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Pros No membership cost | Available in major cities | No extra charge for the service

Cons No Coupons Allowed

Walmart Grocery Services Review

Walmart is probably not the first name you’d think of when trying to figure out where to get your groceries, but it soon could be. Walmart Grocery Pickup is a new approach to grocery shopping that allows customers to shop from the comfort of their homes, have someone else pick out each item, and pick it up when the order is ready. Walmart will even load your car!

Walmart Grocery Services Pros

Shop from anywhere you have internet access and let somebody else do all the walking. Walmart Grocery Pickup will save you time and energy. Ever buy something in a grocery store just because you were hungry? Pictures on your phone or computer are far less tempting than walking by all that food – especially since you can see the total cost as you add items to your virtual cart.  Walmart has this option in most major cities and is expanding rapidly. If they don’t offer it in your area, you can sign up to have them notify you when it is available.  There is no membership cost either. You create an account for free and even receive discounts when you refer friends.

Walmart Grocery Services Cons

Having someone else pick out your groceries is one of those things that’s a pro and a con. With this service, you are trusting someone else will pick out the best produce, substitute for a different option when they’re out of your go-to item, and find the freshest food.

Walmart Grocery Services Bottom Line

Grocery pickup is definitely a faster, energy-saving option and the pros outweigh the cons. If you normally shop at Walmart for your groceries, consider ordering online to avoid spending time wandering around the aisles looking for what you need, skip the hassles at checkout, and just show up when the food is ready.

Walmart Grocery Pick-Up

The ability to order groceries online and have them delivered to your front door is a popular service that consumers have shown a willingness to use. Many companies are now offering their own versions of grocery home delivery services, including Amazon Fresh, Instacart, Shipt, and Peapod. Walmart, the global retailer, has entered the marketplace with Walmart Grocery delivery services.

Service Areas Covered By Walmart Grocery Pick-Up

Walmart has retail stores and Walmart Neighborhood stores located throughout the country, so this allows them to offer options to people placing orders through the Walmart online grocery. The first option is picking up the completed order at one of their local stores, and the second option is to have the order delivered to your home or apartment.

The only areas of the country where Walmart grocery delivery is not, as of yet, available are the states of Montana and Wyoming and the New England region. The company projects it will be able to reach 40 percent of the nation’s households with its delivery services by the end of the year.

Prices With Walmart Grocery Pick-Up

You will not see a difference in the price you pay for food, groceries and other items ordered through the online Walmart grocery. Their online prices for delivery are the same as the prices offered in their local stores.

Delivery Costs And Membership Fees With Walmart Grocery Pick-Up

Unlike Amazon Fresh that requires an Amazon Prime membership in addition to an Amazon Fresh membership to use its home delivery service, Walmart Grocery is available to everyone without a membership being required.

Walmart is offering same-day delivery in areas where it provides Walmart grocery delivery services. The cost was announced by the company as being $9.95 on orders of $30 or more.

Coupon Policy With Walmart Grocery Pick-Up

Many people rely on store and manufacturer’s coupons to save money on food and grocery items, but people using Walmart online grocery have to change their purchasing habits. Walmart does not accept coupons for delivered or picked up online orders. It does, however, offer the Savings Catcher application that people can download to their smartphones or tablets. By scanning the receipt for their online grocery purchase at Walmart, the app automatically compares the prices paid by the customer to the advertised prices at other in the area. Walmart will refund the difference if any of the items purchased at Walmart Grocery was higher in price.

Walmart Grocery

How It Works

After creating an account, add your usual shopping list to your cart. Pick brands, quantities, and other options to make sure you are getting exactly what you want. A Walmart employee will pick out the items for you and you will get a confirmation when the order is ready. Head on over and pick up your items – without the hassle!

Plans & Pricing

While Walmart Grocery Delivery is extremely limited, pickup is free. The prices online are the same as in the store – so you’re not paying more for the same thing as with many other services. One downside is that you can’t use any Walmart coupons, gift cards, or any other form of payment besides debit or credit card.

Member Services

Each time you use the service, you are asked to rate your experience. Users have said that the customer service team is very responsive and wants to make sure that you have a positive experience. Plus get discounts when you refer friends!


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User Rating

Tiffany’s Review

Faster than running to the store myself.  I like the freshness of the food delivered.  So far I have had nice experiences.

User Rating

Thei’s Review

It is good, available most places I am traveling, so I can just log into my account and have my groceries delivered. I travel a lot for work so I appreciate this.

User Rating

Taylor’s Review

Very helpful for people who do not have time to shop due to their busy schedules.  So far it has been good.

User Rating

Stetson’s Review

It’s a great service, not what I usually think of from Walmart, options are plentiful and service is good.

User Rating

Caitlyn’s Review

The grocery service that Walmart offers get me fresh delivery of all of my staple items.

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6 months ago

All I wanted to do was go to walmart grocery shopping & the site sent me every where but where I needed to go!!!!! How hard is that to get there!!!!!!

6 months ago
Reply to  Torelli

Hello, just in case you accidentally went to Walmart’s main web site, here is the link for ordering groceries as found on our Watch the Review site for Walmart Groceries: Hope this helps. ~WTR Team

Brenda Spieler
6 months ago

How to get an order delivered to my car in Woodbury walmart

6 months ago
Reply to  Brenda Spieler

Hi Brenda, though Watch the Review only reviews services and has no connection with these services, you can click on this link to visit Walmart’s Grocery Delivery Service where they do offer curbside pick-up. We hope this helps. ~WTR Team