commercial customers handle problems. When you sign up with TruGreen, you’ll get a plan that comes with a wide range of services like fertilization, aeration, and over-seeding. While there are different plan types, each plan gives homeowners and commercial customers the tools needed to turn a bad lawn around. TruGreen services can also help new lawns and outdoor areas keep that brand-new look.
• TruGreen representatives are courteous and professional. One of the biggest issues some residential and commercial customers have with lawn care is getting the service they need in a timely and professional manner. Almost all reviews of TruGreen indicate that representatives from the brand are professional, courteous and knowledgeable. The company is also prompt when it comes to responding to new and existing customer inquiries.
• The brand doesn’t oversell or hype their products when they aren’t needed. While it’s obviously in TruGreen’s best interest to sell you lawn care services, many customers say they didn’t get pitched the most expensive package. Instead, TruGreen professionals offered them the services they thought would best benefit the yard or property in question.
• TruGreen is an affordable option. Compared to hiring a private gardener or landscaping service, TruGreen is either on par or more affordable depending on the experience level you’re looking for. For consumers on a budget, TruGreen can be an ideal starting point for lawn maintenance.

TruGreen Cons

TruGreen may be a big company with a lot of happy customers, but that doesn’t mean everyone has had a positive experience. Here are some of the cons you’ll read about TruGreen when you do your research:

• They don’t offer an organic plan. This may not be a deal-breaker for everyone, but as of 2019, TruGreen does not officially offer an all-organic plan. Instead, they use a combination of natural ingredients and common lawn care products to do their best work. You can, however, request the use of more organic compounds whenever possible if this is a concern.
• TruGreen plans are too similar, making it hard to figure out which lawn care plan to pick. The variety of services offered by TruGreen is a good thing, but it seems that some customers have a hard time choosing between similar plans. Instead, many customers wish the plans were simplified or tailored exactly to their lawn based on a quote system.

TruGreen Bottom Line

TruGreen is a great choice for residential and commercial customers looking to get their property into shape. Whether you’re dealing with dead grass, weeds or simply want an update, TruGreen can help.

With fair pricing, courteous, professional staffers and a variety of services, it’s a no-brainer if they’re in your area. Of course, other services do exist, and it could be worth your time to shop around if you have special needs like organic fertilizer or require more specialized care.


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Dara’s Review

The service was really nice. Staff knowledgeable and helpful with getting my lawn in order.

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They did a nice job at my small business location. Definitely going to use them at home.

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Bummed that they don’t have organic services.  But their service was good.

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