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Pros Free, 24-hour installation | Lots of HD Channels | Record up to 16 shows at once

Cons Missing a comprehensive sports package

Viasat Review

Viasat is a global communications company that has shaped how consumers around the world communicate and stay connected.  The company is working continuously to develop secure, affordable, high quality and fast connections to impact people’s lives anywhere they are. If you’re looking for a growing company that has its main focus in delivering innovative services especially in hard to reach areas, Viasat is the right choice.

Viasat Pros

Viasat provides high-speed internet in hard to reach destinations or to those that have no options for fast internet through a traditional ISP.  Speeds are comparable to many DSL and cable plans these days.  Even though their plans might vary depending on the region, they are able to provide plans with unlimited bandwidth.  Viasat speeds allow users to stream music and HD video, video-chat and download any files you might need.  Subscribers can easily track data usage using Viasat’s app, which you can download in either the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

Viasat Cons

Even though Viasat has excellent bandwidth and is growing popularity, their plan and package options are not very clear or easy to find and navigating their website is a bit challenging. The internet speed is also not guaranteed and might vary depending on the region and package chosen.  If you do not have an unlimited plan, your data may be throttled if you hit your limit during high use network times.  Keep an eye out for the 24-month contract and early termination fees as well as a price hike at 3 months as noted on their site.

Viasat Bottom Line

Viasat is an established internet brand that works to deliver great services at affordable prices. They offer solid coverage in hard to reach areas and a selection of plans that differ depending on the region.  Their customer service team does a nice job of fielding inquiries too.

Viasat | Fast Speed For Streaming

People living in rural or remote communities or those living in sparsely populated parts of the country may not have access to internet services. The transmission lines used by most internet service providers are not located in all parts of the country, particularly in areas where running lines would not be justified by the limited population density. Satellite internet providers, such as Viasat, fill the void left by cable companies to bring satellite internet services to households and businesses in areas without service.

Viasat Background

Visat began as a manufacturer of communications equipment, such as modems. It grew through a series of acquisitions into a global company offering high-speed satellite internet services for military, commercial and residential applications. The company also controls and owns the satellites used to provide internet services to its customers throughout the U.S. and internationally.

The company’s satellite internet services were originally launched as Excede Internet. Those services are now marketed and sold as Viasat Internet.

Viasat Transfer Speeds And Bandwidth

Depending upon the monthly plan chosen by a subscriber, transfer speeds range from 12 Mbps to 100 Mbps.  For example, the lowest priced service plan is the company’s Unlimited Bronze 12 plan that has 12 Mbps of speed and includes up to 40 GB a month in data usage. The most expensive plan, the Unlimited Platinum 100 plan, offers download speeds of 100 Mbps and 150 GB of data.

Regions Covered By Viasat

Viasat boasts that its satellites allow it to offer high-speed satellite internet services to almost any location within the U.S. Its coverage within the U.S. and in other parts of the world could increase when the company’s plans to add more satellites are completed.

Viasat Pricing And Plans

The plans offered by Viasat begin with a $50 a month plan providing 12 Mbps download speed and 40 GB of data. Its Unlimited Platinum 100 plan is $150 a month with 100 Mbps and 150 GB of data. Plan prices are introductory rates for the first three months of service.

Viasat Installation Costs

Installation costs may vary from one part of the country to another. Satellite internet providers, including Viasat, use third-parties to sell and install their services in some parts of the country.

Viasat Partnered TV/Movie Satellite Providers

Visat has partnered with DirectTV to offer its customers 200 high-definition channels of TV entertainment. Subscribers can save $10 a month by bundling DirecTV satellite TV service with Viasat high-speed internet. DirecTV plans start at $29.99 a month.

Another option for Viasat subscribers is home phone service in addition to satellite internet services. For $29.99 a month, subscribers receive unlimited local and long distance calling throughout the U.S. and Canada. Phone service is provided as voice over internet protocol using the Viasat Wi-Fi modem. The monthly price is a six-month introductory rate reflecting a $10 a month discount from the usual monthly charge.


How It Works

Search their website for plans, choose your location and plan preferences. You can order by phone, online or through a local dealer.   You will need to pick a lease plan for your equipment, Viasat does not allow you to purchase any equipment.  Once you are up and running, you can manage your account online, in the app and via phone to reach out to their customer service team for any questions that you might have.

Plans & Pricing

Pricing varies by location and be sure to factor in 2 fees, equipment and service.

Lease options include:

  1. Month-to-month lease – $9.99/month
  2. Lifetime lease – $299/once time fee

The lifetime lease is a more expensive option, but you pay the fee only once and you’re done.  If you can afford the up-front cost, it’s usually worth it.


Unlimited Bronze 12 – Download speed 12 Mbps $50/month

Unlimited Silver 25 – Download speed 25 Mbps $70/month

Unlimited Gold 50 – Download speed 50 Mbps $100/month

Unlimited Platinum 100 – Download speed 100 Mbps $150/month

As noted on their site, *Pricing varies by location

Customer service is available to help you to order and their customer portal is available to existing plan subscribers.

Customer support is available through online chat, your app, or by phone.

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Seems like its good in our first 5 months of service have not had an outage.

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I really like the fact I can work from home in a remote location thanks to the speeds I can get with Viasat.

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