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USA Clean Master Review

Cleaning services are everywhere these days, offering customers a wide range of services designed to turn their homes into sparkling, stylish places to relax after a long day. For many people, these cleaning services are attractive since they market themselves as low cost, high value options for busy people who just don’t have time to clean.

Today’s home cleaning services also make it easy for you to schedule and book an appointment online or through a quick phone call. In the modern era, this is definitely a selling point for homeowners and renters who don’t want to work out a schedule with a single individual and would prefer to deal with a larger company as a whole.

While USA Clean Master may not be the oldest home cleaning service around today, they are growing in popularity each and every year, especially when it comes to heavy-duty cleaning services. Is USA Clean Master the best home cleaning service for your house? Keep reading to learn more about USA Clean Master.

The History Of USA Clean Master

Offering cleaning services for approximately 10 years, USA Clean Master focuses primarily on heavy-duty cleaning, giving customers easy access to things like hardwood floor care, mattress cleaning and carpet cleaning. Instead of going through individualized services, USA Clean Master takes the guesswork out of hiring professionals to do the job properly.

Giving themselves a unique niche in an industry that’s full of housekeeping services, USA Clean Master is poised to stick around for some time.

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USA Clean Master Pros

USA Clean Master receives a large volume of praise from new and regular customers alike because of their unique high-tech cleaning services and attention to detail. USA Clean Master Pros include:

• USA Clean Master utilizes a wide range of high-tech products, including trucks that are fully-equipped with everything cleaners need to tackle your home. For many users, these high-tech features make the cleaning process faster and easier.

• Pricing. Compared to some other cleaning services, many users report that the cost of service is at least somewhat lower. USA Clean Master says they’re able to offer lower prices due to the speed with which they can clean due to their high-tech approach.

• Range of services provided. USA Clean Master offers most of the basic cleaning services that other companies provide, however their focus is more on heavy-duty cleaning. For many users, the fact that they offer services like carpet cleaning, air duct cleaning, mattress cleaning and wood floor cleaning is a welcome benefit.

• Green cleaning services. Unlike some other home cleaning services out there, USA Clean Master only offers green cleaning services. Non-toxic products are used throughout your home. Most customers say they don’t notice any difference in the level of cleanliness between green and standard products. Green cleaning services are especially helpful for homes with kids and pets.

• Qualified technicians. Cleaning crew members, referred to as technicians by USA Clean Master, go through background checks and receive two months of training before they begin cleaning in any customer’s home.

• Quality customer service. Most users report an excellent experience when contacting USA Clean Master online or via telephone.

USA Clean Master Cons

USA Clean Master is growing each year because of their quality service and reputation within the industry. However, not all users report only positive experiences with the service. USA Clean Master cons may include:

• Pricing issues and quotes. USA Clean Master does not provide specialized quotes online, instead of having technicians visit your home to provide a quote. While this might give users the best price in the end, many consumers don’t like the fact that they can’t get a general quote based on hours of square footage when first contacting the company.

• Cleaning crew changes. Many of the services offered by USA Clean Master are specialized, but some familiarity with the home is ideal for many users. USA Clean Master often doesn’t send the same crew to your home, however.

• Service was too fast for the price charged. While USA Clean Master says their services are quick due to high-tech machinery, some users say the service was too fast and no thorough enough for the price charged to them.

USA Clean Master Bottom Line

In general, USA Clean Master receives high scores from homeowners and renters, especially those looking for green cleaning services in areas like carpet care, mold remediation and duct cleaning. While no company is without faults, USA Clean Master is an excellent starting point if you’d prefer to use the same company for a whole range of deep cleaning and specialized cleaning services for your home.

USA Clean Master

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