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Pros Ample Access to Academic Advisors | Tech Assistance Available To Students

Cons Relatively Low Graduation Rate | Limited Program Types

The University Of Arizona Online

Close your eyes for a moment and try to imagine the average college experience. If you’re like most people, you immediately think of a large lecture hall and a professor in front of an oversized blackboard. This college experience is still common, but not everybody can attend in-person classes.

For individuals who need to work or have family responsibilities, attending an online college can help you get the education you need to build or advance your career without the commute. You can even attend if you live in a remote area where you wouldn’t easily have access to college programs you’re interested in.

The University of Arizona is a well-rated, highly-regarded online program that can help you get the education you need to earn more or break into a new field. Keep reading this review to see if The University of Arizona is the right choice for you.

The History Of The University of Arizona Online

Founded in 1885, The University of Arizona as a whole has an annual enrollment of roughly 30,000 students. They’re also well-known for their success in collegiate sports like basketball, football, and baseball for both men and women.

As of 2019, The University of Arizona has about 4,000 online students, though this number is growing each year as more students search for reputable accredited distance learning colleges. The University of Arizona is also part of the Association of American Universities, which includes more than 60 colleges and universities in the United States.

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The University of Arizona Online Pros

Commonly listed as one of the top online colleges in the United States, The University of Arizona has a range of benefits for online learners. Here are a few top pros:

• Students have ample access to academic advisors to help them find the right degree program, classes and get help navigating the university system. Many students find this easy access to advisors very helpful if they’re new to college or returning after a long time away from an in-person or online classroom.
• Tech assistance is available for students who are having trouble with the online programs, systems, and apps the school uses to help students and professors communicate. The tech assistance program at The University of Arizona is robust and most students report that problems they have are quickly addressed and remedied so they can continue their education in a timely fashion without interruptions.
• The University of Arizona offers a range of online degree options, including certificates, Bachelor’s degrees, and advanced Master’s degrees. This gives students the ability to continue their education at a higher level or get an undergraduate degree they need to advance.

The University of Arizona Online Cons

The University of Arizona is highly-regarded, and for the most part, students are happy with the education they receive. There are some potential drawbacks to online classes through this well-known university though. They include:

• No discounts for Arizona residents. Since The University of Arizona offers online-only classes as part of their internet curriculum, they believe that all students should pay the same amount per unit and per class no matter where they are. Arizona residents would prefer to see a discount for in-state students.
• The graduation rate for online students is relatively low, at about 64%. However, this isn’t too far off from many online colleges since these institutions tend to have higher drop rates due to people taking classes only part-time. The University of Arizona will provide a path to graduation for any student that wants to remain in classes and obtain their degree.
• Program types are limited, which can make choosing a major difficult, particularly for some undergraduate students. While some online colleges offer nearly one-hundred or more online programs, The University of Arizona has considerably fewer, depending on the type of degree you want to obtain. However, this does not impact the quality of the education you’ll get or the experience if you are interested in a degree or certificate program that is offered.

The University Of Arizona Online Bottom Line

The University of Arizona enjoys an excellent reputation as an online college where you can seek a certificate, Bachelor’s degree, or an advanced degree like a Master’s. With access to advisors, tech support and general help from faculty, The University of Arizona also makes learning online easy for students.

There are a few cons when it comes to The University of Arizona online program. The biggest one is the limited study options. However, if you are interested in a program that is offered, you’ll be rewarded with a first-class online experience through this well-known, non-profit online college.

University of Arizona Online

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U of A is a great institution that I am happy to support, but as an AZ resident, I thought in-state tuition would get a discount.

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U of A online was a little complicated at first, but their tech support was super helpful!

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U of A comes with a great reputation and online programs are transferrable, I just wish they had some different majors to choose from.

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